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  • My girlfreind isn't into anymore.   13 years 38 weeks ago

    I think communication is the key. If you are honest and sit down with her and talk to her about it maybe you can figure out a solution together. Maybe she is bored with the status quo and does know what her next step can always suggest that she masturbate with you in bed together.
    I don't think she is hooking up with anyone else and when you talk with her don't even bring that up unless she total seems to shut down in the conversation like she is trying to hide something. Follow you gutt.

  • Orgasm   13 years 38 weeks ago

    I also struggle during pentration to actually have an orgasm. I am wet and I do enjoy but I don't have the same blow your mind orgasm that I have when I am being ate, or having my clit flicked.
    I sometimes think it's all in my mind and that if I could just let go that I would really be able to let myself go. I guess I want to control myself too much. I thought that once I got in my thirties it would be an easier battle...I supose it would be if my spouse was in his early twenties...instead our encounters are short lived and I have really work at it...just seems like more work then its worth so I end up snuggling up with my vibrator...
    Is there any hope for any of us.... :cry:

  • Orgasm   13 years 38 weeks ago

    I struggle with having orgasms while being pounded, I always have to play with me clit at the same time. But I can cum really easily if I masturbate or get my clit licked. Just for my on info, if there's anyone out there responding in there thirty's or older, does it get easier for women to orgasm when we hit the mid thirties...please tell me it gets easier, and why am I having such a hard time? Is it mental?

  • My girlfreind isn't into anymore.   13 years 38 weeks ago

    Hey man, you need to follow your own heart, if she is not responding to you it may be time to move on. You should talk to her about it, tell her how you feel and if she wants to work things out then you have a chance. Whatever you do, do not and I repeat do not just push her down and ravish her, even if you are trying to be romantic. If she does not know what you are doing, you could very well find yourself in jail on rape charges. You should always treat a woman with respect, if she want you to ravish her she will say so. Good luck.

  • Sex with a Big Boy   13 years 38 weeks ago

    I too have had a big boy before, and he was good, and loved eating pussy! His skin was soft and even though he would cum relatively faster than any of the other guys I've been with, he made up for it some how. And he would give me the world, which was a nice perk.

    We would go to strip clubs together in D.C., which is where he lived. And no matter what female danced or stripped, I always felt special, and that his attention was always on me, even the other men and women we would encounter would try to push up on me, but they never had a chance because he was really all man. We would fuck anywhere, which impressed me, because he wasn't ashamed of his body. I mean, he would walk around butt naked, and I never felt offended or that he should have clothes on.

    It's funny, but thinking about him now, how he would eat my ass and pussy always, never expecting anything other than to please me, which made me ride and suck his dick even harder. So, fucking a fat boy is excellent, I truly don't discriminate, and even Monique from the Queens of Comedy said that everybody wants to fuck a fat person at least once. Well I've done it once, twice and even a third time, so slim boys watch out, big men might be making waves. :D

  • Truth or Dare   13 years 38 weeks ago

    Sure :twisted:

  • Orgasm   13 years 38 weeks ago

    for me, I have the best orgasms in situations where I'm intrigued mentally. If I'm really into someone, I can cum all night. Maybe I need to mental fuck before the physical fuck. But then again, I always play with my clit so I'm ready to go.

  • Attraction/Connection   13 years 38 weeks ago

    You can't deny nature. There aren't going to be many times in your life when you feel that charge when you're around someone. It's only happened twice in my life. I would contact him. This could be your soulmate or one of the best memories of your life. Just stay in control and be true to yourself.

  • Truth or Dare   13 years 38 weeks ago

    sounds like you're a dom and need to find an outlet. Tell us more of your sordid stories!!! Inquiring minds.... :twisted:

  • This is For The Ladies: Keep It Real And Tell The Truth- SEX   13 years 38 weeks ago

    last night I had great sex with this new guy in my life. We've known each other for years, spent the last two months together, and finally were going to have sex. So I'm laying on the bed and he starts freaking out. I couldn't even make out what he was saying. Then I did. He had purchased condoms and wanted to wear one. I said great and offered the condom I had in my bag. Then he started saying shit about how I get around and don't use condoms. I told him that I was always safe and had about 1/10 of the mileage he did. I'm smart enought to know that what was really going on was that he DIDN'T really want to wear a condom. But as always instead of taking responsibility he blamed me. That's why women can't just say they want sex. :x

  • My girlfreind isn't into anymore.   13 years 38 weeks ago

    Sometimes a woman can feel rejected if you don't have full intercourse with her. Having your pussy licked is great but you can only go so long without dick. It may even be subconscious and she doesn't know why.

    Talk to her honestly - and consummate your relationship FINALLY. If it's still there you'll know - and if it's not then you'll know it too. Remember, the truth is in the bedroom.

  • My girlfreind isn't into anymore.   13 years 38 weeks ago

    Most women want to be taken pushed down on the bed, cloths ripped off and ravished, romantically of course anything less is rape and its a fine line. In other words maybe she’s ready but is confused and talking about it can so make it worse. Next time you see her try it out be confident if she says no more then once you'll know she's not into you and there is probably someone else, don’t despair there are lots of beautiful women out there that love sex.

  • My girlfreind isn't into anymore.   13 years 38 weeks ago

    maybe shes not into you anymore and doesnt want to hurt your feelings. or shes fucking someone else and doesnt want to be a cunt and worry about spreading disease to an innocent (you) who knows

  • Your thoughts....   13 years 38 weeks ago

    It's not as noticeable as the clitoris is. But it is there. It's in the general region I described. However, since some women are not too familiar with its location or what it feels like when it is stimulated, it will depend on your feeling when it is stimulated.

    If you do some exploration, make sure that you talk through what it is your feeling as it is stimulated. Since I'm not a woman, I can't tell you what it actually feels like. My only experience is what my wife has said to me when I stimulate her G-spot.

    Have your partner insert one or two fingers inside your vagina. They should feel your pubic bone. Its right there...It will take some fairly firm stroking to stimulate it properly. Unlike the clitoris, it should be stroked firmly and briskly. The one who is stimulating your G-spot should notice (providing they are stimulating the right spot) that the area will swell and become firm with stimulation.

    Experiment in that area to find out what is most pleasing to you. Try different techniques and pressures. Find out what makes that area most stimulating to you.

    Good luck!


  • MY EXPERIENCE   13 years 38 weeks ago

    I love erotica, decent porn and spicing things up with toys. My hubby just found out over a year ago when I finally discussed some things with him.
    He didn't even know I owned a vibrator. LOL we share more, experience more and enjoy it more together...ITS WONDERFUL. :wink:

  • This is For The Ladies: Keep It Real And Tell The Truth- SEX   13 years 38 weeks ago

    If I was to go up to a guy and ask him to have sex with me...several things would happen he would hate me and think I am a whore, he would think that I have mental problems, he would for a full second consider the possiblities and decide I am too easy and go moon over a virgin...cause she is a challenge or he would take me up on his offer, do the deed and would end up thinking he could get it from me anytime since he got it with out any effort....his friends and their friends would feel that I am easy and would do whatever it took to get into my pants then behind my back they would all be high fiving it like 12 yr olds.
    So based on that...IMO you are a 12 yr old who has no clue about what a WOMAN of real quality and standards would want and you will probably end up with an STD or on some chat line IMing with a guy whom you think is a girl..jacking off and still living at home with mommy and daddy.....GROW UP DIP SHIT. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  • breast pain   13 years 38 weeks ago

    I had similiar problems with my breasts. Though mine would even hurt really bad...I ended up getting a breast reduction...and I have not had the problem since...though as the others have mentioned...drinks with lots of caffeine, chocolate, birth control pills or even drinks like 7up can cause problems with your breasts.
    I agree with the others seek medical advice.

  • Truth or Dare   13 years 38 weeks ago

    IMO what you did sounds kind of mean.
    I don't think i would want to ever hang around you again.
    Grow up. :x

  • Did I cheat? Tell me?   13 years 38 weeks ago

    Hey if the girl can't accept you and your porno mags...then she has got o GOOOOO....
    Sorry but I don't think after 3 mos. I would be giving up my porno stuff and I am a girl... :P

  • Your thoughts....   13 years 38 weeks ago

    I agree...get rid of the rapper..or whatever "it" is calling itself.

    I am glad to know more about the G spot. I have with no sucess trying to find mine...I will have to add this to our sexual playtime later this evening.

    Though I was once told that not every womans G spot is in the exact same this a true or false statement...?

  • I hate you   13 years 38 weeks ago

    I am soo glad you can vent your anger in words....though I think that at this stage the jerk does not even deserve your anger.
    You are sooo better off with out his sorry ass.

  • Attraction/Connection   13 years 38 weeks ago

    Well I agree with TexanBelle, though I guess I would be curious to know if being friends would even work seeing how there was that connection and obiviously you both talked and thought long and hard about taking it to that next level and ended up backing it up. Maybe you would be better off leaving well enough alone.

  • Orgasm   13 years 38 weeks ago thats your screen name.
    Though you are probably right, but I really wanted other FEMALES opinions and last I heard you were a 7 inches shy of that... :P

  • You Can't Fuck Me For Free!!!   13 years 38 weeks ago

    bitch, if sex is just a way of earning money u are a whore...

  • Attraction/Connection   13 years 38 weeks ago

    Well you never know, maybe the guy thinks of you all the time and wishes things had progressed too.