My Libido Went to the Revolution & All I Got was This Lousy T-Shirt

Tue, 11/29/2011 - 14:28
Submitted by Anonymous

We keep making these comparisons between the current nascent protest movement in Western culture and the 1960s. One involved an explosion of creative culture and an anti-war movement complete with draft-dodging, fueled by psychedelic drugs; the other features an economic protest finally making the connection between corporate crime and our endless, unjust wars, fueled by psychedelic social media.

The 1960s saw ‘free love’ and ‘women’s lib’, but how far did those externally focused movements really get us? And where is the sexual revolution in the Occupy movement? Unconfirmed allegations by FOX News of fornication in tents don’t quite count. Despite the incredibly creative signs held aloft by Occupiers, excellent spelling ability doesn’t quite tap into our original creative drive enough to count either.

What we have here this week is something more internally located. It’s not about women climbing the corporate ladder or men and women sleeping around in communes. It’s about claiming our sexual space where it really counts the most: inside our own minds.

Although, come to think of it, the astrology does seem to be telling us, “GET LAID!” So — what’s stopping you? Actual lack of opportunity or some inner voice? When you’re in the middle of a hot, primal fantasy about you and someone you barely know, have you ever found your fantasy-self suddenly thinking, “Oh god — what kind of person must he think I am, doing this on our first date and grunting like a pig in heat?” And then you had to remind yourself that there is no judgment in fantasy — you can be whoever you need to be in that moment, with no requirement to supply criticism?

That’s an example of how pervasive the guilt can be that we carry. It can even invade our fantasies, those supposedly free-range spaces with no rules and no consequences and no one watching. If we’re not worried about what mom would think, we’re worried about our peers knowing what we want and who we are. If it’s not our peers, it’s our significant other we’re afraid of hurting or offending. If it’s not our S.O., it’s the person we’re actually with, if we think we’re jumping into sex sooner than ‘society’ deems proper. Amazing how trained we are to assume that someone might cast judgment on us for engaging in a sexual act with them — but yet we also assume that they would not judge themselves as well.

So what do we do about that? How do we get past the whole ‘prim and proper’ thing that Venus in Capricorn presents, so we can get real, and drop all this guilt we’ve been lugging around? At this point, we may barely even recognize it for what it is, it’s so ingrained. First, take it in small steps as things present themselves. Keep your eyes, ears, heart and imagination open to spot clues. We have a rich astrology week ahead of us, and all of the themes the Daily Astrology space will explore are connected. For one thing, we just had an eclipse Friday across the Sagittarius/Gemini axis, and we’re headed for another eclipse across those same signs in a couple weeks. This means we’re in a phase where there is likely to be a lot surfacing about projection and recognizing self versus other, or the recognition of mirroring. It also means we’re in a span of time when small moves to adjust course in these areas have the potential to move us much further along than usual.

Layered over that is Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, calling an overarching theme of deep, spiritual-styled reflection. Moving backwards through Sagittarius, it will connect again with Pholus and company. As it does so, we get an opportunity to consider how far back our sexual guilt and grief go (generationally speaking) and how they relate to the use of alcohol as a means of faux liberation. Mars in Virgo picks up the theme with its own angle on sexual healing as it squares the Sun in Sagittarius. At the end of the day any form of sexual healing we apply now is going to involve working through and resolving guilt. Welcome to the revolution.

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My mystic powers tell me Eric

Tue, 11/29/2011 - 15:55

My mystic powers tell me Eric that tomorrow will be a good day for you to be assertive. There is a strong chance something that's bothering you will be resolved and you'll trip over a twig into a painters ladder, the painter will cling on to the building but the ladder will descend towards a dad causing him to  let go of his pram containing his baby that rolls out into the road into the path of an oncoming lorry, you dive to grab the pram and pull it out of the way just in time to save the baby. The Dad is a billionaire and gives you so much money you open a help center and become famous :)

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