My story of AMAZING public sex in a dressing room

Sun, 01/16/2005 - 02:42
Submitted by Solstice1221

Hi everyone! I posted this story in reply to a thread in the Need To Rant section of Cherrybomb about public sex being a hell yeah or a hell no. I decided that, in my opinion, public sex is a hell yeah, and decided to tell my SHORT story of how I had amazing sex in a dressing room, but it turned into a really long, really sexy story that I thought I'd share here, too.

The first occurred at Filene's in the mall, in a dressing room. My boyfriend was with me while I was picking out some classy yet sexy clothes for his company Christmas party. It was one of those nights when the mall was open late for the holidays, and a few last-minute holiday shoppers were rushing around, but it was pretty dead and deserted. There wasn't even anyone working the register of the particular department we were in, at least not when we went into the dressing room. We went into the big stall meant for handicapped people, all the way in the back of the dressing room. I quickly ushered my boyfriend into the stall, because being a man, he really wasn't supposed to be in the dressing room in the women's department. I was in a bit of a rush, as the store had to be closing pretty soon. I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, and struggled and wiggled and attempted to pull them down as quickly as possible because I was rushing, but of course, I pick the day I'm going shopping to wear the tightest jeans I own. Going eighty miles an hour, I'm wiggling and kicking off my shoes at the same time, when I feel one of my boyfriend's big hands make a nice slapping sound on my half-exposed ass, and his other hand sliding down the front of my pants that aren't yet off. Both my face and my pussy, I'm sure, reddened from the sudden touch. His breath was in my ear, "I'll bet I can get those pants off of you." "Baby, we're in a dressing......" I started to protest, but it was too late, and I was already trying to catch my breath. Half a second later, he was on his knees, my pants were around my ankles, and my man had my thong pulled over to the side as he tasted and devoured every delicious fold and crevice I have. The ecstacy took over, and I was completely unaware at first that I was moaning audibly in a dressing room, until the distant whistle of a sales clerk brought me back to Earth. I bit my bottom lip to quell the moans escaping from my lips, and tightened my grip on the clothes-hanging bar in the dressing room as my boyfriend was parting my legs further while teasing my ass with his tongue and alternately placing light slaps and then squeezing my ass with his huge, rough hands. I've always loved his mechanic's hands. By now, my boyfriend's breathing was louder than my moaning previously was, and again, we heard the whistling sales clerk, and both of us briefly held out breaths, but her shoes tap-tapped off into the distance. We switched postions, because I was in agony with not being able to feel him in my mouth. I was hungry for him, and while running my nails up and down his rock-hard stomach, I took all of him in my mouth, tasting those precious drops of pre-cum that I favor so much. I don't even know how long I sucked, but when I heard him start to groan, my pussy throbbed for him to be iniside of me. He sensed what I needed and lifted me against the dressing room wall with a loud SLAM, kissed me ferverishly, and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. As sweat dripped down our bodies and tears ran down my face, we came together, moaning and swearing. In that moment, both of us were completely and utterly unaware of our surroundings. We never did end up buying anything that night, and as we were dressing, we heard over the mall intercom that the mall was closing. When we walked out sweaty, holding hands, and with that special afterglow that only sex gives you, we saw the whistling clerk. She was sitting at her register, not 15 feet from the dressing room entrance. My boyfriend looked straight ahead, but I snuck a glance at the clerk, because she just HAD to have heard us. I mean, come on, we were loud enough. Sure enough, the clerk, a plump older woman, finally looked at me, and blushed as red as a fire truck, and quickly turned away. Apparently, she heard how our little shopping trip went:)

My gf and I were in a large

Thu, 07/30/2015 - 15:59

My gf and I were in a large dept. store looking for some new pants for me.  I went to the dressing room to try some on and told the clerk I needed my gf to join me to help me pick the right ones.  Once inside I stripped down to nothing on and she began to play with my dick.  I told her she better stop before I had to stick it into her to cool it off.  She said she dared me to do it.  We started kissing and me rubbing her breasts.  My hand slid down and cupped her womanhood.  She wore a skirt and I could tell there was nothing beneath it.  I rubbed my finger up and down in her inner groove until her skirt became soaking wet. 
"How is it going?" the clerk asked.
"Oh, just fine," I replied.  "Just a few more minutes."   With that I bent my gf over to grab her ankles and I rammed my d*** into her pu*** and began humping her right there.  She tried to stay quiet, but when we both started to cum she let out some pretty loud moans.  I pumped her full until we both were ready to collapse, then pulled out, stuck it into my pants and got ready to leave.
As we opened the door and started to walk out we saw the clerk sitting on a bench about 10 feet away with her hand on her crotch.  "That was so hot.  Maybe next time I can join you" she said with a smile.  And she continued to rub herself as we walked past and out of the store.

Sun, 01/16/2005 - 03:59

wow. thats all i have to! really hot!

Tue, 01/25/2005 - 19:07

Yes, wow! I once almost had sex in a dressing room but now that I read your story I just might try it out. :wink:

Tue, 01/25/2005 - 19:34

I've only fooled around in the dressing room, never penetration...I'm jealous :wink:

Wed, 01/26/2005 - 01:11

It was one of the best sexual experiences I've ever had. I'm glad you guys thought it was hot:)


Wed, 01/26/2005 - 16:14

I had a fling in college where we would constantly have sex in public places....especially dressing rooms. It was so exciting. We would go shopping and he would stand to the side waiting for me to come out of the dressing room and then he would just duck in quick. The salesgirl would always be close by asking me if I needed another size etc. I think that was part of it.

I've never orgasmed that fast in my life. He was so hard. He would pull up my skirt or pull down my pants and we would go to town. I had to bite my lip to keep quiet. 1 2 3 and we would cum so hard. We were always busted too. You can't leave a dressing room all flush - your hair crazy - and people aren't going to put 2 and 2 together. Good times.

Wed, 01/26/2005 - 22:44

Wow, I'd love to have a fling like that. My amazing sex in a public dressing room story was one of our few more spontaneous times of having sex. Lately, it's the same old boring routine thing going on, but I think it's natural for that to happen after a while, since we've been together for a couple of years now. I guess we need to spice things up a little bit.