Straddling the Saddle: My First Ride on the Sybian

Mon, 09/12/2011 - 08:11
Submitted by Marisa Black

Staying with a friend this weekend, I noticed the saddle vibrator set up in the corner.

"I've never played with a Sybian before," I said. "Would you mind if I took that one for a ride?"

My gracious host agreed, and I eagerly pulled a condom over the dildo attachment. Using nitrile gloves, I fashioned barriers for the places my vulva would rub against the vibrator. Without ceremony or prelude, I lubed the dildo and settled myself onto the erection sprouting from the black half-moon.

The moans started almost immediately, even before I turned the knobs controlling dildo rotation and vibration. Guttural sounds made their way from deep in my chest. I wasn't remotely shy about translating my pleasure to audio.

Knees cushioned by well-placed pillows, I lifted my body up and down, up and down, riding the rotating and vibrating cock. I alternated the riding with resting my pussy lips against the vibration. Back arched, mouth open, lids heavy, I floated into the realm of extreme ecstasy where time fades and everything is washed away except the pleasure rippling through my body.

After several minutes of orgasms drifting into each other, indistinguishable, I began cranking the vibration knob. The strength of the vibration made me gasp and I fell forward, palms pressed against the wood floor. I rocked back and forth, hair falling around my face, hips grinding in a circle, pushing my engorged clit and lips against the machine nestled between my thighs.

Some time later, after an especially large spasm sent my limbs jerking, I switched off the buttons and breathed heavily. My pulse thudded against the firm phallus. Slowly I lifted myself off the dildo attachment and curled up next to it on the floor, catching my breath.

"That . . . was . . . amazing," I panted.

Then I went into strategy mode. It was immediately obvious that I'd want to experience this again, sooner than I would next be able to visit my friend. At $1400, the Sybian is a significant investment. I've long been frustrated by a consumer model that requires each household to purchase yard tools and home appliances. In my visions of an ideal world, laundromats would be appealing and easy to use, and communal garden sheds in each neighborhood would house a shared lawn mower and quality tools.

Similarly, I am starting to envision a place where one could enjoy riding a Sybian for a small fee. With barrier protection and hygienic practices, I have a hard time seeing a downside. More options for everyone!

I am looking for feedback and suggestions. What should be included in a friendly neighborhood orgasm shop? Chime in!

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Although I dislike the Sybian,

Betty Dodson's picture
Mon, 09/12/2011 - 09:25

I so like your idea of sharing sex toys. Good Vibrations in S.F. used to have a try-out room to test different vibrators. Since we've all become germ phobes, it was discontinued. But I can envision a place where sex toys could be rented by the hour in a sexy clean environment. Even an assistant to help hold a dildo or insert a butt plug and adjust the nipple clamps. Masturbation Salons.

Masturbation Salons in Every City and Town

Mon, 09/12/2011 - 11:24

Yes, Betty!  In Susie Bright's memoir, I remember reading about the testing room at Good Vibes in SF, and thought it sounded fantastic. In my mind, having a space that is not only for testing toys to purchase, but for also for time-rented pleasure tools, is terrifically exciting to me. Whether you want to use the Sybian or something else, or maybe just be in a sexually charged environment, I'd love to see a space devoted to that purpose, making orgasm increasingly available socially.

Wonderful idea

Mon, 09/12/2011 - 19:43

I would devise something that covered most of the sybian just because I'm more germophobic than most. But I think that with condoms, gloves, and some bleach solution, this could be very safe. After visiting, I thought it would make a great theme park. From a legal standpoint though, could running such a place be considered prostitution?


Tue, 09/13/2011 - 01:15

Ahh, Heylin, interesting question.  My gut tells me that prostitution is the criminalization of overtly selling sex that takes place between two people. Self-initiated orgasms, with the aid of rented devices, would likely not fall within the definition. In part that may be because the law sees sex as requiring more than one person, and also because at our proposed Friendly Neighborhood Masturbation Salon, a patron would be renting a device for a period of time, and not necessarily paying for "sex."  So says my gut.

I would love to see one locally

Tue, 09/13/2011 - 06:48

Good point Marisa, I guess if a woman was left alone with her device, it couldn't be seen as prostitution. If I opened a Friendly Neighborhood Masturbation Salon, it would also be part of a spa where women could be pampered with massages and such. My spa section would not have any sexual contact but women could feel free to have a massage, ride a sybian, get a facial (not of the porn variety), have at a mystic wand and a machine, take a shower, and have a nice hot meal to take home in case she doesn't want to cook. Since I'm running wild with my fantasy, I'd convince my current employer that orgasms are a great thing for morale for the mostly female work force and would offer specials and deals for my former coworkers. I guess realistically, it would be best to start small and then offer more services, serving food would cause the establishment to have a whole other set of regulations. But I would want a place where a woman could come to be fully pampered for an afternoon (although if there was a demand for a simple booth where she could rent a toy for an hour or two, well, the customer is always right).

Sybian memories with Betty

Eric Amaranth's picture
Tue, 09/13/2011 - 10:56

First of all, nice erotica writing, Marisa! I especially like the details of your hair around your face and hands on the floor, but most of all the detail on your pulse thudding against the firm phallus.

One question: what about your clitoral hypersensitivity after an orgasm? You said you had orgasms one after the other and then a huge one. Did the hypersensitivity set in after the big one and thus why you stopped? How does that work with your body, Marisa?

I remember when I first got on board as Betty's apprentice and we'd have conversations about different sex toys and their usefulness. Betty told me how she never liked the Sybian because its vibe was too strong, she didn't like the quality of the vibe, (different vibrators create different feelings with their vibe) or her positioning on the sybian didnt work for her. Then, I met a few women who were self-proclaimed sybian groupies. That the level of pleasure they can have on a sybian in most cases totally outclasses anything else and anyone else for orgasm creation potential.

I agree with both Betty and the sybian groupies. Different neurological aspects of different women's genitals will create yea's and nay's. The sybian, other toys, and specific physical sexual skill sets do create unique pleasures and orgasm potentials and strengths that traditionally-believed sexual pleasure sources like a penis, missionary, or oral sex, cannot create.

It doesn't have to be a competition between me and a sybian, for example. They are two different experiences that are both great and have their place in a sex life. There's nothing that says I cant have a threesome with a lovely woman and her sybian and combine the best of both worlds, just like Betty has instructed with women incorporating a more basic vibrator or manual clitoral stimulation into partner sex.

Because of its price and general rarity, I've not had any experience with a sybian at my disposal . I've watched women use them in real life and on video with mixed favoratism and great fanfare. It's not been a toy the majority of women can have in their collection, so I spent more time mastering more accessible sex toys. I can already see some very interesting things with a sybian. However, it would be a bit devastating financially to buy one and find out your body can't handle it. Hrm...

Ha, yes. Sybian parties. I see it now. Every month a group of women get together with quality wine and music and go crazy. Can you remove the "phallus" for cleaning, Marisa?

to sybian or not to sybian...

Tue, 09/13/2011 - 11:36
Amanda Painter (not verified)

yes, the phallus is removable and cleanable, & they come in various shapes and sizes, but i believe they're made out of vinyl or some such, not silicone.

marisa -- great idea with the gloves. the one time i've tried a sybian, i did wonder about my vulva rubbing against the base, but didn't come up with a solution i thought would work. (i figured saran wrap with a hole in the middle would just keep tearing once the rubbing started.)

like betty, i found the vibes to be a bit strong, though i did orgasm by combining it with clitoral stimulation. i've had the opportunity to try it several times since, but have not -- somehow haven't quite been drawn to. i think it's mainly because my orgasms over the last year or two have become deeper and stronger due more to the emotional content of my fantasies rather than to vibration. i think i've only used my vibrator a couple times in the last year, but have been absolutely loving my masturbation.

i think to try the sybian again, there's a certain level of super-high fuck-me arousal i would need to be in, without the emotional desire for a certain person's cock instead, and i haven't quite found myself in that space *and* craving the sybian while it was nearby. but we'll see! i defeintly appreciate that it's an option, since i have a friend who owns one.

Sorry Eric but I had to search this

Tue, 09/13/2011 - 19:46

Yes, the "phallus" can be removed. Here's a link to the Sybian website describing the attachments:

And for the men

Tue, 09/13/2011 - 19:50

Some information on the Venus. One thing interesting about this is that men can use this to masturbate without an erection. I imagine a man could also use his hand but why should women have all the fun?

And for the men

Tue, 09/13/2011 - 19:51

Some information on the Venus. One thing interesting about this is that men can use this to masturbate without an erection. I imagine a man could also use his hand but why should women have all the fun?

Sybian Inventor with a few thoughts

Tue, 09/13/2011 - 21:46
Dave Lampert (not verified)

Twenty four years ago when we first introduced the Sybian to the public I had the pleasure of visiting Betty in her apartment many floors up some where in NYC. I remember the apartment had very little furniture and had many of her drawings leaning against the walls around the perimeter of the rooms. To this day I consider that visit to be one of the highlights of my career. Even then Betty was very vocal about her dislike of Sybian but she was very gracious and we had what I considered a very nice visit.
If I were a betting man, I would bet that she has not tried it again in the 24 years since. Fortunately more people react to it as Marisa did.
Over the years we have been involved in hundreds of conversations similar to what I see above. Many owners freely share with family, friends and neighbors. Others do rent it as Marisa suggested. We have men that own it and let it be known that anyone is welcome to use it free as long as they get to watch. Some men let others use their Sybian free without that qualification. This type of thing is not restricted to the US as we ship all over the world. We are in a conversation at this time with a group from Israel wishing to buy 10 Sybians for this purpose.
Cleanliness is not a problem and it is easy to see to it that no two people contact the same anything. And yes the attachments may be removed and thrown into a sink for washing or placed in boiling water if you prefer.
We enjoy and appreciate your comments.  Keep it up!  If you wish to know more about the Sybian or the Venus 2000 for men, just go to

@Eric A., clitoral

Tue, 09/20/2011 - 23:53

@Eric A., clitoral hypersensitivity has been on the wane for me over the last year or so. Whereas my clit used to be very sensitive to touch, I consciously opened up the posibilities for direct contact (see On rare occasions I now find that after a series of orgasms, my clit is hypersensitive, much the same as it used to be before I could stand direct clitoral contact. But that is rare for me. Mostly, I feel "done" when my body is racked with a particularly large orgasm. When that happens, my large muscle groups are exhausted, rather than my clit being hypersensitive.

I didn't find the vibe of the Sybian too strong, especially given the extensive adjustments available in terms of strength. That's one thing I wish I had on my Hitachi: a fader. Yes, I can dull the Hitachi Magic Wand's vibe with a sock or use it through a cloth barrier, but sometimes I just want the vibration to soften and then increase again. Maybe I'll work with an electrician friend to make that possible. :-)

And I'm serious about this Masturbation Salon idea. Social orgasms are incredibly liberating.

Sybian -

Sat, 03/07/2015 - 16:36
Anonymous1947 (not verified)

My wife is in her late 50's and up until she had breast cancer surgery a year ago, she was very sexual, multi-orgasmic and we made love quite frequently. Although she enjoyed penis penetration, her orgasms always erupted from my fingers stimulating her G-spot after first soft, then vigorous massaging her clit. It was determined that her breast cancer was more than likely estrogen-driven, as she was on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for many years to be able to maintain her sex drive beyond its natural decline due to age. After her breast cancer she had to not only stop HRT medication, she has to take a hormone blocker daily for 10 years. The effects immediately led to a complete lack of interest in sex. The wonderful wife that she is, we continued to occasionally have sex and occasionally, rarely, she would orgasm from my active fingers. Let me add that in the ten years prior, she told me that she may have had an orgasm once or twice from my thrusting, but although it felt good to her, it just did not rock her world. Somewhat confusing to me was also the fact that she also would tell me that it had been many years prior that she was highly aroused via clitorial stimulation. I suppose I am what you would classify as a considerate lover in that I always want her to be satisfied and will go to great lengths to ensure that she orgasms or at the very least does not end up wanting to continue after I have been satisfied. I see that I am giving a lot of background without making my point. My wife had never been into vibrators, dildos or other sex toys preferring her, or my fingers to reach the height of sexual enjoyment. Then, (now I am finally getting to the point of why I writing this lengthily email) I found the Sybian website on the internet. I showed it to her, we read many of the testimonials, and somewhat interested/excited' she said, "If the Sybian can bring a woman who has completely lost her sex drive from a combination of age and these damn hormone blockers, not only will I try it, if it works I would advertise it for them!" Well, this is not commercial announcement promotion, but I am here today to tell you that this machine is amazing. I had read that Betty is not fond of this high-priced toy and I certainly respect that she and I am sure many other women have other preference toys that work for them better. But, I have to tell you that the very first time I witnessed my wife straddle the Sybian with the medium penis attachment, then dial up the rotation and vibration controls, slowly at first, then setting to a level that suddenly hit all the right spots, it was extraordinary! In only a couple of minutes as she rocked back and forth feeling the rotating penis inside and pressing her clit onto the vibrating bulge along the front extension of the attachment, she had what she describes as the best orgasm she had ever felt in her life. Since that first episode, we tired several other attachments settling with the medium as her favorite. I have to tell you that I have gotten great joy out of watching her,and holding her close as she says the combination of the penis rotating along the inside walls of her vagina pressing against her G-spot, combined with its strong penis vibrations and the exterior clit vibration which she can press up against as she rocks back and forth sends her into almost a trance-like state. Afterward, she dismounts and has this look on her face that is priceless. Having spent the last year consoling her and trying to be as sympathetic to what we thought was going to be the remainder of her life having only to remember the good old days of hot sex, the Sybian has given her orgasms that exceed anything or anybody that had come before. Well, that's all I have to say. I have never written to this website, nor any other for that matter. I just had to tell somebody. Have a nice day.

Access to expensive sex toys

Sat, 04/18/2015 - 19:25
Camilla (not verified)

I picked up a Sybian quite cheaply off ebay, liked it and decided to join the rental business. Got another two systems second hand and was soon making decent money. I was then approached by a local tanning sallon that fancied the idea of turning a room over to a sybian and selling 30 minute sessions. We set it up and put out feelers through contacts and a local swinger/fetish club hoping for good business... we sold 1 session in 4 weeks before giving up. While my clients are happy to rent for home use it seems most are too shy or embarrassed to go face to face in a salon to use a sex machine. So the idea of places in every town where you could go to use top of the range masturbation gear isnt realistic.

Rental business et alia for high-end sex toys

Ron The Logician's picture
Sun, 04/19/2015 - 10:24

Once, in thinking hypothetically about your Sybian rental business, I quickly dismissed the idea that clients would use the machine at the place of business - not only because of shyness, but because of anxiety that they might be recorded to create commercial porn or blackmail fodder. Technology has made high-quality, easily-hidden recording devices incredibly cheap.
Still, this doesn't rule out a business model in which exhibitionistic people might use machines on camera for free, with the understanding that sold porn finances the activity. But how many people like that exist, even in a large city?
One should also note there is a well-known porn firm, called Fucking Machines, which exploits all sorts of high-end sex toys, shooting video in the basement of the San Francisco Armory.
Finally, as android-form social robots continue becoming more sophisticated, one might look forward to house calls from the sort of mechansim comically explored here.

Marisa's Commercial Use Idea

Sun, 05/17/2015 - 21:47
L.J. (not verified)

Marisa, when I first read the idea of a laudromat-like salon wherein customers/clients could use the Sybian, I immediately thought a betterbusiness model/plan might be to rent them out for home use, a day or a weekend at a time.
Hygienic barriers (perhaps made larger than the current ones so the extra nitril would not be necessary) could be disposable, or client-owned to keep until the next time tha client rented.
Privacy guaranteed.  Leisurely schedule.  The business would not have to supply the space (only a discreet steamer trunk -watch out for the pun).
You may have a winner of an idea.  I have no idea (right now) of the best way to advertise so as to generate a clientele, but I imagine that a steady repeat business would follow.

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