It's Not Low Libido. It's Sexual Boredom

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 11:35
Submitted by Anonymous

I am still big on this relationship thing. I’m not small on pleasure but I’m really sorry ladies. I need something more to attract me to multiple orgasmic highs that are not limited to me and me and my vibe. Call me crazy. Friends with benefits would be great but – I haven’t had any of those, the attractive kind, in a very long time. – a very long time.

So what’s a girl to do? I’m writing not to say I know the answer just to bear witness to a very sad state of affairs.

I’ve also come up with a theory. Believe me, this was a new concept for me. Who do you think can get laid more easily, men or women? Ha!! Have you realized that women can actually get laid whenever they want – as long as they’re not picky – and even then. All a girl really has to do is offer, present herself in a pleasing fashion, which could be just having showered and be clear about how bad her wanting is, that’s it.

I know, I’m sorry I don’t mean this in a bad way. I’m just stating a fact.

Girls (when you reach probably 50, its okay to be “girls”again – in fact ,it feels nice) are not so willing to drop their panties for just anyone. It really is a woman’s world when it comes to casual sex!!!! Did you know that ??? I didn’t think about it. I just assumed it was the other way. And a more interesting truth is this: men are really determined to hang around their partner, when they have one, because it means they have, at least, the potential to have sex without having to hunt----and be rejected, etc., etc.

Think about it. If you’re a guy and you have a spoken- for girlfriend, you have it made. I would guess there’s no way you’re going to let that out of your sight without a fight. You’re going to watch out for all you’re worth. Who wants to be back out on those mean streets?
I guess it also accounts for why men stay so long in marriages that give them very few sexual moments. It may still beat the alternative.

It all seems so obvious to me.

And with the publishing of “What Do Women Want,” by D Bergner last month, it seems like we, girls, are not so interested in sex and monogamy because of low libido. But. Get this: because of BOREDOM. He says guys are not bored, more highly interested, just horny. How’s that for a light bulb moment.

I love it. Made me so happy.

Let me repeat, I’m not bashing any one, male or female I’m just shining the light. It is a mega moment for me, maybe not so much for you. But let me continue for a moment.

This is why I’m in a worse predicament.

I can get laid, with no problem but I’m not easily attracted. And I need to be attracted to get in the sack with someone.

And despite the advantages to self pleasuring, honestly, masturbation ain’t the bomb for me. It all works but not on a grand enough scale to practice with as much regularity as would be healthy for me and my vaginal health. What’s a girl to do? I really think that guys also like masturbating so much more – think about it, something to hold, something that gets hard (or god forbid, soft), something that squirts.

I’m kidding but really, for me, what’s the big deal.

The other night I had a dream and I knew I was dreaming in not too long a time, but I made the dream go on. I felt my former partner just holding me, spooning me, and it was warm and hot at the same time. Such a shame.

And yes, I got out my vibe and had a few moments of good old girl pleasure. But then it was over, and I was still in my bed, and still alone with no one to keep cuddling or share a sweet nap.

You know what, this just sucks. And of course it’s a Saturday night.

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I loved this. Thanks for

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 11:58

I loved this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Can our standards be impossible to meet?

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 19:55

This was a great read, Princess. Your ending paragraphs say it all: woman's world, man's world, what's the difference if none of it is working for us? I remember some of your former pieces about relationships, and I wonder whether a person's standards can be too high. I don't mean that we should 'settle' or have sex with someone we're not drawn to at all, but can acceptably attractive, decent people really be all that rare? Are we looking in the right places? Could we be passing up some gems because we're too damned picky? Are we looking for perfection when we're not so perfect ourselves? Makes me wonder.