The Uncontrollable Need to Create & Follow Drama

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 08:19
Submitted by Anonymous

A new addiction has been announced. !! I am offering this post as a public service to all women young and old – particularly young ones.

This addiction, an uncontrollable need to create and to follow DRAMA is important to learn how to identify how to treat and how to prevent relapse.

We are all aware of how “drama queens” are mocked everywhere from tv to tabloids to the kitchens across America. Everyone knows one; everyone Is dismissive of them.

The drama queens themselves do not understand that this is a “disease.” It is a pattern of behavior and a lifestyle that kills.

I’ll try to define it as best I could. And Pharma has no pill for it at this time. We are in virgin territory here.

This woman, and of course it appears to be women who suffer from this (maybe as a side effect of attraction to passion and other feelings) is not comfortable in a relationship that creates balance and comfort. She, this kind of person, either seeks out a partner (ie/ a “bad boy”) who brings drama with him or – she manufactures it.

She is attracted to emotional see-saws, fits of crying and temper, and emotional abuse. She either self -destructs or she imposes her dramatic view of the world on her romantic partner or whoever else is around (family)

Drama queens are not royalty. They are miserable, angry, women who cannot soothe themselves and look to others to take the pain away. When they become addicted they just can’t stop. A relationship is good until it becomes boring and then the endless recriminations and fighting begins.

Break up. Make Up, Too close and too happy? Make a mess. They feel, I think , unworthy of love, have very low self esteem and manufacture chaos to avoid intimacy.

Again, I think these are issues for all of us in some way , some times,but the addict cannot live without it. The only way to stop the cycle is this:

  • Recognition that these problems are chronic and don’t’ “just happen.”
  • Understand the reality of personal responsibility
  • Seek help, read books about relationships and positive regard for others
  • Stop blaming everything on others
  • Listen to your body. It will tell you when you are heading into the mouth of the dragon
  • Learn to be attracted to feeling good and feeling its okay to be loved.
  • Understand that all relationships have enough ups and downs of their own. There’s no need to shake it up unnecessarily

Don’t be a Drama Addict/!! Get help.

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