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Sat, 09/12/2015 - 16:56
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Just found the web-site, so wanted to say hello. Very interesting and open-minded with views and help. Good to see there are all positive answers and no judgemental ones.

Just rejoined...

Sat, 08/12/2017 - 17:03

Now back and enjoying the posts here.
I'm a retired older (67) married guy with a strong sex drive that isn't always satisfied by my dear wife. In recent years I have turned more and more to solo masturbation for fun and sexual relief.
I love edging and long play sessions and have gotten quite kinky as time goes by.
Wife knows I masturbate but has no idea how much or the length and kinkiness of my solo sessions.

Joys of masturbation

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Tue, 08/08/2017 - 09:56

I get more joy and satisfaction than most when I masturbate because I use my lipps. I bend over and grab my thighs to pull my head closer to my penis. Sometimes it takes a little longer to get there but I know I can do it and the reward is sooo much.
Then, I lick and get my penis wet as I can so I can suck it. I try to not come as quick as possible. Moreover, I suck until I get so very excited then I stop sucking and jackoff for a while. And begin sucking after a very short time again.
Its good. It is where I become so very excited and tense. Inevitably, my intensity is unavoidable. I explode into my mouth a powerful squirt and jerking motions of my body cause me to enjoy the rest of the day in rememberance. HAPPY.

masturbation stories

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Sun, 09/13/2015 - 01:38

Really enjoyed reading the various (male) members stories of their intro to the joy of masturbation. I just had my 76th birthday, and I've been doing it for as long as I can remember, and still do, although not as frequently any more. I had prostate radiation treatment a couple of years ago(which I thought at the time - and still do, was a mistake- but that's water under the bridge) which has depleted my libido-and stopped my cumming. I'm seeing my urologist regularly and also taking testosterone booster shots from a male clinic, so hopefully this along with vitamins and male enhancement supplements will help. I still get hard-ons, only not as hard or lasting as long.I'm Bi-always have been, but never cheated on any of the women I have had- and there were a lot. During those years I only had 3 male buds I regularly jacked off with.Not counting the kids in my youth. I think maybe there were four or five back then, but we drifted apart I always jacked off, even between liasons, and even now. I live with a good friend and as he too is having prostate concerns and is on prescription drugs, the times we get together are less frequent than in the past. There are no women in my life at present. I always have had a hard time(no pun intended) connecting with women, and I don't troll for guys. My bud and I have enjoyed a three-way with a nother friend I introduced him to. This was a former boss I worked with, and we just sort of hit it off,and after work would have acouple drinks in his office when one time he showed me a nude pic of his wife, and we started jacking off. This was years before I met my current roomie. After I met my bud, while I was enjoying them both individually, my ex-boss asked if I'd ever thought of doing a three-way, and that's how it started. Unfortunately he is under his wife's thumb, so the times we got  together were few and far between. And now that my bud and I moved to another state,  its even more rare.
Anyway, reading these memories and stories is a great help. Just wanted to share. Keep on jacking off,pulling it, wanking, masturbating. Must admit I do miss seeing that nice jizz shoot out though.