fan mail

Fan Mail...Fan Mail

Tue, 10/06/2009 - 16:01
Submitted by Carlin Ross

dear betty, dear carlin

i just wanted to let you know how much your website has entertained me in the last six weeks. my boyfriend is currently working in another country. although i love him a lot and miss him, i enjoy having the entitre flat to myself, living my own rhythm (more sleep, more healthy food...) and being able to dedicate a lot of time on masturbation, watching porn, reading books on sex, reading feminist books, trying to get to know myself better etc. i always try to do that when he is away (i mean i also do those things when he is here but not to this know what it is like..) and after he returns our sexlife improves! this time i learned how to regurarly have two orgasms during masturbation, yippie! your videos and podcasts are really great. it is so much fun to watch you and see the energy and chemistry going between you two. you are so beautiul and i love your accents too. keep up the great work i am your fan.

best wishes from berlin

The Genital Art Gallery Heals Another Woman

Thu, 07/09/2009 - 09:11
Submitted by Carlin Ross

We love getting fan mail especially when it's a thank you for the GAG:

I've discoverd your website a few hours ago and I would like to say thank you. I'm 24 and i've always considered my pussy as abnormal and always thought that my clit and my labia were too big. I've watched a lot of porn and I really thought that most girls have tiny lips.  i was thinking that my pussy was ugly in comparison and I was considering surgery! After viewing your gallery, I've realized that the porn industry gives a fake image of what women look like and that everyone is different.  I'm even considering submitting my pussy to the gallery ;)

Betty's Little Sex Piggy

Mon, 07/06/2009 - 13:03
Submitted by Betty Dodson

I'm writing because I know of you Betty, because of my wife. She wrote to you a couple of times about advanced techniques for women, and you were wonderful in writing back. In one note, you called her "you darling little sex piggy", which made her year! Please indulge me while I explain my request: Rene has always adored you because you taught her what William Masters himself, live and in person could not - how to have fantastic orgasms that go on and on... after reading/viewing your work, she could extend one orgasm beyond what I'd ever seen a woman find.

It was amazing.

Some Fan Mail Because She's Sweet

Mon, 06/08/2009 - 14:20
Submitted by Betty and Carlin

First I absolutely love your videos. At 22 I've only had sex once a few months ago and i've been masturbating for about 5 years but had never fingered myself. Then, I was being adventerous (woo) and looking at myself in the mirror and as usual was disgusted by the vagina. icky, gross, not normal (like the pornstars).  So i got online trying to find actual pictures of different vaginas so i could figure out what was wrong with mine (yeah, that was actually my thought.) Then, it was like jesus sun rays coming through my window directly onto my vag as I discovered Dodson's drawing collection of different vulva and found mine.

I possibly danced naked for a second, at the joy. THEN, i fall onto the website and then the videos and then the entire video collection here on youtube and i'm pretty sure i watched all of them in one sitting. You guys have answered nearly every question i've ever had and some i didnt know i had yet. I told my friends it was my sexual awakening. No longer afraid/grossed out by my vagina, brave and excited to try new things, not feeling guilty for some of my fantasies. I'm a little bit in love with you two.

Orgasms Back Stronger Than Ever, Thanks Betty!

Mon, 03/16/2009 - 08:31
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Thanks Betty for inspiring so many and reigniting the sexual urges that all to often get buried deep under all the business in our lives. Our sex life was growing stale until my husband read some of your information. We sat down and talked.

I used to be very sexual. I was frankly in love with my orgasm and so you can probably guess where I spent most of my free time. Before we wed, I also enjoyed masturbating with a number of girlfriends, quite often in fact, who shared my interest. It's much easier now to connect up friends with similar interests than it was then. Even with this going on, my husband and I had intercourse and oral sex almost daily.

After we married, I ocassionaly indulged with my girlfriends behind his back but I didn't feel right about it so I got busy with work and my girlfriends and I eventually drifted apart. Sex with my husband also went down to twice a week so did masturbation. Then I lost my job due to the economy. Fortunately, he earns plenty now so we're OK but depressed with all the free time to dwell on things.

We talked after reading your material and he encouraged me to take advantage of this time to rediscover myself and explore my needs. A real "economic stimulous" we joked. I got back in touch with my girlfriends and even made a few more friends and started getting back into what I used to enjoy so much. I feel so much freer now with his consent and interest. My orgasms are back even stronger than ever.

We made it fun for us both as he loves me to call him at lunch every day while I'm indulging with a girlfriend or even just plain masturbating on my own. Sometimes it makes him so excited he has had to cum also, over the phone in his office. On those days, the first thing he does after coming home is make love to me. We do it almost every day again and love it. Perhaps the free time forced on people from this economic slump can be used in positive ways to get us all re-focused on our sexual needs which had become so buried.

Profound Appreciation

Sat, 02/07/2009 - 14:50
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Below is a fan email we received from a medical student who is sexually liberated. She will be such a credit to her profession:

Dear Betty & Carlin,

Today my life has changed. Today I discovered your website and I have viewed several of your videos discussing female sexuality and pleasure. I have LONG made many of the same arguments and comments that you discuss in your videos and it has been the absolute most exhilarating thing to see that I am not alone!

I am a medical student in my fourth year of med school. While I consider myself a feminist I have never formally participated in feminist organizations or sex-positive clubs. Frankly, the women that I know in these types of groups always struck me as, well, unsexy. They seemed like over-the-top belligerent feminists with thin skins and strange customs. My feminist classmates would make posters about abortion rights, show videos by Eve Ensler and hold discussions on womens health. None of these things held any attraction for me, despite my strong beliefs in the area of female sexuality.

A Very Successful Client Phone Session

Tue, 02/03/2009 - 17:14
Submitted by Eric Amaranth

Below is the excerpted email from a client who'd heard of me from the Marie Claire article:

"I want to thank you again for our conference call this morning and tell
you that it was a very beneficial start to my 'awakening,' shall we
say.  You clarified the basic questions I had and helped me understand
some new things.  I also appreciate your last statement about
recognizing my own emotions within what I would call an energy exchange
with someone new. I made a conscious decision when I decided to talk to you. It was scary
because you are tied to sex and eroticism and I have never allowed
myself to fully open up and stay in that place very long. But now I
have spoken to you and it was fine. I can speak further with you sometime. So, thank you and until we speak again!" --Cynthia