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  • The Labia Pride Movement   3 days 19 hours ago

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  • My Clitoris Burns When I Touch It   3 days 20 hours ago

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  • My Go To "Trick" for Orgasm   3 days 20 hours ago

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  • Sexual Desire Comes From Within   6 days 4 hours ago

    I love this discussion on more than one level.
    I have a number of healthy guy friends (around 50 yrs old) who take great care of themselves through diet and excercise who have directly or indirectly indicated a gradual loss of desire in recent years.  I have experienced no such drop, and the only thing I am aware of that I am doing differently, is my continued very frequest (every day) and (multiple times a day) long duration (an hour or more each) edging masturbation sessions.  I have zero doubt that this has not only given me amazing pleasure, but has maintained a level of desire that is very high and no doubt made me a much better lover in the process.  I don't substitute masturbation for partner sex, but I desire more pleasure than any partner can satisfy in today's messed up busy world.  This way, I am ready for it when the situation permits, but don't fail to meet my needs along the way.
    Marti, I totally relate to some potential partners being scared away from someone who has adopted a masturbatory lifestyle.  The flip side is how wonderful it can be when you sift through enough people to find someone who gets it!  It's worth all the rejections and is such a find!


  • Natural Cycles is a Birth Control App as Effective as the Pill   1 week 2 days ago

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  • Sexual Desire Comes From Within   1 week 4 days ago

    Betty and Carlin,
    Another great and honest message and i'm so glad you put it on youtube to be sure your essential message gets out. The art and practice of masturbation, when right, conditions our body for sex, nurturing and developing our orgasm and our very need and desire for it as well. By doing it right, it means masturbating regularly, often, and slowing down- extending it out so we can appreciate the journey to our orgasm when we do. It's in the literature and a method for ED treatment and couple sex therapy. It wasn't until I followed your guidance many years ago and embraced a highly masturbator lifestyle that I became multi-orgasmic and my sexual urge and appetite grew.  I masturbated more and longer and, as you teach, eventually put it at the center of my being. 
    Confessing that to men whom I would date sometimes drove them away but it's something we must do when finding a true soulmate. Men don't like to admit their need as perhaps they think it shows weakness and so I always encouraged my boyfriends to losen up and masturbate more, not as a substitute for our sex but to enhance it, in addition to it, and as an activity we can both share and talk about.
    A few have embraced a masturbation lifestyle along the way which I found quite rewarding for me as it I am sure it does for you. I was suprised by a few boyfriends who confessed they edged for hours at a time and masturbated often but always ashamed to admit that. Knowing they did not have to hide this from me was so liberating and self-affirming for them. Sex was the best with them actually.  I finally met a soul mate of course, and we both are avid masturbators and have the most wonderful sex. For him, he edges for hours a day, ejaculating multiple times.  He just needs that so much and so do I. We save our intercourse for each weekend and it is always special and meaningful and satisfying.  As y


  • Carlin & Liandra Part II   1 week 6 days ago

    Oh Carlin, I haven’t been interested in women before but seen you naked, you make me want you :-)

  • It Was a Weekend of Connection   2 weeks 2 days ago

    Carlin, Such a nice rejuvinating session for you and I'm so glad you got back to what you love and ignites your soul. I have not had the oportunity and am not fortunate to have the social lifestyle you enjoy but the few occassions I have masturbated with a group of women, it has been wonderful. I enjoyed reading about the woman who moaned so loud and your supportive response to her. This is one thing about me that holds me back perhaps from doing it more. I can lose control when my orgasms are extremely intense and it can be embarrassing. For me, masturbating among other women makes my orgasms especially strong and so I hold back when I want so much to let go. I envy you your ability to let go and trust in others, to have a lifestyle and career than enables you to masturbate so much in a socially supportive setting. Trust me, I would be right there every day if I could.  LOL
    The experienced I have had have helped me so much in my solo masturbation and orgasms though, and for that, I am greatful.  I'm an avid masturbator and highly orgasmic because of that.


  • A Woman's Erection Needs 20-30 Minutes of Adequate Clitoral Stimulation   2 weeks 4 days ago

    Same for me. The fact that oral is so precise
    is why it works so wonderfully for me. Knowing
    that slippery pressure is enjoyed. Just enjoy.

  • Should people be allowed to masturbate anywhere they like?   4 weeks 5 days ago

    I whole heartedly agree, Marti.  I don't see why this can't be accomodated in the near future.  I believe that, as a man, every erection is a sacred gift, and one that should not be wasted, if at all possible.  I believe that it is natures way of telling me I need to slow down, take a break and get back to life's other activities after an adequate break.  It is a physical and emotional filled need.

  • Get a Second Opinion Before You Cut   6 weeks 2 days ago

    Hello Carlin,
    I know you've decided NOT to circumcise your son Grayson and I won't argue with you. But since the issue of circumcision always arises, I hope you'll do me the courtesy of spending a mere two minutes to listen to the wonderful, educational children's song published online at explaining the very best reason to circumcise!
    Ron The Logician

  • I Can Never Seem to Get Myself All the Way There   8 weeks 5 days ago

    You obviously love your wife and are concerned and wish to remain faithful to her or you would not be reaching out like this. It's not easy for men to bare their soul as you are so i wanted to respond.
    You both receive much love and support from each other and the only thing missing really is your need for sexual pleasure and release. She has changed and you both need to accept that but your need has also grown and you both need to respect that as well. Pressuring her into something she knows she can no longer provide would not help your relationship but you still have a healthy penis and need to fell that pleasure and release and she should understand and support that as well.
    I suggest you both talk about it in just this way and I'm sure she will understand. Take Dr. Betty's teachings to heart and focus on your own self pleasure and embrace masturbation like you have probably always needed anyway. Make time for it, turn it into something fun and exciting and, who knows, you may like it more than you might first anticipate. Also, masturbation these days need not be solitary. It's become very common for men who have embraced masturbation fully to masturbate with other safely, on-line. They find it helps increase their motivation as well as the intensity and frequency of their ejaculation which is a good thing. Who knows, you can remain faithful to your wife but may evolve into a sexual, orgasmic being you never knew existed within you.

  • Carlin: My Orgasm   8 weeks 5 days ago

    I had been following Betty and you for years but had not seen this introspection until now. The struggle you went through to take the leap and bare your soul and masturbate on video for the world. It must have surely been hard to have continued through with this after having lost the support that a relationship can bring. But in a way, it may have been necessary to have ended your relationship in order to begin anew with yourself. Sometimes a relationship can hold us back, especially a traditional one, when it comes to orgamic self-actualization and the personal demands that can require. It probably enabled you to truely let go of your reservations and embrace masturbation, transforming you into the wonderful masturbator you are today.
    Like any mission, having to attend to the demands of a conventional relationship would have competed with your focus on your own orgasms and mentoring others in their masturbation. Such important work requires we dive fully into the water, giving it our all for years before we know we have made a difference. You have done tha. You have been masturbating hard and long for others and for yourself and it has made such a difference within me and within so many other women. You should know this and feel very satisfied by it. As a convers of Betty's and a lifelong dedicated masturbator, you can take my word on that!
    I would love to see more and have you talk more about your own transformation.

  • I'd Gone Through the Emotional Wheel & Come Back to Selflove   9 weeks 1 day ago

    "How I spend my much I love myself and allow that love to flow into my relationships and then out into the world is all that matters."

    So true. And SO glad that you are fine!


  • Ladies-Describe your 1st sexual experience with another woman...   9 weeks 2 days ago

    Of course, not unusual for me to have mutually masturbated when I was in my teens with a girlfriend during a sleepover. Just natural experimentation really. 
    But not until I was 40 did I really have sex with another woman. I had embraced masturbation as a lifestyle ten years earlier and had begun masturbating with other women like myself just a couple years before. On my 40th birthday, I went to Vegas for the weekend with several of these women. After returning to the room after lunch with one friend we undressed and began masturbating as usual. She spontaneously reached out and began stroking my breasts to help me out. I responded and asked her to keep stroking and shut my eyes. I then felt her tongue on my nipples and then lost control. We did oral in each other until we came and then she made me sit back and used my vibrator on me and sucked my nipples until I came again and again. It was unexpected but very satisfying.  The experience made me realize I was bi and I've enjoyed sex with women many times since. I'm fortunate to have a husband who understands and supports my sexual needs.

  • Should people be allowed to masturbate anywhere they like?   9 weeks 2 days ago

    I believe, in 2018, it would have finally been accepted enough to at least be allowed in bathrooms or special spaces such as is now done for lactation. Masturbation rooms perhaps, where people can go and masturbate among others like themselves and not feel embarassed.
    We all know it is a natural need, as much as other bodily functions, and healthy and normal. Many people must be out away from their homes to work or shop and when the natural urge arises, we should express not supress it.
    Dr. Betty encourages masturbation breaks in the workplace and sets a good example for us to follow. I have read of a few others but still very rare.

  • Learning Ejaculatory Control   9 weeks 2 days ago

    As a man who has been fortunate to have read most if not all of your books (I have a well worn copy of "Liberating Masturbation") I just want to say thanks.  I have been a dedicated masturbator and have been training my cock early and often each day for 35 years. Your books were integral in my journey to enjoy my sex life to the fullest (solo and partnersex).  I am forever grateful.


  • Morning Wood   9 weeks 6 days ago

    I have often been guilty of the same crime.  Sometimes we don't even realize how much we get into our masturbation sessions and how it might disrupt our partner's sleep. 
    I think most healthy men get morning wood, and I find that a shower can be the best place for my morning wake up session.  
    I believe erections are a gift and should not be wasted whenever possible.  

  • The Bodysex Effect Deepens & Grows the Longer You Do the Work   9 weeks 6 days ago

    So true. Just like our own orgasm, the bodysex effect Deepens & Grows the longer we do the work on it and the more we are rewarded. That you have returning participants, not out of mere training needs but to relive the experience together is a testimate to that. We can truely transend our masturbatory limits once we learn our earlier expectations were self-limiting and uninformed.


  • “I’m Here Because Of My Lineage. The Shame Ends Today”   9 weeks 6 days ago

    Glad you appreciate it Nelson. Not many men are willing to open up like you have. You make a good point I had not thought of.  That no one thinks twice about a guy spending hours in front of TV or games. Many guys spend hours a day developing their biceps or sculpting wood ducks for thar matter. Some even risk their lives on hobbies like climbing. Such hobbies can consume much but make life worth living. That you choose to spend hours a day developing your cock should be thought of no different. And the stroking and ejaculations you enjoy take you to ever new heights without ever having to leave the ground like climbing would. You obviously gain so much from your masturbation hobby and it makes life worth living.
    I think I understand and agree more than ever now and encourage you to keep going with that analogy. It's wonderful and so true.

  • How Can I Relax & Embrace Pleasure During Pregnancy?   9 weeks 6 days ago

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  • Found Masturbation Videos of Employee   10 weeks 2 days ago

    This may be my favorite post ever!  I can't begin to express how much this speaks to me, and how I was at that age.  I was also fortunate to have discovered Betty's writings at an early age, and putting what I learned into practice has been one of the great joys of my life!
    I truly hope that the story above can become more common.  I know it would be a benefit to all involved.  All I can say is that I sure wish it had been me!


  • “I’m Here Because Of My Lineage. The Shame Ends Today”   10 weeks 2 days ago

    Your comments are much appreciated.  It's always nice to get a woman's perspective.  Glad my hobby reference made you laugh, but the truth is, no one thinks twice if a man spends many of his evenings in front of a TV or video games, I just have preferred (and frankly needed) the ability and the immmense pleasure from frequent and for extended periods of masturbation.

  • “I’m Here Because Of My Lineage. The Shame Ends Today”   10 weeks 2 days ago

    As a man nearing 50, I can look back at the evolution of the way I perceive what I now have come to refer to as my masturbatory lifestyle.  While I have been a frequent masturbator for over 35 years, I hardly discussed it with anyone in my teens and early 20s.  The partners I had in my mid and later 20s were always aware of it, and accepted it (as it did not interfere in any way with our partner sex), but did not embrace it.  In my late 20s I began to consider it a hobby.  As I got older, I began to talk about it more openly.  I got mixed reactions, but over time, many more positive ones than negative ones.  It now seems like women my age (at least many that I have met) are not only accepting but appreciate my lifestyle and find it erotic and desirable.  

  • Working From Home = Working on my Orgasm?   10 weeks 2 days ago

    Nelson, While I was in today responding to another of your comments I agree with,  I saw this also. You can see from my comment in 2010 that I too realized benefits from working from home. I worked from home for just over 5 years, from mid 2009 to and of 2014. For me, it really facilitated a masturbatory lifestyle and helped me become far more orgasmic. When I first starting to experiment with masturbation breaks during those working days, I never imagined I would have enjoyed it to much to the point of centering my life around it. Masturbation and orgasm is now something to be enjoyed throughout the day, multiple times, and after those 5 years and getting used to it, I knew there was no turning back.
    I've read that it has sine become common to masturbate more often among those who can work-from-home. That it has even helped lift masturbation out of the corners of the evening and make it an activity to be enjoyed at any hour an more often. It's such a positive change and I'm glad you and I were a part of helping it become that.