My Sexual Beginnings: George

Mon, 05/10/2004 - 23:00
Submitted by Anonymous

Dear Betty,

In my 76 years I've been blessed with viewing many a cunt and I have yet to see one that is not beautiful.

I saw my first cunt when I was about six years old and it belonged to one of my playmates my age. We were involved in the old "You show me yours and I'll show you mine" game. We were both amazed at the "difference", my hairless prick and her bare pussy. My question at the time was, "How do you pee?" and she proceeded to show me!

Over the course of about two years we graduated to playing "doctor" and examining each others genitals. That, believe it or not, was when I first found a clit. We found it very exciting and pleasureable to rub each other. Luckily, we were never caught.

I found the pleasure of "jerking off" when I was twelve, proceeding on a daily basis, sometimes three or four times a day. I had discovered the "Spicy" series of pulp magazines that were so popular in the 30's. While the illustrations never showed a naked woman, the stories were very titillating and I could get a hard-on with every page.

I had also discovered, in my parents bookcase, a small book that discussed pregnancy and birth. In the illustrations I discovered that women, too, had grown hair around their genitals.

I had my first sexual experience with "an older woman" (she was sixteen and I was fourteen) and it was great. The only problem was that I came just trying to slip it into her cunt. All was not lost. I had a hard-on again within a few minutes and we did it "properly". This girl also introduced me to cunnilingus -- her favorite pasttime. That's when I discovered how beautiful a cunt could be and how good, in my opinion, a cunt could taste.

Now, at 76 and a widower twice over, I still enjoy the look and taste of a woman's cunt. They are all a little different but all are beautiful. Thanks for all your work encouraging women to be proud of their cunts.

George S.