My Favorite New Vulva-luxury

Mon, 05/17/2010 - 19:27
Submitted by Anonymous

I'm pretty sure it's no secret that I am one crunchy, earth-lovin' granola dyke. I like things that are handmade, upcycled, recycled, local, environmentally friendly, and oh, I don't know - adorable!

I don't know how it took so freakin long, but ladies and gentlemen, I have switched to reusable cloth pads - Coolest. Thing. Ever.

One thing that used to really annoy me when I was on my period was that gross uncomfortable feeling of riding the cotton pony - a nice sticky, sweaty, bleached piece of cotton wedged between my legs. Although I do use a Diva Cup, I also find I need a back-up pad or liner for when I (inevitably) leak, overflow during the night or somehow end up positioning my cup wrong in a hurry.

Problem solved. The cloth pads I bought are totally rad. They're made of flannel, and have wings that reach around and snap together under your panties. At first I thought it would feel weird to let myself bleed onto fabric.. Wrong. Turns out sticky cotton pads feel weird and these things feel awesome. They're so comfortable they just feel like you're wearing your normal underwear, but so absorbant I was actually surprised at how much blood rinsed out while I was hand-washing one in the sink. Way more than a normal pad could hold.

I love the reusability factor. Rinse it in cold water, squeeze it out, and let ‘er dry. You can also soak them in a pail of cold water (changing the water once a day) until your normal laundry day and just throw it in with your regular clothes.

And not only that but it lasts longer than a pad, cause pads get gross after a few hours whether they've been used to their full potential or not (another thing I hate!). If you haven't sprunk a leak yet, there's no rush to get that thing out of your pants because it still looks, feels and smells like regular underwear.

Where'd I get these awesome things? My favourite Etsy shop - VulvaLoveLovely. She sells all sorts of nifty vulva-related things including vulva jewellry, stuffed uterus plushies, and cute cloth pads (which are out of stock! ): but I'm sure you can email for a request). I'll probably buy some more things from her in the future (like one of her awesome vagina pillows), as my experience was nothing but fabulous, and the package it came in was cute to boot!

Is this starting to sound like an advertisement? I can't help it, I'm totally pleased with my fabric pads and urge everyone thinking about switching to try it. And I'll stop saying "pad" now. (;

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If your cup leaks regularly,

Mon, 05/17/2010 - 19:47
C (not verified)

If your cup leaks regularly, you might want to try another kind. has a chart available of all the different ones. There are upwards of 15 different cups on the market these days, I believe. It's so fabulous to be at the point where I trust my cup completely not to leak.

I also love using cloth pads as backup, though now that I've got the cup down pat I rarely need them. The cloth is so soft, and my waterproof reusable cloth pads never, ever, ever leak. They're amazing. I also bought them on Etsy (there are lots of different sellers to pick from) and I have an assortment from Amy's Rag Bag. Plus, it's nice to support this cottage industry.


Mon, 05/17/2010 - 20:17
VirginMonoblogger (not verified)

Cloth pads are the next best thing since the menstrual cup. Disposables really irritate me and make me itch. Cloth is breathable, comfortable, and a cinch to clean. I have a basin we.. um... Permanently "borrowed" from the hospital, and I rinse and soak them in that until the end of the day when I can wash them all at one time. I've started alternating periods where I use just cloth and just my cup. I love my cloth pads. :)

I'm glad you like those

ElisaDay's picture
Mon, 05/17/2010 - 22:49

I'm glad you like those pads! I have a MoonCup and it has never leaked since my first period when I was figuring out the best way to position it. I love the 7-fold! I have an insane flow that fills the cup to the brim after 4-6 hours and it still hasn't leaked to my amazement.  The MoonCup is the only one I have ever used but the Diva Cup looks like the silicone is thinner so maybe that could have something to do with how it moves in your vagina. Just a guess.

I bought a vulva necklace from that shop and love the hell out of it. It's purple and black so I don't know how many people realize what it is. I get "Oh that's a pretty flower necklace!" a lot.

A site to buy cloth pads

Fri, 03/18/2011 - 00:00
zoebird05 (not verified)

I love cloth pads, and I buy mine (as well as my DivaCup) from They're a women-run small business out of Canada that has a very user-friendly and informative website, lots of coupons sent out in their newsletter, great customer service and a project called Pads4Girls that delivers reusable pads and menstrual education to women and girls in areas of the world where menstruation is a very taboo subject and cloth pads would be beneficial as a replacement to less healthy and less effective materials. They also have great videos on how to make your own pads at home, or make pads and send them to be part of Pads4Girls. 

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