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Posted on the Aug 16, 2010 by Carlin Ross
I cried watching this video. And when he expressed his anger at eating disorders and told the audience "all you girls are beautiful" - the look on those young girls faces...he's amazing.
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Posted on the Apr 28, 2010 by Carlin Ross
There's a new pill on the market that alters the serotonin levels in your brain; thereby, preventing premature ejaculation.  Why work on your masturbation habits to improve your "longevity" in the...
Posted on the Apr 25, 2010 by Betty Dodson
Dr. Betty, I think I may be anorgasmic. See, I lost my virginity last month. I'm falling in love with this girl; she's very affectionate and understanding, she knows how to address my needs and...
Posted on the Apr 20, 2010 by selfservemolly
I own a sex shop. I love having lots of toys and accessories around the bedroom for a good time. But it's rare that a new sex product is brilliant enough to become an item I use almost every time I...
Posted on the Apr 05, 2010 by Carlin Ross
Raquel Welch's memoir is out and aptly titled Beyond the Cleavage.  She said that she finally found her voice writing the book - yes she wrote the book no ghost writer here - and became more than...
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Posted on the Apr 01, 2010 by allwaysreadytwo
I am battling depression and I tend to be only focused on sex. At 38 I only been with 5 women. I stared having sex at 24 and I feel like a failure due to my late start. I been
Posted on the Mar 08, 2010 by Betty Dodson
I have great difficulty seeing a doctor but I can't manage without my hands-on body healers. Yesterday I had my anal sphincters and coccyx's Rolfed. I've had Rolfers work on my body before and it's...
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Posted on the Feb 26, 2010 by Carlin Ross
Raymond Tallis explains that when it comes to celebrity sex addiction the emperor has no clothes on: "Apparently this extraordinarily handsome, fabulously rich, wonderfully talented man has been...
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Posted on the Feb 18, 2010 by Betty Dodson
Dr. Betty, I am a 43 year old woman, and have been married to the same man for 21 years (ok...so maybe that is my problem - not enough variety). My problem is I have never been able to experience an...
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Posted on the Jan 29, 2010 by Anonymous
Oh, TLC, how I love you. Amidst shitty shows like "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Toddlers and Tiaras", they sometimes have incredibly interesting medical shows/documentaries. Tonight, there was one...
Posted on the Jan 06, 2010 by Betty Dodson
Hi Betty, I love you and Carlin's site. I am a 36 yr. old female with a history of back problems. About 6 years ago, I stopped being able to orgasm "normally" (for me). When I masturbated, it took 5...
Posted on the Dec 16, 2009 by Carlin Ross
Our disability blogger Marylou Naccarato was featured on WE's Secret Lives of Women and her episode just hit the web:
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Posted on the Nov 11, 2009 by Anonymous
Lynn Hecht Schafran and Jillian Weinberger of Legal Momentum (a women's legal defense and education fund) say that recent reports from the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics (...
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Posted on the Oct 01, 2009 by Carlin Ross
I can't wait until we roll out our Sex & Disability section here on the site (we have to get skyping, Marylou).  I'm reposting here David Steinberg's piece on Sins Invalid a multi-media...
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Posted on the Sep 21, 2009 by Carlin Ross
Marylou is going to be featured on WE's Secret Lives of Women (one of my favorite shows) on September 22. Here's a small clip of her episode:
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