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  • Almost 50 & Preorgasmic   20 weeks 11 hours ago

    So Betty you just give bull shit answers! You never answered the woman who can't orgasm and when you do answer it's the same old answer that doesn't work. Some women don't orgasm and they don't  have any mental or physical problems and nothing works, but you don't accept that.
    Magic wands don't work lleither.

  • What's the Best Sex Position to Avoid Deep Penetration (Intercourse is Painful Because of Retroverted Uterus)?   20 weeks 16 hours ago

    Sex is very important but, knowing sex is more important. We should aware of the issues and problems that arise due to sex. Basically, to get better sexual pleasure we need to take some essential lessons from different sources and follow expert advice. People are asking questions about the best sex move and position, so that, they can easily boost their sexual life. So sex position is matters a lot and we should follow the safe position for better satisfaction.

  • Why are American Women Biased Against Intact Penises?   20 weeks 23 hours ago

    That "excising" the frenulum was considered good! Not sure through chance or skill on the part of my surgeon, I still have that hyper-sensitive bit of flesh left :)


  • Why are American Women Biased Against Intact Penises?   20 weeks 23 hours ago

    Having been circumcised at around 21 years old, I have always had the belief "why would an intact adult opt for circumcision, absent medical reasons?" 

    I was stunned to learn of the existence of a whole group of men choosing to do just that! And the more I read, the more apparent it became that it was mostly driven by women, to get their partners to "last longer". I won't say that proves my point that the circumcised glans is less sensitive, but it does add to my opinion.

    From an evolutionary viewpoint, "lasting longer" is not good, so maybe extra sensitivity in the uncut penis is part of that. 

    This is where I started my research.

  • Why are American Women Biased Against Intact Penises?   20 weeks 1 day ago

    "This conversation... is often driven by women!"
    That is not my experience. Moreover, women are entitled to an opinion about the sexual
    merits of cut and uncut, because they are END USERS of the penis.

    "I had children whowere circumcised and they slept through it and experienced no pain or
    distress afterwards."
    Were you an eyewitness to their circumcisions? Was anesthesia used? If yes, keep in mind that the typical RIC in the USA still does not employ anesthesia.
    "More kids are traumatized by their first vaccinations or the first days of school."
    There is no way of comparing one unpleasant experience with another.
    "As far as nerve endings being affected, I don't suffer from any lack of sensitivity."
    A man circumcised in infancy has no way of knowing what he might be missing.
    "My penis is very sensitive and easily aroused. The sensations are awesome..."
    You have never been a sexually active adult male with a foreskin.
    "...I have had this conversation with guys who are in the same boat."
    Were they all circumcised in infancy?
    "...most of the people I had sex with love the look of a cut penis."
    Because that's what their brothers and previous lovers had. Also, women are well practiced in the art of telling their lovers what they want to hear. To say that one loves cut while admitting that one has never been intimate with an uncut dude, is to make a moot point.
    "...there is no reliable validated source..."
    Of anything in this realm, because of a dire lack of academic research on how sex interacts with anatomy.
    "...that can say uncut is more sensitive than cut since a guy is one or the other."
    This sword cuts both ways.
    " is up to the parents to decide..."
    Not the parents, but the person connected to the penis in question.
    "...just like all the other decisions they must make to keep that child safe."
    What is the connection between circumcision and a child's safety?

  • Happy Independent Orgasm Day for All Women Everywhere   20 weeks 1 day ago

    You are the best Dr. Betty, a light in the darkness and a savior of women and healthy sexuality!

  • Why are American Women Biased Against Intact Penises?   20 weeks 1 day ago

    There IS a difference between sensations of cut vs uncut. Ask anyone who was circumcised as an adult, like I was. The difference is MASSIVE!

  • My Girlfriend's Vagina is Too Big For My Penis   20 weeks 2 days ago

    My partner and i discovered early on in our relationship that we werent a good fit, she had previously had some partners that were on the larger, thicker side, mine is average length but on the thinner side of things.

    We have discussed options and now focus on other forms of stumulation and ivnite other men, with larger penis into our sex life to fill the void so to speak.

  • The Variation of Clitoral Hoods   20 weeks 3 days ago

    3 inches long and as thick as her thumb when erect, it's a pleasure house of orgasmic fun. Her orgasms go for literally minutes. She has a LOT of fun with it! Sure wish I had something like that, if I were a woman!


  • Beauty, Strength, Vulnerability & $100M+ at the Box Office   20 weeks 3 days ago

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  • Am I Less of a Woman Because Penetration is Painful?   20 weeks 4 days ago

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  • How To Use a Vibrator During Partner Sex   21 weeks 17 hours ago

    Well! Apart from physical sex, people are also taking the support of sex toys to do some kind of experiment. It ultimately offers a sweet pleasure and satisfies their sexual needs. Sex toys like vibrator and dildo are gaining popularity day by day around the world. But, we should know how to use these kinds of toys and for what purposes, otherwise, we are facing problems. Here from this article, we learn some basic things about how to use sex toys during partner sex. Thanks for such a wonderful article.

  • Megan Jayne Crabbe Found Beauty in the Softness   21 weeks 21 hours ago

    She's all woman. Sexy, happy in her skin. Doesn't get better than that!

  • selfellatio - can you suck your own dick?   21 weeks 5 days ago

    I read most of the comments and I agree with most of them. I suck myself and love it. If I do not have a girlfriend I suck my dick.
    One remark was of a 69 nature. I enjoy my dick in my lipps. Simultaneously, I love the feel of my dick being sucked. I can suck myself for hours a day. Well maybe just 3 or 4 hours.
    I am so glad for this website because it opens the discussion whereas it had been sheltered in a weired group in porn sites. I think it is a normal activity with many men and is much more prevelant than Masters and Johnson saying 1% of men can do this.
    Thank you all for the many remarks in this area. I feel more open about it now.

  • selfellatio - can you suck your own dick?   21 weeks 5 days ago

    I learned to suck my own cock and am the same as you. I have no desire for a man. I just love to suck my dick. I was glad to read your remark. Thanks.

  • selfellatio - can you suck your own dick?   21 weeks 5 days ago

    Selfsuck: Show or tell your girlfriend but you might want to be coy in the introduction of the subject.
    I enjoy selfsuck and have for many decades. About 4 years ago, I had an exoctic girlfriend and the subject came up concerning: Tasting your own semen.
    I initially said no. But later in our conversation I said I wanted to be honest in our conversation and that I had tasted it. Ofcourse this spurrned many more questions and a more exciting discussion.
    Making a long and exciting story short, I admitted I have sucked myself. Later I showed her a video I had made. She went off in unbelievable excitment. She went into the bathroom, took all her clothes off, washed her pussy and came out to grab my arm and escourt me to her bedroom where after a bit of forplay I demonstrated my skill of selfsuck. She came twice that evening.
    I hope you have a similar experience.

  • Receded Clit   21 weeks 6 days ago

    She may have adhesions of the hood due to a condition called lichen sclorosis, it sounds like she has developed something similar to phimosis.

  • My Orgasms Were Real But Was My Story?   21 weeks 6 days ago

    Yes, I completely agree - there is so much to process after a Bodysex weekend, and I had the same experience that it woke up old questions.   It's an incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity for most of us, and it's a gem in a world of partiarcial sex agenda. Being awake to 'what is my real story' is a wonderful and rich opportunity.

  • Megan Jayne Crabbe Found Beauty in the Softness   22 weeks 14 min ago

    Thank you for your story! According to Ultius Inc research the most susceptible to anorexia are young girls. This is due to their desire to imitate their idols - models and movie stars. In
    developed countries today every 2 girls out of 100 suffer anorexia. They belong to the age group of 12 to 24 years.
    It can be said that they account for about 90% of all cases of anorexia. Other 10% include older women as well as men. May suffer from this disease even a small children, thier anorexia develops through forced feeding or violations of the rules of livestock.

  • Ladies-Describe your 1st sexual experience with another woman...   22 weeks 10 hours ago

    Happened when I was 16.  I was a sophmore and she was a junior in high school.  It all started with her talking about her boyfriend giving her "mind blowing" orgasms when he went down on her.  I confessed that no one had ever given me oral and even though I had been masturbating since I was 12, and that I had let several boys finger me, I wasn't sure I'd ever really had an orgasm.
    She started to describe to me her technique to get herself off and I was surprised at how excited, and wet I was getting.  I didn't know what to say when she paused and said "do you mind if I just show you"?  I just sat there with flushed cheeks wondering what was next.  Was she going to let me watch her get herself off? Well my question was answered when she gently pushed me back on the couch and slid my shorts and panties off in one smooth motion. 
    I was scared, excited, pretty much every emotion I could have passed through me.  She leaned up and sweetly kissed me on the lips then raised my tee shirt and started to kiss her way down to my mound.  She first made circles around my clit with her tongue and then started to lick from bottom to top with each stroke ending on my clit.  She then inserted one finger and then a second into my vagina and started to work them in and out while she flicked my clit with her tongue.
    My body was on fire!  All those emotions I had earlier were gone and all I could think of was the extreme pleasure I was experiencing between my legs.  I'm sure she sensed I was building so she picked up the pace and started to make a "come here" motion the her two fingers inserted in me.  That did it, and I exploded!!  I shook, trembled and damn near passed out.  I had never felt anything like that before and knew this wouldn't be the last time for damn sure!
    That was the end of our session that day but I learned to re-pay the favor and our bi encounters continued until she went to college a year later.  I had one other encounter when I was in college, but that has been almost ten years ago.  

  • Asexual Virgin Asks: How Can I Get Into In Sex?   22 weeks 1 day ago

    Well, I have never once been interested in anything sexual. I don't believe I am a true Asexual, as I've gotten quite aroused by the voice of someone I know on multiple occasions (his voice is so deep and sexy, yum), but that is the extent of my interest.

  • He Has a Big Penis with Little Sensation. Advice??   22 weeks 2 days ago

    Hi S Get your man or you and go on now if you read around about jelqing its a very simple exercise, done right it should get rid of his bend, its not a quick fix but slowly should find it works for him.


  • He Has a Big Penis with Little Sensation. Advice??   22 weeks 2 days ago

    Hi S Get your man or you and go on now if you read around about jelqing its a very simple exercise, done right it should get rid of his bend, its not a quick fix but slowly should find it works for him.


  • Amber Rose's Bush Shot is Feminism   22 weeks 3 days ago

    Carlin you are so right.  A woman's body can be so beautiful and she should not be forced to pretend otherwise and hide it. I think if more open up like this and begin showing it perhaps it will help others get beyond their hang-up and it will become normal and accepted.  I love to see a woman's breasts and cliterous exposed but yet respect her no less for that than a man. Even if she had to masturbate openly and often I would feel the same and support her for her obvious, natural needs.

  • What Keeps Us From Hearing Each Other is the Fear That We Will Not be Right   22 weeks 4 days ago

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