Straight Male But Find Myself Aroused by Pics of Naked Men

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Mon, 12/15/2008 - 12:18
Submitted by Betty Dodson

hi betty,

i've been an advent reader and explorer of your website for the past 3 years. i've been with the love of my life for the past 7yrs. but for the past 2 or so years i have been going online looking for pics of naked woman and naked men. at night while my gf was sleeping i would go online and get really excited seeing these pictures. also i would join online sex groups to fulfill my hunger for sex and pics. in the midst of all this, i have become attracted to seeing these pics of naked men and enjoying them to endulge in sexual activity. although i have thoughts about having sexual relations with other guys. betty i am honestly scared to tell my gf the feelings i have about these guys. honestly i never thought about being with another guy until a couple years ago. she was raised in a strict catholic household. i really feel as if i have to hide a part of myself from her.

betty can you please help me.

Dear J,

My Dear man you are between a cock and a clit. In the enlightened sex world what you are experiencing is called bisexuality and is seen by us as healthy. In you girlfriends Catholic world, it's called a perversion and you're shit out of luck. So tell her and she'll dump you, or keep your own council and continue to love and live with her. While the ideal would be "honesty is the best policy" you already know it won't work with her. The good news is that if she finds out and does break up with you, there's a whole world of happy gay men out there who are more than available for all that you might want to do sexually. I'd say count your blessings kiddo. You've just doubled your chances of a happy sex life with both men and women. Play safe is my
main caution.

Dr. Betty




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Whatever turns you on

Thu, 05/03/2012 - 23:31
t..w. (not verified)

I have been married for almost 17 years and my wife has never had a problem with me looking at porn or masturbating. And the same thing started happing with me. I started finding myself  getting aroused at other mens hardons. And slowly I began to fantasize about having sex with another man.And I started questioning my sexuality. So I decided to tell my wife. wasnt sure what her reacation would be but it sure was not what I expected. She told me that almost all people at sometime in there life have fantasized about  having same gender sex. She told me I really shouldnt feel ashamed or guilty and went on to explain that most people do label other people such as gay, bi, or lesbin.But in her words sex is just sex weather your  with another man or with a women its still nothing more then sex.She doesnt care if I watch men having sex or women having sex, she told me that she has no problem with the me getting off on  a guys cock or a womens pussy, as long as i dont actually follow through with my fantacys. AKA she doesnt want me to cheat,and I can live with that because I would not want her to cheat on me. But I can tell you that when you take the shame or guilt out of the picture you will find that there is no limit to the amount of PLEASURE that you can give yourself. Try it sometime

I think many straight married

Wed, 07/16/2014 - 07:58
Nathaniel (not verified)

I think many straight married men can relate to this. I'm straight but when I watch porn these days it's almost always gay, I just find it much more arousing, and most of my masturbation fantasies are about other guys.
I keep all this from my wife though because she would just never understand it. 

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