Asymmetrical Labia Have Me Sad

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Tue, 07/14/2009 - 14:37
Submitted by Betty Dodson

I know all women's vaginas are "normal" no matter what size, shape, etc. their inner lips are, but I am still uncomfortable. When I was very young (perhaps 5-7 years old) I guess I was just curious about how I was growing down there, and I would pull on one of my inner labia. I did this for a while. Eventually, I noticed it was stretched; I've had asymmetrical labia ever since - one side is long, thick and dark while the other stays within the outer labia, is thin, smooth and light-colored.

I wish my left side could be like my right. I often feel uncomfortbale wearing clothes and walking or running because my left labia extends beyond my outer labia and it chafes. It is uncomfortable to the point of pain. I feel miserable all the time because I'm so uncomfortable physically; I've considered surgery, but don't WANT it. My doctor tells me I have normal labia - that it's not possible to stretch skin by pulling on it; I don't believe him. I have also heard you say that it is not possible to stretch the labia through, say, masturbation, but in one of your video posts, you mentioned a tribe that does stretched their labia to make them longer. I am only 19; I really wish I could enjoy my body... Please give me some insight - I'm uncomfortable and depressed.

- Sad

Dear S,

If you wore weights on your inner labia for years, it would stretch them. Actually, you have described my style of inner lips. I particularly love my right labia which seems to be headed toward my knee as I age. You know, gravity and all that. I take great pride in this particular style. You are a victim of the latest in female genital fashion. I suggest your discomfort and pain is due to your fixation on how you "think" your vulva should look. I suggest you develop the inner strength to be unique and not fall prey to the porn style pussy which only lines the pockets of the doctors who perform this unnecessary and dangerous surgery.

Dr. Betty


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Dear Sad- I have the same

Fri, 05/28/2010 - 10:48
equally sad (not verified)

Dear Sad-

I have the same issues as you... for the same reasons... thought I was the only one! All I've thought about is getting the money to correct it. I'd hate to go through with it but am so insecure- especially after a boyfriend in college made a mean comment about it, I really havent recovered since.

No need for concern anymore!

Mon, 06/14/2010 - 00:44
Relieved (not verified)

I have been worried that I had some sort of cancerous growth or something down there.
I haven't had the greatest understanding of the normal appearance of genitalia and I was worried I had some type of melanoma, but it just turns out that's how my labia is.
Thank goodness for Google which led me to this helpful site
I feel more confidant that everything is okay now!

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