Straight Man Who Loves Women And Anal

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Tue, 07/28/2009 - 23:24
Submitted by ILOVEBETTY

Hello everybody.

While I'm writing this post, I'm using a vibrating butt plug, and I love it.

Betty inspired me to explore male anal lovemaking because of her book "Sex For One", page 139. On this page, she tells about a friend of hers who masturbates while sitting on a dildo to put him in touch "with the divine female principle of opening and receiving". That's what inspired me to explore it: "the devine female principle of opening and receiving".

To me, anal love is a way for a man to experience lovemaking from a woman's point of view. Also, I've freqently heard complaints from women who say their lovers want to make anal love to them. That makes me compassionate and would love a female lover to vent her frustrations to make anal love to me with a strap-on dildo.

Also, I think a woman seducing a man anally shows how much men love women!



Anal Sex

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Mon, 11/07/2016 - 01:53

Luckily, my current wife loves everything to do with my ass. She loves to lick, suck, finger and insert thing into my ass. She can hardly wait till I buy a strap-on so she can fuck me with it.
Other than licking and tongue fucking her ass, something she loves, she will not let me penetrate her ass. I did ass fuck her one time and thought she was having a great time. Becaause of a language barrier she was telling me I was hurting her when I thought she was enjoying herself. I felt horrible after I learned I hurt her.

Straight men who love anal and women

Mon, 04/18/2016 - 14:13

I got introduced to anal at 13 when my 17 year old neighbor gave me a blow job till I came then I sucked on him for a while and then using my silva fucked me in the ass., It sure hurt at first butt after several minutes it was amazing and when I felt his cum in me a shot myself in the face a couple of times as he continued to pump away.
I haven't been fucked by a guy since then butt I started fucking myself several times a week while trying to suck myself. Close but ever reached it only shot into my mouth that went on for a till I was 15-16
When I was 24 I dated a girl and while giving me head she put her vibrator in me and it blew my mind and I've been in love with girls and toys ever since.

Straight men who love anal and women

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Wed, 04/20/2016 - 18:56

I love anal play with toys and women but anal play also fuels my bisexual fantasies.I love to fantasize about being fucked from behind by a male.It produces strong orgasms when I masturbate and when I play with toys.

Straight Man Who Loves Anal And Women.

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Thu, 12/09/2010 - 18:55

I love strap-on play and have ever since I was introduced to it.I also love getting on all fours and feeling a warm silicone dildo slide into me.My favorite is the Tantus Slim Feeldoe that i purchased for my spouse to use.I get very turned on submitting to a female with a strap-on and the women love it too.

Answer to straight man

Thu, 02/18/2010 - 20:26

I love having a woman wear a strap-on and get me on all fours and put it in me. She slowly rides me until she gets going enough that she can grab my penis and masturbate me, or have me masturbate myself as she rams me with her toy. Yes, some men love for a women to do some anal action on them. And beg for more. 

anal love

Sat, 09/05/2009 - 10:13
Seriousblack (not verified)

I love too love the feel of a woman's finger in my ass. My current lover and I believe that anal fucking should be a two way street so to speak. As far as we are concern anal play is also a healthy part of love making and giving completely of self.

I am working on relaxing my muscles a bit more for the toys she likes to insert. I have a vibrating butt plug and prostrate stimilator that give me intense orgasms.

I look forward to the day when she will don the strap-on and peg me.

anal love

Wed, 08/12/2009 - 13:43
tscraver (not verified)

You have it right to feel that opening and rceiving thing. I love to be finger-fucked by a woman and when I'm in her and she's squeezing my ass and her fingers roam towards my pink pucker, I have to urge her on and tell her to "take me"! I'd love to have a woman use her strap-on on me


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Tue, 08/11/2009 - 23:00

Tap tap. Hello? Is this thing on? I was thinking my comment would generate a fury of responses. Does anybody love me?