Cut Clitoris While Shaving HELP

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Wed, 06/10/2009 - 09:39
Submitted by Betty Dodson

I cut my clitoris while shaving. The cut detached the top of it to the fold going down my vagina. I'm worried... it healed fine but I think I lost sensation. Is there any way to get it back!?

Dear C,

The cut detached the top of what? To which fold? Are you talking about your inner or outer lips? Going down your vagina? Do you mean to your vaginal opening? You need to look at a diagram of your sex organ with all the parts named.

Draw a diagram of what you are talking about. Better yet, take a photo and send it to me as a jpeg. If the area healed fine then you can stop worrying. You "think" you lost sensation. Wait for whatever happened to heal completely. If you continue to have concerns, then by all means see a health care provider or check in with your local women's center.

Dr. Betty

I'm sorry, I should have been more specific. I attached a photo to show where the cut is. When I said I think I lost sensation, I mean when I masturbate now, I don't feel anything in my clitoris anymore. But I had sex and I did get some sensation back. It is completely healed by now, but my concern is the loss of sensation. Is there anything I can do to bring more arousal from my clitoris even if I damaged the nerves there? Thank you!

Dear CC,

The tiny cut is at the top of your inner lip. Your clitoris is above that and it looks just fine. I'm suspecting your loss of sensation is more in your head than in your clit. Be nicer to your vulva next time you shave. Get a good mirror and a light and take your time. You can stop worrying about damaged nerves. Even if it was true, the body heals the body. Nerves regenerate and mucous membrane heals quite quickly. Take your pussy outside and let some fresh air and sun shine on it for ten minutes. There you go! All healed. Now stop worrying and imaging the worst.

Dr. Betty




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Bertrand Russell's Paradox

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Thu, 06/11/2009 - 14:13

"There is a barber in the village who shaves everyone who does not shave themself" This statement has been the bane of Logic and Philosophy students for almost 100 years. Tom's suggestion:Do not shave yourself.