The Sexual State of the Union

Fri, 02/15/2013 - 14:06
Submitted by Lawrence Lanoff

On the heels of The President’s State of The Union address, I wanted to speak today about The Sexual State of The Union.

As far as sexual rights go, I am literally overwhelmed by the continued war that wages against women and their vaginas. I had hoped that with a democratic President, we would find a way to ease the continual womb pressure exerted on women.

Everyday, some outspoken fool, referencing morality, tries to deny science, research and reality. I totally get it. By not giving into reality, we can keep our flimsy beliefs intact. To acknowledge reality is to call into question the very core of our “faith.”

I recently wrote a letter to my father - a guy who deeply believes in a punishing old testament god and has a lot of “faith.” I came out of the closet about my being a realist. Personally, I can deal with reality. I can’t deal with a god who just randomly punishes people because they “don’t believe.” Seriously, the more free I have become, the less concerned I am about what anybody thinks about anything. And I certainly don’t care what any adult woman does with her vagina.

I can’t imagine an all powerful being who is so insecure it needs people to believe in it. That’s just insecure male ego. An insecure ego that apparently gives more importance to what a human being does with their genitals than it gives a shit about the millions of starving people, and the global horrors that occur everyday.

What I can tell you is that everything makes so much more sense when we realize that nobody is running the show.

I’ve been holding back revealing details about how I actually live, because I have felt constrained by our cultural morality. I just don’t care anymore. I lead a beautiful, rich, diverse life because of not believing in a mean Santa Claus god. I have lived in freedom for more than 10 years now.

I have incredible people around me who love and support me in my life and my lifestyle. I really want to share more of that with my readers.

And so, in closing, even though The Union is as crazy as ever, the Internet allows us, more than ever, to share ideas freely. I feel as if I have a duty to share with you the details of what I have discovered by getting rid of a female genital focused, angry Santa Claus god.

President of Pleasure. Buster of shame and myths.

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re:the state of the sexual union

Tue, 03/26/2013 - 20:05

Just goes to show who and what party an American President is or
belongs too doesn't actually matter very much. Presidents aren't Kings
or Dictators and though they can launch nuclear weapons and deploy
armed forces willy-nilly, their domestic power is quite limited. The US
remains the most hypocritical anti-sex country on Earth (after the Arab
and Muslim-controlled ones.) I've long wondered about it and why it is.
My conclusion is that because the country's "leaders" are beholden to
campaign donors, most of whom are big business type entities, nothing
for the common good ever gets done except in rare instances where
corporate good coincides. And what's better for business than a country
in never-ending war? But how do you get the public's support for that?
Simple, make them afraid of everything and everyone starting at home by
demonizing sexuality. And if they do have sex, which they shouldn't
cause it's a sin, be sure to wear a condom to separate yourself from
the evil act or you'll catch something icky and die. Nevermind, unless
something icky's already present it isn't likely to spontaneously come
into being then and there. But by keeping the public afraid of one
another, we by extention fear those who aren't us as with those outside
the country. Power isn't seized, it's given by those who fear the
unknown. Because we've given so much power over our daily lives to
corrupt white men in some far away land called Washington DC, special
interests rally there buying their positions with campaign
contributions. And unfortunately, minority views often scream the
loudest since a majority view is assumed to be self-evident and not
needing to be called out for.

As to religion. G-d
didn't write the Bible or Tanach. Adam and Eve didn't even have a
religion, and the ancient Jews got along a long while before someone
came up with the idea at Mt. Sinai. We wrote all our religious texts.
This is irrefutable fact. To enforce the claims then religious leaders
claim it's 'G-d-inspired.' Since if they admitted the truth of "it's
just our opinions and G_d actually had nothing to do with it." No one'd
listen. So when suffering religious folks 15 mins of fame, keep in mind
it's all from them. If G-d can create the universe just because He
wanted to, surely a book no one could find fault with could be hurled
down onto Earth somewhere all glowing and golden and shiny and thus
undeniably from G-d.

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