Eric Amaranth's Story on HPV Fears and Testing Part 2

Tue, 11/02/2010 - 13:17
Submitted by Eric Amaranth

This picks up from part one of my recent scare after having found what could have been oral cancer lesions on the base of my tongue and the insuing knowledge and experiences I had there after.

Two days or so after the internist with a specilization in STD's gave me his examination and clean bill of health, (and his recommendation that I see a dentist or orals surgeon trained to do oral cancer screenings despite his favorable exam) I was at the dentist's office. It's worth noting that my personal dentist did exams on my mouth for oral cancer signs, but he never gave me the exam that this dentist did and said that he wasn't trained in looking for the signs of early onset oral cancer. His examination protocol was very similar to the internist's that I visited.

If you catch it early, survival rate is 90% and also, per information in this page from, (which I also found to be the most comprehensive single webpage on HPV and other types of oral cancer that I found in my research) the HPV-16 type virus has better prognosis of succesful treatment than non-HPV triggered oral cancer even if they stats are far higher on the chances to develop oral cancer from an HPV trigger than a non-HPV trigger. People with strong immune systems are better off than those without. This doesn't mean I'm just talking about HIV positive people. I'm also talking about immune system reductions due to partying, smoking, drinking, and drugs in HIV negative people. Those all have adverse effects over time on your immune system particularly if partying is a constant for you. Diet also affects your immune system. When diet and partying combine, it pushes it even lower. Herpes outbreaks also occur with strained immune systems. When I started my current sex life, I decided to live healthfully as a response to many of these issues.

Read for more info on how oral cancer from HPV risk raises as you age and the immune system ages. I have no info on what caused Michael Douglas' throat cancer, a tumor as far as I heard on the base of his tongue. Was it HPV that due to his age took hold and caused oral cancer? The base of the tongue is the zone where HPV locates itself in the vast majority of cases. Also on Roger Ebert who had to have most of his face removed due to oral cancer of some kind. Bob Giuccione, the founder of Penthouse Magazine, also died of oral cancer. Again, I don't know if HPV had anything to do with these celebrity's cancers. It would be interesting to know if it did as I keep hearing that nothing changes in the United States until a celebrity dies from or catches something, if then. (Gotta work on getting beyond that early warning method, my fellow Americans.)

So, back to the dentist's office. He gave me my exam and one way the dentist's exam differed from the internist's was he put a dental mirror back in the back of my throat and shined a light down to check the base of my tongue and further down for oral cancer signs. He saw nothing and commented on how my mouth in general was the healthiest he'd seen all day.

Here is another interesting page I found from It tells about research that showed how people infected with periodontitis are far and away more likely to develop oral cancer from HPV when the two are present simultaneously. It also mentions a finding that they researchers believe that constant re-infection with HPV (although they are not clear as to re-infection with which strain(s)) contributes more so to the formation of cancer.

This possibility concerned me. I could imagine putting my oral cavity through this with a sex life like mine, assuming my partners were or had been oral cancer-variant HPV infected knowingly or not with unprotected oral sex with women. I could also see unprotected oral sex on me affecting the health of my penis from penile cancer. Condoms will not protect you from HPV completely in the same way they do from HIV, although they do help somewhat. For example, if I have HPV on the shaft of my penis that is not covered by the condom, then it can be transmitted. The gay men's community has been hard hit by rectal and anal cancer from anal sex which certain strains of HPV can trigger cancer, but not the same as the throat strains.
Farrah Faucet died from rectal cancer. They never said if her lesions tested positive for HPV or not. Women who engage in anal sex, protected or not, now need to be getting rectal examinations and swabs. I don't know what they're doing for visual exams for lesions therein. Straight men as well if they engage in anal pleasurings where fingers, moths, or toys are coming into contact with bodily fluids or areas that are positive for the virus and get transmitted to the rectum. I didn't talk to my internist about this. I'll email him about it.

Betty, Carlin, and I were talking about it and we know full well that unprotected oral sex is the way people have oral sex. Yes, there are condoms and dental dams, but in almost all cases, most people aren't interested in doing oral sex with a barrier because the stimulation reduction makes it redundant for most people. A few people, however, do have better oral sex with a dental dam or condom in place to reduce their naturally higher sensitivity clitoris or glans penis. So if you are one of those people, try it out!

I was relieved and went to get my HPV swab done to my throat. It would be both my first HPV swab and first oral cancer screening that I've done in addition to my usual STD testing panel from I also got my throat swabbed for chlamydia and gonorrhea, which you can be positive for in your throat via, once again, unprotected oral sex, but be negative for in your genitals. only offers swabbing in their California offices, so I had to get a doctor to do that myself.
I am, and have been since before this point, using brand therapudic essential oils for treating any presumed cases of oral and genital HPV. I have never had the HPV that creates genital warts. The warts strains do not cause cancer as far as science knows except for strain designation HPV-16. I am -not- recommending people use essential oils as I am not a health care professional nor do I say essential oils can cure or prevent any disease. I have decided to try them for myself as I have been involved with Young Living for the past few years now. I wanted something to aid my body in wiping out HPV infections sooner than later. There is no test for HPV infection on male genitals, but they're working on one.

Certain essential oils have been used for HPV infection control, like tea tree oil. I'm doing my homework now on the safety for using them orally as it has been a topical solution for genital warts. My research shows that Young Living's essential oils are the best quality for the dollar and are not cut or diluted with all sorts of things. Essential oil formulation is not regulated. Young Living's oils are expensive, but you get what you pay for. It will not be the same thing as the $5.00 bottle of oil from the health food store.

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Very helpful, thank you~

Wed, 11/03/2010 - 20:32
Cassendre Xavier (not verified)

I appreciate the information in this article, and that you are so open about how you take care of your sexual health. This is vital work that you're doing, and I'm inspired in my own work and life because of it. Thank you.

thank you

Wed, 11/10/2010 - 20:35
Angelika (not verified)

Eric for your info/report on your personal HPV "odyssee" !
both your HPV-posts here are, for me, the most comprehensive and most informative I have found on the www ever since I have started researching infos on "SaferSex" ca. 2 yrs. ago. for me you offer invaluable insight on this important topic.
imho lots of "food for thought" and beyond.

Thank You So Much!!!

Mon, 06/20/2011 - 06:22
dirtycrash (not verified)

Last fall I went in to have a few bumps checked out (genital) and found out I had a strain of HPV. It was through Planned Parenthood and they told me very little about it and treated me and sent me on my way. I've been dealing with the fact alone and unable to talk about it or find more information... just like others said, theres not much out there. This blog was very informative!!! Thank you!!

You're welcome, dcrash, Cassendre, and Angelika!

Eric Amaranth's picture
Tue, 06/21/2011 - 13:56

Your  compliments and statements reverberate what I wanted for this blog post. To be the most comprehensive on the net about HPV's realities. Thank you... :)

This just in...

Eric Amaranth's picture
Thu, 06/23/2011 - 16:25

A client told me today that they are going in for surgery on a "low risk for cancer" paploma nodule on the vocal chords. A different spot than on the base of the tongue  as described in the data I referenced.

This client also said that their doctor also sees this on children as well, so assuming there's no illegal sexual activity, it's possible to pick the virus up from non-sexual means as well.

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