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If Buying Condoms was Like Buying Birth Control

Sun, 10/05/2014 - 08:34
Submitted by Carlin Ross

This clip is brilliant.  To get birth control, young women have to jump through so many hoops and suffer a ton of indignities.  If only it was an easy as buying condoms. 

Oh, and it's much more expensive too. 

Finally...Birth Control is a Human Right

Fri, 11/16/2012 - 09:49
Submitted by Carlin Ross

I've never understood the resistance to universal access to contraception...especially with all the craziness over abortion.  If you don't want women having abortions, then give them birth control (I feel the same way about masturbation.  If you want kids to abstain until marriage, then why not give them a healthy sexual outlet).

For the first time in history, the UN has declared that birth control is a fundamental human right.  Hallelujah!  It's about time.  82% of unplanned pregnancies in the developing world are a result of women not being able to get their hands on any form of contraception...82%!

When it Comes to "Coverage" the Penis Reigns Supreme

Fri, 02/24/2012 - 09:37
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Have you ever wondered what health insurance companies ARE willing to cover in the "sex" realm.  If you have a penis, it's amazing how far they'll go to assist your erection.  As Congress debates whether to cover birth control for women - in 20 f*cking 12,  the irony is not lost on me:

1. Erectile Dysfunction Drugs - I guess it's "kosher" to assist a punt but not to block a punt.

2.  Vacuum Erection Devises - and we're not talking about the garden variety penis pump you can buy online for $20.  No, we're talking about sophisticated electronic devices in the $300-$500 category.  Oh, and they're even covered by Medicare.

"Where Are the Women?"

Fri, 02/17/2012 - 09:03
Submitted by Carlin Ross

The audacity of the GOP not to have one women testify at the Issa hearings on birth control is confounding. They assembled an all-male panel to give their testimony on contraception and religious freedom for Catholic bishops and the small  minority of American Catholics who don't agree with birth control on  grounds of conscience. 

Love Rep. Carolyn Maloney for asking the question. "WHERE ARE THE WOMEN?"

The Taboo Topic of Contraception & Population Control

Wed, 07/20/2011 - 08:34
Submitted by Carlin Ross

You'd think that the religious right would love and promote birth control - because they're always trying to illegalize abortion. 

There's effectively no sex ed in schools, 83% of US Counties don't have a "clinic" ie a Planned Parenthood dispensing birth control, and health insurance covers Viagra but they don't cover basic birth control for women - BUT that's about to change.

What is the Best Birth Control for Women Over 50?

Sat, 04/09/2011 - 08:07
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Well Betty I have followed you for some time now and love you! you!..and Carlin!...and now after reading so many others questions, I now have one of my own..okay so you have been 50-menopause-etc..what is the best birth control method for a women over 50?....

Dear Anon,

Need Birth Control Recommendation

Betty Dodson's picture
Tue, 06/16/2009 - 19:32
Submitted by Betty Dodson


I am searching for an effective means of birth control to use with my boyfriend. My OTC and OTC Lo are making me very dry, and lube isn't helping very much. Our sex life is being seriously affected. I considered an IUD, but have heard such horror stories, that I am no longer. Any ideas

Should I Get an IUD?

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Mon, 12/22/2008 - 15:24
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Betty,

i'm a 44 year old woman and a smoker. i was on the pill from my late teens through my early 30s. since then i've used condoms for birth control. i'm not interested in having children ever.

i'm at a point though that i don't want to use condoms any longer (one partner) and i asked my doctor about my options. she suggested the non-hormonal IUD. my doctor says its safe and effective; the side effect would be heavier periods for the first month or two until my body adjusted. she said my biggest risk is possible disease, etc. from my partner but in my specific situation that's not a worry. what are your thoughts? i haven't thought about IUDs since 1980 and there certainly was a stigma about them at that point.

Abortion Foes Going After Planned Parenthood

Wed, 12/10/2008 - 09:11
Submitted by Carlin Ross

They just won't give up the fight against intentional motherhood. Abortion opponents are pressing state and local governments to stop sending taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood, arguing that the nonprofit group has plenty of cash and shouldn't be granted scarce public funds at a time of economic crisis.

Planned Parenthood receives about $335 million a year -- a third of its budget -- from government grants and contracts to subsidize contraception, sex education and non-abortion-related health care for poor women and teenagers.

Should I Go Off the Pill & Get a Diaphragm?

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Wed, 12/03/2008 - 08:43
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Betty,

I recently read your mention of diaphragms in Bust. As a pill user for the last ten years, I have been wondering about alternatives. I hate the idea of pumping myself with hormones for the next thirty (?) years of my life and I loathe using condoms. My partner and I have been together for about two and a half years and we both don't want children (at least not in the near future). How exactly does a diaphragm work?