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Posted at 9:50 AM Mon by Carlin Ross
Even pregnant Gillian Anderson is amazing! I caught X Files last weekend (my man made we wait to post about it so I wouldn't ruin it for everyone else) and I finally got it...why I loved X Files: It...
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Posted at 9:22 AM Mon by Carlin Ross
Finally, someone did a real study and found that young girls have the same aptitude for math as young boys. I always did well in math...and in college I got the highest grade in my statistics class...
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Posted at 9:06 AM Mon by Carlin Ross
I see so many women in the gym that don't have enough support. One woman just gave birth and was working out without even a bra. I wanted to say something but got that look. Women who wear the...
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Posted at 8:57 AM Mon by Carlin Ross
It finally hit the web! W looks brilliant...the casting is perfection. I think Betty and I are going opening night. Let's see if history proves W to be one of the greatest Presidents of our time...
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Posted at 10:14 AM Sun by Carlin Ross
I love this picture of Betty and me. We were on our first trip together to Cuernavaca, Mexico (we still break out laughing like that every time we're together). Only a few weeks prior, I had...
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Posted at 4:20 PM Fri by Carlin Ross
Christina (she'll be writing for the site) forwarded me the link to Feministe and there was an article where Betty was prominently mentioned as one of the first pro-sex feminists entitled: Feminist...
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Posted at 8:20 AM Fri by Carlin Ross
A naked dining fad is proving popular in New York. About 50 diners - whose motto is "no hot soup" - meet regularly for meals where the dress code is literally non-existent. Organiser John Ordover,...
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Posted at 2:09 PM Thu by Carlin Ross
I love Diablo Cody and have been anticipating the cover art for her new horror comedy Jennifer's Body. And Megan Fox (the new Angelina Jolie) is starring as the lead: In the film, Megan Fox plays a...
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Posted at 1:59 PM Thu by Carlin Ross
Not sure if you caught Queen Rania on Oprah (I didn't but I saw it on cnn.com).  She has a youtube channel and is trying to open a dialogue about the arab world.  I lean towards Ayaan Hirsi Ali's...
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Posted at 11:28 AM Thu by Betty Dodson
WOW! What a delight to see Shere Hite in On The Issues Magazine. I whooped and hollored when I read what she said about the g-spot. I've been calling it the new name for vaginal orgasms since the...
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Posted at 1:14 PM Wed by Betty Dodson
Attention All Friends of Sex. If we don't pay attention to what Al Gore is saying, there will be no planet on which we can enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of sexual pleasure. Please get on board...
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Posted at 9:02 AM Wed by Carlin Ross
This sounds kind of hot....I'll admit it. And the prostitution charge seems way off base: Nine British women were facing prostitution charges after being arrested at the weekend for taking part in...
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Posted at 8:35 AM Wed by Carlin Ross
While sitting at the sushi bar last night with Betty, I checked my blackberry to find the latest newsletter from truthout.org and read the following items on the list of new stories. If this isn't...
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Posted at 1:07 PM Tue by Carlin Ross
It appears sexism is alive and well when it comes to tattoos. Although just about as many women as men get tattoos nowadays, a  new study shows that women seek removal of tattoos more than men...
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Posted at 12:54 PM Tue by Carlin Ross
I just love this piece. Who knew that women get erections just like men:
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