Posted on the Nov 17, 2016 by Carlin Ross
If you have any questions or would like to start the certification process, send an email to Mission: Our goal is to certify women to hold their own Bodysex workshops so that...
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Posted on the Jun 30, 2016 by Carlin Ross
Taking a bodysex workshop is transformative.  We focus on overcoming negative body image and pleasure anxiety.  Yes, they're done in the nude but it's not sexual.  Betty developed...
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Posted on the Nov 28, 2016 by Carlin Ross
Below is an email from a beautiful woman who took our last workshop *tingles* I am still processing Bodysex. Still shaking my head in disbelief, marveling at all the beauty and courage within that...
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Posted on the Nov 25, 2016 by Carlin Ross
Bodysex is about honesty with yourself.
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Posted on the Nov 22, 2016 by Natasha
Last weekend’s fall Bodysex retreat began with Patti and I greeting each of the women naked as they arrived, and asking them to undress. Having been a Bodysex participant myself – before becoming a...
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Posted on the Nov 18, 2016 by katrinajacomina
The week leading up to our first Bodysex Workshop was so exciting. Unwrapping and charging Magic Wands, sterilizing barbells, filling up the almond oil bottles, it was all coming together.
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Posted on the Nov 15, 2016 by Carlin Ross
Heading into this past weekend's workshop, I felt like this would be the last group of Betty's career, the last group we ran together. After a West Coast book tour and several private sessions,...
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Posted on the Nov 05, 2016 by Angela Thurston
People often ask me how I discovered Betty Dodson, and Bodysex. I like to think it was through the divine guidance of the Universe. Knowing in it’s infinite wisdom that she was precisely who I...
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Posted on the Oct 28, 2016 by Almudena
From the moment I start thinking about the date for the Bodysex, it starts the ritual. The sensation is to keep alive the ceremony more than replicating a workshop. It’s something that connects me to...
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Posted on the Oct 20, 2016 by Carlin Ross
When I get ready for a workshop, I spend about an hour setting up the space so that we sit in a perfect circle. Each corner of the room is softly lit, the back jacks are evenly spaced apart, and all...
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Posted on the Oct 06, 2016 by Betty Dodson
Hope you're doing great. This is Fabiola, from Mexico, your bodysex certification student and lifetime admirer. I write you to address a question that often comes to my mind since I started my...
Posted on the Sep 29, 2016 by Carlin Ross
There's a part of me that questions the significance of Bodysex. Betty and I go back and forth wondering if we "drank the koolaid". Is independent orgasm for women really such a big deal? Running...
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Posted on the Aug 18, 2016 by Rebekah Dyana
I have a woman’s body and it has been a delight to be in my body all my life. Well, not always every minute have I enjoyed the changes of my body. I have been thin, I have been fat, and in between...
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Posted on the Aug 15, 2016 by Natasha
“Lastnight I had the greatest most vibrant orgasm.I can see clearly the correlation between vulnerability and orgasmic power.” – Anais Nin. 4 years ago I began a journey inwards by seeking out...
Posted on the Jul 29, 2016 by Rebekah Dyana
My teacher Betty Dodson is right when she says, “If you have the ability to throw a great dinner party, then you have the ability, if it is important to you, to create the space for women to gather...
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