Month 4 Postpartum: My Cervix is Smiling at Me

Sat, 02/05/2011 - 01:15
Submitted by Anonymous

The past 3 months postpartum have been going so well, so smoothly. The baby has been sleeping all night and I felt really good with my sex life and relationship.

Then BAM, something hit me and knocked me off track. I have become moody, frustrated and really want my body back. My ovaries are practicing for menstruating again, kicking out estrogen whenever they feel like it and moody, confused with sore breasts and occasionally very aroused. I cannot predict when this is going to happen and I think my partner is scared of me. The frustration is really outweiged by the fact that my vagina is no longer bone dry and I am starting to look like my old self again. The tissues in my vulva and vagina have started to plump up and tighten up again and pretty much resembles how I looked before pregnancy.

When looking at my vulva one month postpartum, my urethra was exposed without even parting my lips. Now, it barely peeks out. My favorite change of all has to be my cervix. While having my follow up appointment with my midwife, she inserted the speculum and I held a mirror to view my cervix. My cervix reflected back at me a little tiny smile, mirrored on my own face.

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oh my goddess. thank you for

Sat, 02/05/2011 - 21:07
lsjbaby (not verified)

oh my goddess. thank you for that glorious picture --and if carlin posted it, thank you.