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Posted on the Dec 31, 2017 by Carlin Ross
Every Woman on the Planet Has Been Sexually Traumatized. At best, we've been objectified, demeaned, shamed, guilted, and manipulated into believing that we don't deserve pleasure on our own terms...
Posted on the Nov 28, 2017 by Carlin Ross
I caught this recent photo of Isabella Rossellini and was totally enamored.  I love her wrinkles.  It's so rare that you get to see a natural face in Hollywood that she's a breath of fresh...
Posted on the Sep 29, 2017 by Carlin Ross
Researchers have put together an interactive map of Sheela Na Gigs in Western Europe.  These graven images of older women pulling open their vulvas adorned churches and places of worship in...
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Posted on the Sep 26, 2017 by Betty Dodson
Dear Dr. Betty, I won't take up too much of your time. I will try my best to present the point of me contacting you. I am 38, married man who has 2 children. My wife is 46. We are eight years apart...
Posted on the Aug 21, 2017 by Carlin Ross
I stumbled upon the instagram page of 21-year-old artist Cinta Tort Carto and fell in love. She traces the stretchmarks on women's bodies with rainbow paint.  She glitters and rainbows menstrual...
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Posted on the Jul 12, 2017 by Betty Dodson
Hi Dr. Betty, I feel a bit abnormal for admitting this, but I have never liked being touched. Massages, pedicures, etc. are fine, but I don’t like hugs or kisses, even from my husband. When he...
Posted on the Jul 06, 2017 by Carlin Ross
God damn it, I love this woman.  In honor of #nationalbikiniday, Amy Schumer published this crotch shot to her Instagram page.  What's more feminist than body pride and full frontal vulva...
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Posted on the Jun 23, 2017 by Carlin Ross
This video was originally posted March 2010.  120,000 views - 249 likes - 19 dislikes
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Posted on the Jun 16, 2017 by Carlin Ross
Amber Rose posted this full bush shot to her instagram account in support of her branded Slut Walk.  Of course, instagram removed it and I really had to dig to find an unpixelated copy. I'm not...
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Posted on the Jun 13, 2017 by Carlin Ross
I stumbled across Megan Jayne Crabbe's instagram page Body Positive Power and I fell in love. Above are two pictures of Megan - a before and after her battle with anorexia.  Her message: you can...
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Thanksgiving 2001
Posted on the May 17, 2017 by Carlin Ross
As women, I think it's easy to forget our journey. Careers, motherhood and the constant barage of life duties and expectations keep you locked down in the present. Sometimes you need to spend an...
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Posted on the Apr 28, 2017 by Carlin Ross
I've been waiting for some celebrity with curves to release an ass shot with no photoshopping displaying her cellulite in all its glory and it's finally happened.  This week Kim K posted this...
Posted on the Apr 11, 2017 by Betty Dodson
Dear Betty, I just had an incident with my brand new razor. I was shaving, and I have hair just inside of my vaginal lips, so I tried to shave them... And felt a slight sting during. I thought...
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Posted on the Mar 31, 2017 by Carlin Ross
One of our Bodysex women - an Israeli artist - sent me this image and I love it.  The whimsy, the eroticism, the beauty speak to me.  This is how I see womankind.
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Posted on the Mar 11, 2017 by Carlin Ross
It's ok to be self-ful.
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