Advanced Condom Techniques and Tips

Thu, 05/07/2009 - 11:16
Submitted by Eric Amaranth

An addition to my advanced condom tips:

I was with a brand new and already close to my heart lover recently (blog on it incoming...) and I was amazed at how good her vagina felt wrapped around and squeezing my cock. Come control was really difficult with her because it felt too good to my dick. Now, she does have very strong PC muscles and a plump and lush pussy, but it still didn't make any sense until I realized that in the low light of her bedroom I'd chosen one of the two ultra-thin condoms i've been considering for recommendation on the site. Because when we dove into morning sex the next day, I used one of the Vivid Large condoms that I like. It wasn't as hard to last longer with her that time because the pleasure my cock endured was lessened by that condom's thickness. 

That's when I realized I can keep regular thickness and ultra-thins on hand for certian times based on how my penis wants more sensation or needs less to keep from coming too fast. I suggest the regular condom the first time you have intercourse with a woman because all the first time psychological excitement is there and can make coming easier. Even if it isnt the first time with her, if it's the first fuck you're doing that night and maybe you've been stroked very well by her sweet little hand or mouth, or both... your hands have been all over her ass, her curvy back, belly and breasts, then that's more excitement. So is when you've gone down on her first and your cock is raging-hard because your body reflexively pumps the sheets below you while you're sucking her clit and giving fingers for her cunt to suckle.

All those things and more can put me into a more aroused, and easier to come, place than if my cock just comes up, the condom and water-based lube goes on, and I push myself into her body.After round one is over, or if you realize during round one that for whatever reason your cock needs more sensation, switch guns to the ultra-thin, so to speak. Round two, for most men, lasts longer for them before orgasm assuming it's been less than 45 mins to an hour between ejaculation #1 and ejaculation #2. The ultra-thin will let you feel more for round two. You can also strategically use the regular condom during round two when you want to last a long time for your woman or women as the case may be. If you're the man in the middle of two women who want your cock and plenty of it, the realities of creating that with them set in real fast. Or one woman who wants to come five different ways or fuck you for hours. In either case, fuck smarter brothers.

Read on for my original set of advanced condom tips:

Many of us have read the instructions that come with condoms. Over the years I've discovered a few other aspects of condom use that may improve your sexlife.

You hear in the press about condoms breaking. What is far more common is a condom getting stretched and made more loose during longer than average intercourse time.  If I dont keep track, the condom can roll right off my penis on an out-stroke. Some of my memories in my past before I was prepared for the possibility was, "Wow, it suddenly feels much better. She would agree and I'd check to find the condom wadded up inside her. I'd then gently slide a finger inside her and barely grasp the rubber with my fingertip. Almost the same thing as a condom breaking, because there is skin on skin contact, and STI transmission can possibly occur. I eventually learned to notice how a condom feels when you put it on and are moving and when it's stretched out and loose. If it gets too loose, I stop and put on a new condom. It feels better to her sometimes too.

Condom breaks are very rare for me, but when they happen, it's consistently one particular way that thankfully I can feel setting up before it happens. The head of my penis gets pushed up into the tip of the condom (with some brands) and with repeated thrusting and pressure on the end of the condom, my erection will break through the end. The feeling of my penis pushed up against the condom end is subtle, but noticeable, and I change condoms whenever I feel that. However, I've never had that experience with the Vivid Large condom yet.

Another issue is during faster sex, or slower sex over time, the condom can gradually roll up so that it's possible that when I ejaculate, and I keep moving inside her during my orgasm, which is the most pleasurable, the condom may roll off coincidentally. Bad timing made more likely by the added weight of the semen in the end of the condom. As my orgasm is approaching, ill check where the bottom of the condom is on my shaft to make sure it's secure.

After my orgasm finishes, I hold still inside her and put first two fingers around the condom bottom, hold onto it, and slowly withdraw to make sure the condom doesn't roll off my penis as I slide out of her vagina. I then, move away from her a bit on the bed,  turn my body away from the direction of her vulva, then remove the condom with tissues there to wipe away the semen on my penis before getting up, taking the condom to the trash, and possibly putting a knot in it before tossing it.

You may possibly be in a space where your condom wrappers may be found by someone the following day other than who you had sex with. It's always easiest to choose one place to put that when you take the condom out of the wrapper. I often use more than one condom per sex session due to stretching out of the first condom over time or taking a snack break then starting a new session with a new condom. So take the wrappers with you when you leave if someone seeing them in the trash would be a bad thing.

I like the Vivid brand Large condom. I don't have a massive penis, but with a lot of regular condoms, i do have trouble with large blood vessels just under the skin getting pinched off by the constrictive ring of latex at the bottom of the condom. The Vivid Large gives me just enough extra room girth-wise that there's no pinching. Other Large-variety condoms do the same thing, but i've had issues with breakages. Never had a break with Vivid. It also seems to be built between a standard condom and super thin condoms. That works well for my taste. Standard condoms will create extra stimulation on my glans while I'm moving and make come control more difficult. That's because the thicker condom is more solid and I can feel it rubbing my glans more than I can with a thinner brand.

Another seldom mentioned condom foible is you're in the dark, you get the condom out of the package successfully, put it over the tip of my glans, begin to roll it down and it wont go. I just put it on backwards. Now it's useless because the tip of my penis with ejaculate has just come in contact with the end of the condom that will be nudging my partner's cervix. Not acceptable. A waste of a good condom and you may not have a spare or will want a second or third later on in session for reasons we've already mentioned. Take a few more moments and hold the condom up to your eyes and blow a puff of breath into one side so that the tip will stick out. See which side is the correct side, where it will roll down, and put it on that way.

One tip i can give on the strengths of condoms, if you are with a partner who isnt quite up to indulging you in fellatio without unintentionally bringing her teeth to bare, get a condom. The extra layer will often transform the sensations created by her teeth into pleasurable ones.. Same with a woman who has a very sensitive clitoris that cant handle direct stimulation during oral sex. Cut a latex condom in half or use a dental dam and you can use your regular or more oral stimulation and get a preferable sensation for her to enjoy the feelings and move toward her orgasm.

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Amaranth, your essay is

Thu, 02/05/2009 - 21:44
Anonymous User (not verified)

Amaranth, your essay is nice, long, and thoughtful. We need writing like yours, because those of us who Walk on the Wild Side really should use condoms, you know!

Uncircumcised bloke here. I've never had a condom break or slip off. She always installs it, and can take 3-4 minutes to do it. Sizewise I am 5" or 6", nothing special.

The drawback of being uncut is that rolling a condom on can strain the frenulum to a degree that is uncomfortable. So the condom has to be carefully worked over the frenular delta, and that requires time and attention to detail. She always leaves a bit of empty space at the end.

The advantage of uncut. When I get soft at the end, the condom gets tangled up in the foreskin in a way that makes it well nigh impossible to slip off. I also suspect that foreskin motion during intercourse means that the condom is less stressed and hence is less likely to break.

There are video cameras, running off a battery and the size of a pencil eraser, designed to work inside the body. They were invented to monitor the digestive tract. Such a camera can also be imbedded in the cervix and used to monitor what happens during vaginal intercourse. I have seen such a video of this nature, and to my surprise the lighting was adequate. (It revealed a lot of foreskin motion, BTW.) I also suspect that condom engineers could learn a lot from videos taken when the guy is wearing a condom.

an addition to this

Eric Amaranth's picture
Mon, 02/16/2009 - 21:25
Eric Amaranth

I was Just telling a new lover recently, after cleaning up and taking care of the condom, that the reason why I put my underwear back on for cuddling right after I've ejaculated is as my penis returns to a sleepy soft state, semen that wasn't fully ejaculated can seep out of me that couldn't when my cock was still hard. My penis is frequently near my partner's genitals while cuddling, so sperm-filled drops of semen can be there as well. I also make sure that after the condom is taken care of to wash my hands in cold water and soap to take care of any semen that may have gotten onto my fingertips. You never know when you are going to start up again after returning to bed.