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  • How Do You Get Comfortable Having Sex When Battling Erection Issues?   6 weeks 18 hours ago

    Hi T, Sounds like you may be having a small ED problem, but I have had full blown ED and won all without drugs, My main thing I take is a mix of cayenne pepper, turmeric and garlic with a few otrher bits added to that, plus some supplements, everything I take is below in a post I have on pegym, may pay you to visit if you still thing you need more help.
    Hi Guys this is my main mix for you blood and take this most days of the week, and as you see its very good for a few other things all researched.

    For a start this mix is a great way of cleaning away cholesterol plaque from our blood, and helps control triglycerides and keep your numbers right, and will improve your erections.

    The way out and clearing away plaque would be to get on Cayenne Pepper, Turmeric with black pepper and garlic, take this each morning and see how you go.

    For each heaped teaspoon of turmeric you add a ¼ teaspoon of ground black pepper, this helps the turmeric to get absorbed into your system better.

    The whole mix its all very healthy for you.

    You just mix CP and Turmeric and BP 50/50 in olive oil and then mix with tomato paste and thin it with olive oil, at first you just mix this to a heat ( this the heat that CP gives off) that suits you, and over time you can slowly increase the CP and Turmeric.

    Take the turmeric and BP as 50% of the 50/50 mix. OK

    You take 3 teaspoonful’s each morning first thing, you wash each spoonful down with water, before anything else just after you get up, one thing it will warm you up with this mix, which will also help would be very fine chopped garlic, just do a whole head, chopped fine, and keep in olive oil, with this you add dried parsley, a couple of good desert spoonful’s and mix, you can also add dried oregano, you just add a teaspoonful on top of the CP an turmeric mix, just mix into the top take as said.

    The Parsley its very good for the blood and helps keep your Cholesterol down, you can also add some oregano in as well as its good for erections.

    Please do keep both jars in the fridge, keeps a lot better that way.
    A good tip is do not fill you jar to the top leave about half an inch, its the tomato paste it expands from the olive oil, it then push's red oil out of the jar, and loves to explode out from under the lid as you open it, messy.

    Now if you google and read up about all above, there very good for ED, your cholesterol, heart and it clears blocked arteries and veins, good at lowering HBP, prostate, prostatitis, varicocele and RA, garlic is also very good for your blood, so along with the CP and turmeric with BP, your be doing your body the world of good.

    Turmeric is a great way of fighting and lowering your triglyceride numbers when you have high cholesterol, and turmeric is also a way of fighting certain cancers.

    Turmeric has some fantastic uses, you will be amazed at, like so many herbs and spices do.

    Now if your on any kind of blood thinner's don't take the Turmeric as its a blood thinner as well, means your blood will get to thin.

    At first you really need to be taken this 3 times a day for 2 weeks then just 2 times once first thing and the second before a meal for 2 weeks, then just once a day first thing in the mornings, great way to start the day.

    And yes have had ED now in recovery and do take what is above daily along with other supplements and a hormone.
    So do hope this helps you.

    Good Luck


    PS This really needs a 12 week trail, to see if its going to work for you, if its for RA do increase it up, the stronger it is the better it works for you.

    Don’t forget to up the amount of CP and turmeric as you go on.

    Now for me, these days as its almost around 7 years being on this mix, I do a standard mix which has 4 rounded desert spoons of cayenne pepper and turmeric in it, and l mixed up, then daily I put some more olive oil on the top, add the 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper then a heaped teaspoon of CP and the same of turmeric add on the heaped teaspoon of garlic and mix this in the top layer and I now take 4 teaspoons of the mix, some days it can get me but most days I'm ok
    as for supplements its L-Arginine Tribulus, L-Carnitine, DHEA and just some daily vits, but I do wash them down with a boric acid mix, boric acid has the tag of being the poor mans Viagra, a standard mix is a 1/4 teaspoon in a litre of water and drink through the day, I mix at a bit stronger as I only take it first thing in the mornings, but as they say every little helps .

    Be warned some days my mix will make your stools a bit on the lose side, it does me, but I do not worry over it.

    The last piece of info is I do have ground down green tea, with ground down natural Tribulus which I can buy here in Greece I can make a teapot last 2 days by just adding some extra, then have 2 days on black tea, I drink both with honey and lemon two more things that are very good for your blood, of a night I have 2 squares of 70% bark chocolate, something else that's so good for your blood, I think like I have said above get your blood working for you, and your about 2/3 of the way to getting some really good erections.

    I don't think this is in here but have warn a cock ring 24/7 just after things was getting better just to give that extra hardness, I have a Hardwear Ice from my hardwear, its a Pyrex full package ring, great to wear.

    I get good nocturnal erections that wake me up, and lots of morning woods not bad for a guy who is now 70 and still enjoying my sex life, just hope it works for you T.


  • Why So Negative About a Man Ejaculating on the Woman?   6 weeks 1 day ago

    I really like to ejaculate in mouth or pussy. I do not like to body because there are lot of.

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  • Lover Upset I Don't Care How Much He Ejaculates   6 weeks 1 day ago

    I have a lot of sperm with 30-40ml per cum.

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  • Rape Culture Starts with School Dress Codes   6 weeks 3 days ago

    We know that every school follows a strict culture in dress code. The article says that rape culture starts with school dress codes and they had explained it with lots of examples over here. It is necessary to wear adorable dresses by the teenagers in order to decrease the rate of rape to some extent. powder free nitrile gloves wholesale

  • Cuming Climbing a Tree   6 weeks 3 days ago

      It seems strange to write about this now so
    many years after its first occurrence, but it was something that changed my
    life forever by virtue of something that happened by complete accident and
    surprise. Like so many of us “Climbers” the “Funny Feeling” started at a time
    in my life where I had not the slightest desire, thought, knowledge or urge to
    even consider the opposite sex several years before puberty was even a

    To this day I still remember that very first experience which happened as a
    result of PE (Physical Education) class in the 3rd grade. On that particular
    day, the gym had 20 or 25-foot-tall and 1 ½” thick climbing ropes suspended
    from the ceiling and our job as students was to follow the rather stern
    commands of the gym teacher and taskmaster who ordered us to climb them. Before
    long my name was called, and being one of exceptional upper body strength even
    then, I was not too worried about climbing the rope as I climbed all types of
    things constantly anyway. Well, I started up the rope with relative ease with
    some struggle and almost immediately I started to feel this “Tickle” in my
    lower stomach region a couple inches below the bellybutton that seemed to
    increase with each thrust upward with my legs and arms on the rope to move ever
    higher. Before long and near the top, this tickle feeling radically expanded
    downward to my groin, legs and ankles whilst at the same time moving up my
    chest. This feeling was the most incredible feeling ever! In fact it was so
    intense that the only thing I could do is hang onto the rope for dear life with
    my eyes rolled back in their sockets, teeth clenched and paralyzed in total
    bliss!! At that time I could not ejaculate semen as normal for young boys.
    I don’t know how long I was up there but the orgasm continued for as long as I
    held onto the rope and never stopped! Soon enough however there were shouts
    from below to come down (which I did not want to do because of the amazing
    feeling my body was experiencing) but eventually I had to slide down to appease
    the crowd below that had gathered to watch the spectacle on the rope above. As
    I slid down the rope to the bottom I just rested on the floor mats in a state
    of trance bliss unable to make sense of what just happened. I was hooked for

    It took me sometime to discover that this amazing feeling wasn’t the rope at
    all, but rather the combined action of climbing upwards on a pole, rope or door
    (2” stripper poles are the best) whereby you open and raise your legs to 90
    degrees, clinch the pole then reach up higher/pull up on the pole at the same
    time and repeat the process. The feeling begins as a faint tickle in the lower
    abdomen area, but with continued perseverance the feeling eventually engulfs
    your entire body in the most amazing orgasm it can self-produce. The orgasm
    itself has nothing to do with rubbing of the penis on the rope or pole, but
    rather the neuromuscular action of the climbing motion itself coupled with the
    strain of holding your weight up with your upper body. The feeling is so
    intense that it is nearly beyond description and at least for me is 9000 times
    more intense than a “Regular” way of achieving orgasm (Believe me, I am well

    These days when I climb the visualization is so intense that I usually have
    slippery “Pre Cum” running in a small river down my scrotum in anticipation of
    the forthcoming climb. Of course some visualization comes into play as well,
    and being a heterosexual male I visualize a female (Completely bald vulva) on
    an opposite pole doing the same thing. Combined with the tickle feeling raging
    in my body while climbing I literally burst semen when it hits!  Just
    typing this sends shivers down my spine!

    It’s amazing to me that this phenomenon reportedly occurs to both sexes at
    about the same ratio (10-15%) and just the other day an old friend of mine confided in
    me that it also happened to him at the same time.

    This phenomenon is amazing and it just
    boggles the mind how intense the orgasm is from the climbing motion. From that
    very first time I discovered this by accident (Climbing gym ropes) until now,
    the process still works the same with that burning ember of pleasure starting
    in the lower abdomen but also underneath in the perineum area that rapidly
    envelopes the body with such intense pleasure its hard to describe. That
    perineum area (which would be where the entrance to the vagina had I been
    female) just radiates out in amazing pleasure at the same time the lower
    abdomen radiates downward to the groin area and down the legs. It amazes me
    that the entire penis becomes so loaded with pleasure rather than just the
    frenulum area versus if one is doing a “conventional” way of masturbating. It
    really is a total body experience far exceeding a conventional wanking or
    intercourse event. When I cum from the climbing action of a pole (2" OD is
    the best!) I don't just ejaculate, I burst semen that is audibly heard when it
    splashes on the floor! It’s so intense that I remain highly aroused for at
    least a full day afterward which usually requires at least 2 more times on the
    pole to "Get it out of my system" and of course its highly addictive
    because once your body experiences this level of pleasure it craves it again
    and one finds themselves thinking about the next session. It is for that reason
    I installed a regulation polished brass stripper pole in my house (Vaulted
    ceiling) that is about 14' high, because for me I climb naked from the waist
    down for the ultimate experience. Getting caught is just not an option at my
    age!  I also do allot of fantasizing during the climb and being a
    heterosexual male, I imagine in my mind’s eye a female on an opposite pole
    doing the same thing by repeatedly raising her legs, letting the drop and doing
    it over again until orgasm. For me I like Women completely bald of pubic hair
    so that's a huge turn on too, but I would also wouldn't mind seeing a video of
    a guy doing this too just to compare techniques.

    In researching this phenomenon, I gather that just about 10%-15% percent of
    Males and Females can cum this way but I suspect many more than that can. When
    going through puberty one tends to forget about climbing and moves on to other
    means of masturbation, but strangely the super intense orgasm from climbing
    always remains in the dim recesses of the mind.

    I am absolutely astounded that this part of
    sexuality is virtually undiscovered via videos and general discussion because I
    am sure many had their first orgasm this way.

       [= small][/]

  • Bodysex Builds Compassion   6 weeks 4 days ago

    Ok, you just can't just drop a casual reference to a mother/daughter duo at your workshop. Just kidding. But since you mentioned it, is there anything you can share  e ith us about their experience.

    I am very interested in the mother daughter dynamic. Especially since that one night in Las Vegas...

  • selfellatio - can you suck your own dick?   6 weeks 5 days ago

    I'm pretty much the same. I love the feeling of my juicy cock in my mouth and the feeling of my hungry mouth on my cock. It feels so amazing! It's a bit of a challenge physically so I don't do it that often though. 

  • So, Are You a Sexual Housecat, a Tigress, or Both?   7 weeks 2 days ago

    Not all woman want to procreate though. There has been an increase in woman who do not desire children and who are even getting their tubes tied. Sex is not just about procreating either now. 

  • Desperately Looking for a Diaphragm   7 weeks 2 days ago

    I'm just wondering if diaphragm inserters might be sold or available anywhere that you are aware of? I recently managed to get a diaphragm from planned parenthood, but I still have the issue of getting it to sit in deep enough. Some kind of inserter would make my life so much easier.

  • New BF Wants Me to Squirt   7 weeks 2 days ago

    I really appreciate this post.  I am 62 and have 6 grown sons.  I was always a very 'wet' girl and was shamed over this from a young child.  

    I felt there was something really wrong with me- I was some type of 'pervert', 'freak', and I had no place to go wtih these fears and feelings.  So, in all of my reproductive years, I did not want to have sex because I was afraid of getting too wet god forbid- ejaculate.

    I held it in and learned how to 'get off' or orgasm myself and would actually try to do it quickly and see how 'dry' I could stay- or at least so I would not get soaking wet.

    No one helped or discussed ways of assisting with any of my children's birthing process and even though I went through Lamaze and courses- I had natural childbirth and it was incredibly painful and traumatic.  I had refused the numbing of my spine- because I was told it would harm the baby and slow down the contractions.  So I suffered. 

    My children were large boys- ranging from 8 pds to 11 pds.  No one ever suggested the stretching of my vagina and I often thought of it- but was to afraid to ask because I was afraid that my Dr or anyone would think there was something horribly wrong with me for asking.
    Later- after my last child- I had a little surgery that was supposed to help me not 'pee' when I coughed- as I was told my bladder had dropped and it was going to be 'tightened' again. After that, I no longer had any 'peeing' by accident-however I was still easily wet durnig sex and was still prone to ejaculation.

    Again, this was a deterrent to me having sex because I was ashamed and embarrased.  Finally, i got the courage to ask my Dr about it.  He told me I was simply peeing and told me to practice keegle exercises and I could control it.  He said there was no such thing as female ejaculation and it was all a bunch of perverts are into a fetish. It is not normal he said.

    That was it- I went through a long period of feeling horrible self-loathing.  I was also unable to be the warm loving sensous partner to my husband that I could have been.  Neither of us were to get past it. 

    It was not until I was in my late 50's that I connected with a man who became my lover who 'knew' all about this topic and 'educated me'.  It was then- that things completely changed for me and this changed my whole life.  Even still- I sometimes have to 'work through' old negative feelings that can come up about myself and then I realize it is related to the old feelings of shame and embarassment that are 'haunting' me.    Oddly- this does not 'come up' during sex- it affects all areas of our lives.  It comes up and creeps into other feelings you have about yourself.  And they should not be about shame for being 'exactly who you were born to be' as a woman.  

    I am a sexual woman and I am completely happy about that. I am not embarrassed---I am actually proud of myself for being able to be open with others about this. I am very sensitive to other women who simply don't or are stuck in the old embarassed patterns that I used to be in.  I know how painful that is.

    But i am so glad that people are actually becoming more open and knowledgable than ever. I am so pleased to be 'free' of this old stigma.  i hope you can free others before years of shame and misery happen.

    Today with the internet and all the things I never had access to I really have high hopes that this will change everything for people and their relationships.   ....I lived in a small rural community growing up....and even later when I went to was still not something that one had easy access to.  It was something people joked about and spoke about -in certain areas-but those were always kind of 'seedy-backroom- smokey ' type places.  Not open, honest, scientifically based factual stuff.  

    So in my day, it was harder to figure things out.  It is wonderful that you are doing this work and that other women can possibly be freed from a life of internal shame or fear about their sexuality and their bodies.  

    Thank you for that!


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  • The Next Bodysex Workshops   7 weeks 4 days ago

    Thank you for sharing! 
    It is great when people can share their experience!
    I think that your story helps people understand their relationship! it is very important!

  • New BF Wants Me to Squirt   7 weeks 5 days ago

    I know this is an oldish topic, but I felt compelled to put in my two bobs worth.
    Female ejaculation seems to have been known about in most cultures - even up til Victorian times when writers would refer to a woman "expelling copious amounts of juices", or "we discharged together". The Sanskrit writings of ancient India refer to female ejaculation as Amrita and a universal panacea if drunk.
    Somewhere, somehow female ejaculation has been linked to peeing in modern times (post WWI) and hence the confusion and often shame felt by women who are "squirters", and the ignorant males who comment about peeing!!
    Much like other topics that were once common practice, since the medicalisation of so much that is sexual/natural we see surgeons offering to "cure" female ejaculation, rather than encouraging women to respond naturally to arousal.
    We see this medicalisation in preparation for childbirth - once the domain of the midwife and husband, now the domain of the surgeon and hospital. The woman's body was prepared for childbirth, even prior to conception, with stretching of the vagina until a hand could be placed inside the vagina. Giving birth was then much easier on the mother and child. Is this done now? Is this even discussed now by mothers and daughters? Very rarely and if a husband attempted to massage his wife's vagina in hospital they'd have him arrested.
    Look to the accumulated knowledge of the past, 60000 years of being able to procreate without a doctor in sight must have meant that our forebears were doing something right.

  • Can't Quite Grasp a Man Fantasizing Over His Woman Being Gang Banged   7 weeks 6 days ago

    [= xx-small]Watching wife take other cocks in her pussy is so sexual ..start out with a mfm with my participation bisexual .. eventually bring in other couples and then a gang bang with about five big cocks  .. swing clubs     it's a form of candaulism , viewing and exhibiting genitals[/]
    [= xx-small] [/]

  • Betty Dodson's Bodysex Workshop Part I   8 weeks 4 hours ago

    I had no idea how powerful the discussion of body image would be.

  • Our Thoughts on Consent   8 weeks 2 days ago

    Consent is something a woman will never do for me because ive got aspergers. I am a 52yr old virgin and fell disgusted with myself. I'm have been bullied at school then bullied and discriminated when in work. I've been socially isolated all my life apart from my parents. The internet means we can be alone altogether I have found. You might say you'll meet a nice Asperger girl. Well think again. All the nice ones are long gone leaving Asperger girls who prefer 'solitude' rather than a relationships. One I came across on a dating site prefer to have relationships with chickens. I had a very bad experience with a girl when I was 19 which destroyed a part of me, then again at group therapy when I was 33 yrs old. All there's been was loads of rejections from dating sites, loads of fake profiles and it's extremely depressing. The antidepressants which I've been on for over 18yrs means I have lost some sensitivity and cannot feel anything or very little at climax. If I go off them my depression could go to severe. The only way for this to all end is suicide. I am currently putting this off until my parents aren't about anymore. The biggest problem in my life is getting women to listen to me and get to know me especially ones I find attractive.

  • Women Going Gay   8 weeks 4 days ago

    Hello Betty and Carlin.. I have been wondering about the things you touch in in your vid above for some time now.  I have been becoming more and more attracted to women the past few years and, although I didn't judge it negatively, I was somewhat confused about *why*.  I have been attributing it to being a domestic abuse survivor because the further away from all that I get, the more healed I feel, the more I want to be with a woman, or women.  So this seems to be a natural progression rather than a shying away from men because of distrust thing?  Fascinating!  Thank you, Ladies.. As always you are wonderful, clear voices in the confusion!

  • A Straight Woman who Loves Pussy or a Lesbian who Loves Dick?   8 weeks 5 days ago

    Pussy eating women are everywhere nowadays.

  • Need Oral Sex Tips for Curved Penis   8 weeks 5 days ago

    My girlfriend and I have had sex a handful of times as we haven’t been dating that long. I find that my downward curve is GREAT for sex, especially doggy and fucking her sideways. The problem arises when she’s giving me a blowjob and wants to take it all in. She says the curve hits her throat and makes her gag (which sucks because she can suck my fingers and I’m basically touching her lungs and she doesn’t gag). We’ve tried 69, sucking it from the side (head turned in 90 degree angle), but still it makes her gag. What can we do as we both want her to take it in all the way. Me because duh and her because she says she wants to please me more than she already does.

  • How Do I Feminize My Son?   8 weeks 6 days ago

    Wow Sarah! You are doing such a nice thing!! Plese feminize your husband! I wish I could contact you!


  • How Do I Feminize My Son?   8 weeks 6 days ago

    I am a straight man. However I firmly believe in each and every single word that Miss Betty Dodson has written here. I think that men have committed enough violence against women. They have committed such hellish actions that even hell would shy away. It is high time this order was changed. Women are far more superior than men; in all aspects. Men are foolish to believe that theyare stronger.
    Boys must be feminized right from the childhood! And giving them androgen inhibitors and estrogen is the best way to prevent the mere development of the male ego. Whoever says otherwise actually does not want women to come up. Not only that, it has been proven by science that testosterone is the prime reason for male inferiority. Men get so many diseases because of, well, being men. Thus feminization is the key. It will make boys compassionate and kind. Banning them from playing sports is a great way to prevent them from getting a chance to express aggression. I really love the terms and expressions she has used in the article, such as "demale"!! Wow!! Demaling boys.. wow! decoupling them from maleness! Wow!! And these suggestions are much more humane than those of Miss Sally Miller Gearhart, who said that male population must be reduced to and maintained at 10% by the use of male infanticide.

    I love the article and I wish she writes more such material frequently.

  • I Can Only Orgasm Squeezing My Legs Together   9 weeks 22 hours ago

    Thanks for your honesty. Some exact situation here
    I love it though. It's unique and very intense and special.
    I do wish it were easier to climax with penetration only
    Because so many men just don't understand.

    But honestly I figured out how to climax with my husband
    And it's only because I had to explain to him how.
    And he's willing to please me.

    I basically just do what I do when I'm alone
    Just I do it with him inside me.
    And it's a very intense satisfaction
    Hope this helps..

  • Hello Sexy   9 weeks 2 days ago

    Thank you Bila for your response to my first erotic fiction piece. It warms my soul that my expression brought you tumescent pleasure! Wishing you delicious cultivation, A.

  • What is the Ideal Penis Size for Women's Pleasure?   9 weeks 5 days ago

    Of course it matters rather have to much than not enough! We women want to feel fulfilled & satisfied I would think. I’m sure my husband would fall into the category of being very well endowed & having a large (Long) one at 23 cm’s ( 9 in.) would be fair to say. The 1st. time I saw all of him in his beautiful, fully erect glory. I was a little amazed & scared at first but very curious, after we had made love for the 1st. time I knew he was the one for me!He knows just how to please me & make me very happy in more ways than one! I consider myself to very fortunate woman to have met & married such an incredible man. I'm simply loving every smooth inch of him & I simply can't get enough of him!  ;-)

  • Hello Sexy   9 weeks 5 days ago

    Dear Angela, Eros is strong in you. What a splendid piece of titilating writing that fulfilled your invitation to us to imbibe without distraction. I experienced a most pleasurable tumescence while cruising through and visualizing your bath and garden experience. As I head out to my 2 day landscaping job(it's a solo enterprise), I will make sure to include in my work itinerary to indulge in a similar erotic fantasy where neighbors are delighting in my careful and paced work(New England September weather won't afford me the luxury of working half naked) while self-pleasuring to ecstasy. 
    PS the motto of my garden service, Tantric Gardens, is: "cultivating intimate relationships between my clients and their gardens". Let me know if I can be of any service.