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  • The Next Bodysex Workshops   1 day 5 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing! 
    It is great when people can share their experience!
    I think that your story helps people understand their relationship! it is very important!

  • Is He Pretending to be Heterosexual?   4 days 3 hours ago

    Vomiting because you've caught sight of a naked woman is not a normal reaction for a male teenager, anymore than you would expect to vomit if you came across a picture of a naked man.

    It isn't clear from your post what kind of "conservative" society or culture both of you have been brought up in but it does sound as if you and your prospective husband have had quite different reactions to that culture.

    I also wonder whether you want to continue with the marriage, maybe because other parts of the relationship or arrangement work well for you and your family.
    If you want to reconsider the marriage, then maybe you could carefully mention this reaction of your fiancee to your mother and father before the marriage goes ahead?

    Most conservative communities view marriage as for the purpose of children and grandchildren. If your prospective spouse is phobic about female bodies, it makes your parent's chances of becoming grandparents significantly less likely - it might well be a reason they think worth reconsidering the arrangements.

  • Terje Brought Pansexuality to Us All   4 days 4 hours ago

    I was sorry to hear about your loss: we seem to be living through "interesting times" as the Chinese curse says, which makes every piece of bad news even harder to bear.

    It also makes every bit of positivity, especially the work you do here at dodson&ross, raising awareness and helping strangers, just more & more important, a true light shining in the darkness.

  • Am I Asexual?   1 week 1 day ago

    I believe everyone had those "I just want to be by myself" moments. Sometimes it's just necessary to find the best checker for plagiarism that works for you. [/size]Perhaps there was some situation in your life which made you keep away from a physical relationship? Think of it, analyze. Think of what exactly makes you feel bad about interaction with a partner.

  • I Don't Feel Sexual Attraction When I See People   1 week 1 day ago

    Dear M,

    Betty's advice is spot on as always but I've been thinking about your final question "What can I do to learn how to flirt and start having sex even if I dislike it?"
    Starting with the last part of your question: you should absolutely not have partnersex if you are not 100% committed to enjoying sex with someone. Sufferance sex is always a disaster, physically and emotionally.The world would be a significantly better place if all of us just had the sex we wanted, the way we wanted it and when we wanted it, not because we felt we should or could or might. & that's a lot easier if you have a successful solo sex life.

    You are orgasmic - that's a huge thing to celebrate and enjoy.

    But in the rest of your post, you seem a bit contradictory. You describe romantic/gentle sex as pathetic yet describe the gentle introduction to sex, holding each other "hugs" and "kisses" as the language of love. 

    & I'm left wondering if you're just a bit conflicted between the type of sex you might want or be attracted to and the type you think you should want ie. do you want your partnersex to be a bit rough but feel that this is not the kind of sex a "good girl" wants? Are you just conflating or confusing love and sex?  Maybe it would be useful to spend some time thinking more about the type of sex you enjoy, whether fantasy, porn or potentially real-life. You don't have to love the person you're having sex with.

    Flirting is a social skill like any other, that people practise as they grow up and not always (or even mostly) in a sexual sense. It's likely that you are flirting already - it's the way we make friends, identify and please people we like whether family, friends or strangers.

    Flirting like partnersex takes at least two people & if someone finds you "cold" perhaps they're the ones with the problem - maybe they're simply not willing or able to put in the effort to warm you up - because flirting is a two way street and they have a responsibility to you as well.

  • Just Can't Get Through The Barrier to Orgasm   1 week 2 days ago

    hey girls
    I have the same problem..I'm 24 and sexually active (a long and steady relationship where I feel comfortable and aroused in bed), but I smply can't have an orgasm, not during sex nor while masturbating. I mostly use my fingers, or the showerhead, I also have a rubber dildo..but nothing helps. I hoticed that I ge close (or so I think) and then I just can't go any further, my vulva becomes sooo sensitive (the tickling feeling) and my vagina kind of closes - pushes the dildo out, or my fingers - and it gets so tight that it becomes almost impossible to put a finger in it! If I use a showerhead and then that almost-there-feeling comes I simply HAVE to stop. It's pretty frustrating, I am a sexual person, I enjoy sex and masturbation..but I really need that big O.


  • Betty Dodson Presents: My Orgasm   1 week 2 days ago

    Thank you. 

    I remember the day we shot that piece.  My heart was broken and I thought connecting to my orgasm and sharing it on camera would help me did. 

    You made my day.

  • Betty Dodson Presents: My Orgasm   1 week 3 days ago

    Carlin you are a goddess!
    We loved it!

  • Lady Madonna   1 week 4 days ago

    Thank you NLH and Lizzie Smith for the reflections about hearing a positive voice in my remarks. When writing those words I wondered a lot about how they would be received. Would people hear it as pejorative or more to the point would Carlin take offence

    because she seems so absorbed by the importance of motherhood? It’s

    overwhelming; having walked in parents’ shoes having the experience of child

    birth and the realization of the desire to create an environment healthier than

    our parents created for us. It is through that lens, I have been hearing

    Carlin. The relief as always is know how the words were received as we can then

    have the invitation to work to be heard the way we want to be. So my words were

    intended to speak to the all inclusive nature of communal environment that

    nurtures our humanity and the survival of our species of community.

    As parents specifically and as community members generally it is important to remember we

    do the best with what we have at that point in time. There is a tendency to

    judge either ourselves or others most harshly when if fact we are just trying

    to do the best that we know how. We know community often fails as Lizzie points

    out by saying “these warm and compassionate connections may never have

    developed properly for some of us.” It’s more like universally true we all have

    attachment injuries to varying degrees. More disturbing we continue to both

    receive and inflict them. Each culture has it’s own very loving and well

    meaning quirks, Carlin it seems grew up in a very loving but austere fearful

    separated environment.

    describes a very different environment when living with the Maasai in the Rift Valley. Lizzie and I are old enough that if we have older siblings they might have been left to cry in cribs thinking that would make them strong and independent - read attachment injury. So it is not

    just religion, parental temperament, alcohol, the devil fear, but ideology

    which harms us before we can crawl or talk. We survive not as the “fittest” or

    “most worthy” as the libertarians preach but because we depend on our

    dependence on others. Without dependence we wither, alone, like those
    kids in hospital deprived of their attachment


          The way I hear NLH and Lizzie about attachment; is by knowing the things that were unknown to our parents, but are known to the Maasai we can alter the way we perceive

    ourselves and support attachment in community. Carlin and her young husband

    have opportunities if they turn away from; fearing the evil invasion of the

    body, individualistic, libertarian, separatists thoughts to embracing human

    neurobiology as god made it and it is still practiced by the Maasai near the

    Olduvai Gorge which cuts through rock layers reveling our evolution from the

    remains of hominins' communities between 1.9 and 1.7 million years ago. That is

    to say embrace our neurobiology and an eye for an eye culture is les likely to


          As citizens we just do the best we can. Our failures are not for lack of love or well meaning. No need to blame or shame, we do the best we can with what we have and know at

    that point in time.  

          Understanding our  attachment needs, how our bodies react when those needs are met or unmet increases the likelihood we as dissimilar people can create a more connective

    supportive community for the benefit of ourselves and our offspring. Let us

    shape our culture and community to match our evolutionary neurobiology.

          Our failures are not for lack of love or at least that is how I hear NLHw, L.S. and Carlin:

    The connections we make with people in life, define us as people,

    whether that's families born or made, or friends along the journey.” And. “How

    important it is to remind ourselves of our archaic, instinctual quality as

    living beings whose brains and physical functions need the stimulation of safe

    and caring attachment connections daily, throughout our entire life.” And

    “Grayson is 2.5 and I've never been as challenged….”

          Maybe not off topic? Lizzie, glad to hear you are doing ok, , Hallelujah, cheers.

  • Who Wouldn't Want to be the Next Elvira?   1 week 5 days ago

    Can't tell you how many time I got off watching Elvira late at night when I was a very horny teen. Even today, at age 65 I still enjoy and collect some great pictures of her. What a knockout, sexy lady.

  • Who Wouldn't Want to be the Next Elvira?   1 week 5 days ago

    Can't tell you how many time I got off watching Elvira late at night when I was a very horny teen. Even today, at age 65 I still enjoy and collect some great pictures of her. What a knockout, sexy lady.

  • That One Time I Took My Own Virginity   1 week 5 days ago

    I took my own virginity about a year ago, I was and am 19 about to be 20. I felt embarrassed, ashamed, stupid for what I did. But after reading this story I feel something close to happy that I didnt lose my virginity to someone I would have regretted losing it to. Those assholes I dated, and after telling em I was a virgin made it their life goal to take it from me, and I did not give in no matter how much they told me they loved me. I feel satisfied with myself. 

  • Set Up Threesome. Have No Idea What We're Doing   1 week 5 days ago

    I was 19 and I am very tall so I used to be able to get drinks in the nightclub without being checked for I.D. We lived in a resort town in Southern California and many tourist would come up on the weekends and enjoy the mountains. This one night on a Saturday I really had to much to drink and was feeling no pain.

    I decided I had enough and was going to exit the club and walk home which was not to far away. On my way out I stumbled and fell to the floor and an older man and lady was behind me and asked if they could give me a ride home. I said that would be great and I followed them to their car. I got in the backseat and he was driving. His name Mike and her name was Sharon.

    On the way out of the parking lot she told me they had seen me earlier that evening and commented on how tall I was. I told her I get asked all of the time how tall I was and I told her. She asked if I didn't mind that they stop by their rental home before they take me home. They were nice people and I told them it was ok.

    When we got the their house, they asked me if I wanted to come in for a bit. They seemed very nice and she said she would really like it if I would consider it for her. That did it and I said I'm ok with that and we went into the house.

    When we were inside Mike asked Sharon if she wanted a nightcap before bed. She said yes from her room and also said she would be right out. She was in her room for a while and Mike asked if I would like another drink. I told him no that I had enough and was feeling much better. He told me he was glad that I was feeling better and he told me that his wife really wanted to spend some time with me. I was a little shocked at the way he said that. I thought maybe I took what he said wrong and didn't think about it again.

    Sharon finally came out of her room wearing this very sheer nightie that I could see through very easily. Being as horny as every 19 year old my cock was hard in a minute and was straining against my Levi's. I couldn't say a word and Mike just sat there and kept looking at me. He handed her a drink and we all just sat there with both of them looking at me.

    Soon she moved close to me and was talking to Mike and asking things like, what is it like to be so tall and she thought all the girls would like to be with me. I was a bit embarrassed and didn't say much. My cock was about to explode with her conversation. She then looked me in the eye and said she wondered if my cock was big as the rest of me was. I told her I wasn't sure and she wasn't going to let it go by without knowing.

    Both reassured me that it was ok with both of them that we were all together talking this way. I wondered where all this was going. Sharon asked me to stand up in front of both of them while they sat on the couch. I got up and moved over standing tall in front of both of them. Sharon looked at Mike and told him it was his turn. Mike kept looking at me and was very serious when he said they both wanted to see my cock and would I remove my pants and show them my cock. Mike said he could see that I was very hard and that he really wanted to see it for himself.

    I got very nervous when he asked. I had experimented with guys before but never with an older man. I was feeling very good anyway and soon I just reached down and unbuckled my belt and unsnapped my Levi's and dropped my pants and underwear right there for them both to see. My cock sprang from my pants and felt so good to be free from those pants.

    There I was standing in front of these people, my hard cock right out there and I was feeling very good. Sharon asked Mike what he thought. He said said that it looked better than he had hoped and that we had plenty of time left in the evening. She looked at me right in the eye and said that she thought my young cock was very beautiful and that she and Mike really enjoy a beautiful cock like mine. Sharon stood up and walked towards me and was feeling my cock and said in a whisper, my husband really likes your cock and I want to see him suck your cock. It really turns me on to see him with another guy. I told her I wouldn't mind that.

    She turned to Mike and told him that we should all go into the bedroom and get more comfortable. I stepped out of my pants and let them lay on the floor and I followed Sharon into the bedroom with Mike right behind me. She asked me to stand by the bed so she and Mike could sit on the edge of the bed and admire my hard cock. I did as I was asked and soon they were both sitting right in front of me with their faces directly in front of my hardon. Sharon said to me, can Mike feel your cock? I nodded ok and Mike reached up and took my cock in his hands and he rubbed and stroked me very nicely. It felt so good that I closed my eyes and was just enjoying the sensation. Soon I could feel my cock go into someone's mouth, I looked down and sure enough, Mike was sucking my cock so good and I thought I was going to explode in his mouth at any moment.

    He stopped as if he knew I was close and let me settle down a bit. I reached over to feel Sharon's tits. Her tits were so full and tight and I wanted to have them in my mouth. She asked me to sit on the bed and I did. She reached over and was feeling my hardness in her hands. She looked to me and said she thought my cock was so good that she wanted it all night long. I was game for anything at this point.

    They had me lay down and Mike was soon sucking my cock again and Sharon kept asking him how much he liked sucking my cock. He said that he enjoyed it very much and wanted it all. Sharon whispered in my ear that Mike likes his cock rubbed when he sucks cock. I began to reach over for Mikes cock and found it very big and hard. It felt so good rubbing it I wanted more. As I rubbed his cock harder and harder he moved around for us to get into a 69 position. I enjoyed going down on Mikes cock while he was sucking me like it would be his last time. Sharon kept talking to both of us how much she was enjoying watching us suck each others cock.

    I could tell she was rubbing her pussy while she was watching us and she was making sounds like she was really enjoying the show Mike and I were putting on for her. I have to say I was getting into sucking Mikes cock and it was so good and I felt so good. Mike and I stopped again for a bit and Sharon wanted Mike to slide his cock into her pussy. He moved over and guided his hard cock into her. When he pushed into her they both moaned very load and Miked looked at me and told me to stand over her so he could suck my cock while he fucked Sharon. I stood up and got over her and faced him with my cock right I his face. He opened his mouth and sucked me right in. Soon I wrapped my hands behind his head and was pumping my cock into his mouth as he fucked her so good. She kept talking to both of us while all if this was going on. She was very hot and wanted to go on and on.

    All of a sudden she said she wanted me to fuck Mike while he was fucking her. I had never done that and was very curious at the thought of it. I moved around and got behind Mike and his ass was in the air and I got on my knees behind him and started to catchup to the rhythm of their movements. So I was there I could feel my hard cock pushing against Mikes asshole. He stopped for a split second and I took advantage and and slide my hard cock into his as and the feeling was so good like nothing I have felt before. We were all moving together as we fucked each other and Mike started to yell that he loved my cock in his ass and he told Sharon that he loved her for making this all happen. So I could feel I was getting very close to cumming with Mikes ass so tight around my cock as I fucked him.

    Sharon really did control how things went and soon she wanted us to stop everything and reposition. We did as she asked and I was told to lay on the bed and she wanted Mike to suck my cock while she lowered her pussy onto my face. Mike was on my cock again so fast and Sharon moved over me and I was eating her soaking wet pussy and the whole time it all felt so good that I was going to let go. I told Mike I was ready to cum and he grabbed me and pulled me closer. I kept end my pace and soon I felt my toes curl and my thighs tighten and my hips thrusts up into Mikes mouth and I came like never before. I could feel my cock pumping more cum than I have ever shot out before. mike was not letting me up and was sucking me for all the cum I could squirt out.

    I was spent and my body relaxed and Mike kept sucking me even when I'm cock got very sensitive. Mike rolled off of me and was talking to Sharon while I was still licking her pussy and was stroking his hard cock looking for relief. She asked me to suck Mikes cock and she would finger herself while she watched us. I moved over Mike and took his cock into my mouth and it did feel so good to suck his big hard cock. I was making very pleasurable sounds as I sucked his hardness.

    Soon I could tell he was tensing up and I wanted to suck him off as good as he did me. Sharon was very excited and cheering me on and all of a sudden Mikes cock starting spurting its hot cum. I didn't let a drop go to waste. I do like the taste of hot cum and wanted all of it. Sharon was screaming in load moans and we both could tell she was cumming also. I kept sucking Mikes cock until he went limp in my mouth. Sharon's climax was very good and she was exhausted and just laid there catching her breath.

    What a great night that I had no idea this was going to happen. You just never know and I like it unplanned. She got up kissed me and said thanks for being Mikes best birthday present. This had been Mikes birthday wish and I was the chosen one. I was good with that. We laid in bed for a bit and we all fell asl**p. We woke up the next morning and talked for a while. Sharon made breakfast for us. After that Mike took me home. We talked all the way home and he thanked me again for staying last night and that they both had a very good time. He said he would love to get together again sometime by ourselves. I told him I would like that. We did get together twice before they left for the season but that's for another story. I have raging hardon while I'm writing this. What a great time had with both of them. To this day I have a thing for older guys and ladies. Mmmmmmmmm

  • I Find Myself Craving Sexual Contact From Men   1 week 6 days ago

    My story is just like yours and I get a special sexual excitement when on webcam and showing her masturbate with several cocks also on the webcam .. I want to see those cocks in her while watching and masturbating with them  ..How does one like us get a bi genital friend for live play

  • I Find Myself Craving Sexual Contact From Men   1 week 6 days ago

    My story is just like yours and I get a special sexual excitement when on webcam and showing her masturbate with several cocks also on the webcam .. I want to see those cocks in her while watching and masturbating with them  ..How does one like us get a bi genital friend for live play

  • Am I Asexual?   1 week 6 days ago
  • Can a Woman Have Too Many Orgasms?   2 weeks 9 hours ago

    I am magical! Found out when me and my lover got together about 6 years ago at 38! I think it's between us ! Magic, sparks, totally comfortable and give ourselves to each other! We joke about me being a fountain and our fucking weekend's we go from Friday to Monday morning with just enough food for strength and survival. Way to many to count , seems continuous at times from all different types of o's. I wish that every woman and man could find this because if you don't like sex u would and WOW how much happier would the world be -no sex starved pitchy husbands and wives - no divorce - cause your not losing that and it only happens for the right two people that fit together - maybe I'm wrong - I could give step by step intructions and a video and I might enjoy but this just wouldn't happen 

  • If Men Lived in a Woman's World   2 weeks 13 hours ago

    Truly an important exchange about the most pertinent theme. We as a whole know the sexual orientation issues happening in our current days. There are a few discussions happening step by step. The expectation this short film can get mindful. Research paper composing administration surveys plan to lead look into work about it Write My Essays.

  • I Believe in Serial Monogamy   2 weeks 19 hours ago

       Patrick, I don't know if you have your own blog, but I think we need more people like you. I had only seen one comment you've made ('...since they were first misinformed that 'having sex' and 'having intercourse' meant the same thing....') before and i then thought of the humility, sincerity and caring that we'd be lucky to hear more men speak with. 
      Your heart is in the right place. 
    Hats off to humble and loving people like you.

  • You're an Inspiration to Me as a Young Woman, a Sexual Being, & One Day a Mother   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Always positive, always a delight to read.

    Thankyou Bila, and all the very many people, old friends and new, who share their story, their help and encouragement for the journey, in this haven, this welcoming and accepting place that Betty and Carlin have created.

  • Lady Madonna   2 weeks 2 days ago

    This is totally off topic, just to say:
    I miss your caring voices, too, feminist indignation, NLH, Mr. Nowhard & the rest of the inofficial long-time staff of D&R comments section. 
    I love to read of your expertise on the attachment process fem.indign. How important it is to remind ourselves of our archaic, instinctual quality as living beings whose brains and physical functions need the stimulation of safe and caring attachment connections daily, throughout our entire life.
    Unfortunately, as we know, these warm and compassionate connections may never have developed properly for some of us. They may leave us in distress from time to time when close relationships break down, and we are on our own left with our inadequate attachment-abilities to cope. 
    Encouragement is then most welcome. An inspiring pep talk with a few hallelujahs can put a smile on anyone's face and make our day: Yes, it's all right, I'm ok. I'm doing ok. Good. :)

  • I Find Myself Craving Sexual Contact From Men   2 weeks 4 days ago

    After reading the above from J and John, I feel much the same. Married
    44 years and my wife and I have a great sexual relationship. I had
    experimented with boys in my teens as I suppose most do. When I got
    married I curbed all my urges to meet with the guys.
    As I have gotten
    older, 64 now, I have very strong urge to enjoy time with another male.
    Seems the older I get the more I want to enjoy my true bi side. My wife
    knows of my past with men but she has a line of how far I would go with
    it now. She would not approve of me meeting and enjoying time with
    another man. I has as the others enjoyed great time on the internet with
    men in the form of web camming and the like. I do enjoy that but I do
    need the physical contact with another man.
    My thought process is we
    only get one trip around in this lifetime and I seem to want it all. I
    do want to be clear that it seems to be a physical and emotional thing
    for me. I really want to enjoy a man totally for sexual reasons. I do
    enjoy seeing how many men are in the same situation as me and so I feel
    my options are good to locate and enjoy men again.
    I have been reading the articles about "BroJob" I'm all for it!!!

  • Husband Comes Buckets & Shoots Across the Room   2 weeks 4 days ago

    I want to first say I feel odd answering this question but given that I am familiar with the when/why and how cum amounts and transparency’s vary I feel I am a suitable responder to the post.

    Short answer: Protein. I am a competitive athlete and also a very big man so my bodies needs for high protein intake seem to dictate the amount I ejaculate. On days that I hit my protein gram needs (currently 300-350grams) and take in enough water I cum A LOT (and literally across the room).

    More than likely the amount and the type of semen is based on your husbands dietary intake including vitamins and minerals. It would make sense given that semen is in fact just a bunch of molecular strands of protein.

    Hope this helped!


  • How Can I Make White Stuff Come Out of My Vagina?   2 weeks 6 days ago

    I am not a doctor but just a regular man who will share his experience.
    I did had many girlfriends in my life. About the creamy white stuff subject here my answer based on my experience.
    If you are using a condom or lubrocant. It is highly probable that the lubricant is mixing with the femal love juice and with the friction created by your man vigorous moves create this white creamy stuff. It should not smell bad at all but have the usual love juice smell mixed with lubricant one.

    If you are not using a condom then it is probably the precum of your man mixing with your love juice. The smell should not be bad at all and smell like cum mixed with love juice (be sure to take contraceptive.. most peoples doesn t know that man precum contain as much spermatozoids than the actual cum).

    Sometimes it can even be only the friction of movments in your vagina that make the juice foam white (it is the same with man precum. It is clear translucide at first but became creamy white foam after some strokes during masturbation).

    Concerning the woman here who ask how they could cum during sex.
    I am with a woman i love so much. That i do everything during sex to make her cum.
    It was hard at first but now after years we became accustomed to each others body that she cum every intercourse we have.
    How ? Well its easy in fact. Im not a sex machine or a magician.
    If your woman can cum by penetration only. Lucky you. 
    But be realiste. Such women are a minority.
    Most women will need that you or her play with her clitoris during the intercourse.
    If you having hard time finding the good rythme (its very sensitive) just let the woman do it while you keep.being busy with your manhood.
    Also NEVER forget her breast.
    Penetration + breast plays + clitoris teasing at the same time = guarantee orgasm.
    Of course the man have a job bigger than just pumping back and forth.. this job is "focus on pleasuring your woman before yourself". She will feel it and will love it. 
    And lets be honest. There is no more joice for us man than seeing our woman cum (our ego skyrocket and we feel plainfully satisfied).
    And believe me. Be focusing more on your girl than your own little jonnhy during intercourse.. when you finally cum its 10 time better. (The best is to time your ejaculation to your woman orgasm... its really the best feeling ever).

    The hard part of it is of course for the man.. 
    Women take longer than us men to cum. So we have to hold it until she can cum.
    No secrets. You need practice and training.
    Don't hesitate to stop moving for a while (you can stay inside her) with her breasts. Kiss her or wathever until the pressure in your mini me as reduced.
    Changing frequently your position help to reduce the urge to cum.
    Woman on top is in my experience the ultimate resting technique for men.
    Just tell plainly your girl that you need a bit of rest and move to this position.
    Just lay on your back. Don't move a inch and let your woman enjoy herself on you. Precise to her that you want to reduce your urge to cum and that you want her to be gentle.
    Edging is also a solution. 
    Just when you are about to reach the non return point. Stop moving and firmly grasp the base of the penis as if you want to prevent anything from going out. Stay like this 30s and voila.

    Hope it would help some peoples.

  • A Woman's Erection Needs 20-30 Minutes of Adequate Clitoral Stimulation   3 weeks 21 hours ago

    [= 14px]The point being that few women are even turned on before they get fucked. Most are getting a few minutes of clumsy clit stim, a few licks from a dry tongue or harsh finger banging. [/][= 14px] I am guessing that this is the comment that inflames the male egos.  One of the male commenters pointed out that most men do want to please their female partners.  I am betting that the reason Betty wrote that statement is because of her life experiences with men, along with many, many women telling her that is also their experience with men.  I am a 64-year-old woman and that has been my experience with every man I've been with.  I have told the last three lovers explicitly what I want and how long I need it.  After explaining and showing men what I want, I get clumsy groping around the general vicinity of my clit, harsh finger banging and the generous men give you a few licks.  And the next time I have sex with the man, I tell and show him again what I want and get the same groping.  That's the stimulation I get in less than five minutes and then they think they've put in their "effort" and should be rewarded with stimulation to their sex organ for however long it takes to achieve THEIR orgasm.  That's my life experience.  So if men don't like Betty and me and other women saying that, educate yourselves on female pleasure and change your mindset and behavior.  [/]