On The Safety of the Million Dollar Spot and "Injaculation"

Mon, 10/13/2008 - 12:13
Submitted by Eric Amaranth

This just in from www.jackinworld.com. Forwarded to me by my friend Steve Otero. An article on the safety of the finger lock technique that I wrote about in a previous blog entry. Check it out and see if injaculation is right for you!

How Safe Is Injaculation?  JackInWorld Takes A Closer Look At This Controversial Technique

Here at JackinWorld, we take our readers' safety very seriously and do not advocate the practice of masturbation techniques that may be unsafe. Some readers have questioned the application of this policy to a technique sometimes called "injaculation" or the "finger lock," in which external pressure is used to prevent expulsion of semen from the penis. We've researched the matter and present here our findings so you can make your own informed decision.

Read more  If you think you want to try this technique, please be sure to read this entire article before making up your mind.

How It Works
During ejaculation, semen passes through the urethra, a tube leading from the prostate into the penis. This tube expands just before ejaculation and can be felt through the perineum, the area between the scrotum and the anus. The urethra can be closed by applying firm pressure to the perineum, preventing semen from flowing through it. In the finger lock technique, 3 fingertips apply this pressure just before one reaches the point of ejaculatory inevitability (the point at which nothing can prevent you from proceeding to ejaculation). The tips of the ring and middle fingers are laid across the tip of the index finger, forming a small triangle. The tip of the index finger then presses directly on the urethra while the other two fingers hold it in place. The fingers are kept in place until ejaculatory contractions cease. Erection subsides as usual, but no semen emerges.

Some Taoist teachers in the Western world call the location to be pressed during the finger lock the "million-dollar point," a term that conveys the value of avoiding ejaculation. The "million-dollar point" is said to be on the perineum just in front of the anus, a location you can detect by the way it yields slightly to pressure. Pressing there also squeezes the inner end of the corpus spongiosum, a long internal chamber that runs through the entire length of the penile shaft and swells at the outer tip to form the penis head. [For more, see Penis Anatomy & Erection in JackinWorld Science Corner.] Pressing the million-dollar point while you are erect will push a bit more blood into the penis, causing it to swell slightly or to bounce in place.

Some finger-lock practitioners report it produces intensified orgasm. Whether you close the urethra or not, rubbing the perineum during masturbation can be extremely pleasurable. In addition to externally stimulating the prostate gland, rubbing the perineum massages the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, which runs through the perineum and connects to both the anus and the scrotum.

Good Or Bad?
Taoist teachers who advocate the finger lock or similar techniques believe every expulsion of semen from the body weakens the person and endangers his health. Although this assertion is said to be based on centuries of accumulated experience, there is no available scientific
or medical evidence to support it.

Moreover, preventing ejaculation may have bad effects. Of some concern is retrograde ejaculation, or "injaculation," in which semen backs up into the bladder. One way to determine if this has happened is to collect a sample from your next urination. If the urine is cloudy, it probably includes semen. You may be able to prevent this from happening the next time by moving your fingertips closer to your anus, stopping the semen before it reaches the point where the bladder feeds into the urethra. This adjustment requires very fine tuning. However, even if you prevent semen from entering the bladder, seminal fluids will still be forced back through internal valves designed to control flow in the opposite direction, with the full explosive power of ejaculatory contractions. Study of prostate problems among men of all ages suggests that retaining too much unexpelled semen or "necrotic fluid" inside the body may contribute to serious health problems. And the famous Dr. Drew Pinsky of MTV's "Loveline" has said injaculation is a bad idea and can possibly lead to fertility problems, though we have no idea where he got that information.

Furthermore, a great deal of evidence has accumulated to indicate that the perineum is quite vulnerable to damage. Both nerves and blood vessels crucial to sexual functioning are found within this area, as long-distance bike riders have discovered to their dismay — the regular pounding the perineum receives from a traditional bicycle seat can contribute to impotence. This problem is now taken seriously enough that bicycle manufacturers are developing alternative designs that put the pressure on the inner thighs instead. For further information see the article "Spokes Man for a Hard Problem" by Steve Mirsky in Scientific American Presents, Volume 10, Number 2, Summer 1999. While the finger lock may not necessarily do such damage, the perineum is clearly not designed to withstand high pressures regularly.

Our initial consultation with a Taoist expert on male sexual function indicated there should be "no problem" with the finger lock — he compared the technique with the results of a vasectomy. But this comparison does not hold up under scrutiny. Vasectomy involves surgical excision of the vas deferens, the tube that carries sperm from the testes to the ejaculatory duct. A vasectomy therefore prevents only the small fraction of seminal fluid that contains sperm cells from being ejaculated, whereas the finger lock prevents any semen at all from being expelled. A vasectomy is a birth-control procedure, and it has no effect at all upon either sexual function or masturbatory pleasure. Of course, the finger lock should never be considered a means of birth control — it simply won't work for that purpose.

When we approached the American Urological Association for an expert opinion, we were told they do not answer questions and exist only to serve their members. We then found a medical Web site that discussed retrograde ejaculation, but only from accidental trauma or as a side effect of surgery. Eventually, we made contact with an Australian physician whose responses proved far more helpful. Evidently retrograde ejaculation in itself — that is, the forcing of semen into the bladder — usually does not cause any particular harm. The doctor cautioned, however, that traumatic pressure to the urethra should be avoided. While admitting that very little research exists on the subject, he further cautioned that "any interference with the discharge of either semen or urine is a big 'no-no' in the presence of infection, since infection must be encouraged to be flushed out." Any kind of infection can become much worse if it spreads into the bladder. Lastly, "if it hurts, then don't do it!" We thank this source for his valuable assistance.

Is It Worth It?
Personally, I value the good condition of my body. For example, for the last year I have been learning the Japanese Tea Ceremony, and I often spend several hours at a time sitting on a tiny one-legged stool to avoid getting numb feet. As much as I love the Tea Ceremony, however, I don't like the feeling of such prolonged pressure on my perineum, so I alternate sitting on the stool with periods of sitting on my feet. To me, the health of my perineum is worth more than a million dollars, because it plays an important role in my ability to experience sexual pleasure.

The claim that manually preventing ejaculation is good for the health seems suspect. While many males experience lassitude or even a state of mild depression following masturbation — especially after a "quickie" in which one doesn't take the time to fully enjoy masturbation — something as natural as ejaculation couldn't possible be harmful to you. Besides, whether or not your semen leaves your body, the physiological changes that accompany orgasm and which produce this lassitude or depression will occur regardless.

The finger lock technique, which can produce injaculation or retrograde ejaculation, may not be particularly dangerous when done "properly." But is it worth a risk just to prevent a mess? For such a purpose, why not go to the minor trouble of using tissue or a sock? Furthermore, there are plenty of safer ways to enhance your enjoyment of masturbation, many of them described in detail here on JackinWorld. We provide the information and inspiration — it's up to you to make the best decisions for yourself.

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Correctly practiced, this

Sat, 02/07/2009 - 18:44
Anonymous User (not verified)

Correctly practiced, this technique makes it possible to have an orgasm without any emission of sperm, sexual energy is redirected towards an energetic point and is thus not lost. That would make it possible a man to have brought closer multiple orgasms.

Incorrectly realized, one leads to a ejaculation retrogresses, in which there is an orgasm with an expulsion of sperm in the bladder and a refractory period not making it possible to obtain a new erection immediately.

On The Safety of the Million Dollar Spot and "Injaculation"

Tue, 04/07/2009 - 01:35
Anonymous User (not verified)

You spoke with one Taoist guy and you think you can advise on an ancient healing technique that is invaluable to the health, longevity, and well-being to men and to woman as well? And based on one particular thing he said?? I recommend reading the 'Tao of Sexology'.

There IS available evidence to support you loose vital energy when you ejaculate; look at all the old kung fu/tai chi monks who practice this and have reversed the aging process and are incredible fit and well.

If it goes in the bladder you pressure point is too forward. If it hurts than your prostate could be enlarged.

This practice and others such as the holdback method while learning to strengthen organs, muscles, and glands are ancient ways to become more sexual, multi-orgasmic for both sexes, and a more vital, energized life. Good sex is the key to a long happy life. These are also enhanced through relaxation, breathing and meditation, and moving energy around the body with pressure points and simple movements.

Seminal Truth

Mon, 11/02/2009 - 03:24
Jean-Yves (not verified)

Gandhi held as one of his most profound beliefs (a fundamental doctrine of Hindu medicine) that a man, as a matter of the utmost importance, must conserve his bindu, or seminal fluid. Koestler (in 'The Lotus and the Robot') gives a succinct account of this belief, widespread among orthodox Hindus: "A man's vital energy is concentrated in his seminal fluid, and this is stored in a cavity in the skull. It is the most precious substance in the body ... an elixir of life both in the physical and mystical sense, distilled from the blood.... A large store of bindu of pure quality guarantees health, longevity, and supernatural powers.... Conversely, every loss of it is a physical and spiritual impoverishment." Gandhi himself said in so many words, "A man who is unchaste loses stamina, becomes emasculated and cowardly, while in the chaste man secretions [semen] are sublimated into a vital force pervading his whole being." And again, still Gandhi: "Ability to retain and assimilate the vital liquid is a matter of long training. When properly conserved it is transmuted into matchless energy and strength." Most male Hindus go ahead and have sexual relations anyway, of course, but the belief in the value of bindu leaves the whole culture in what many observers have called a permanent state of "semen anxiety." When Gandhi once had a nocturnal emission he almost had a nervous breakdown. Gandhi was a truly fanatical opponent of sex for pleasure, and worked it out carefully that a married couple should be allowed to have sex three or four times *in a lifetime*, merely to have children.

"Celibacy improves the condition of your semen. However much semen you are able to retain, you will receive in that proportion greater wisdom, improved action, higher spirituality and increased knowledge. Moreover, you will acquire the power to get whatever you want. (Yogacharya Bhagwandev 1992: 15)" [Alter, 1997: 280]

"Seminal fluid is considered an elixir of life in the physical and mystical sense. Its preservation guarantees health, longevity, and supernatural powers" (Malhotra and Wig, 1975: 519).

"According to the Chinese text, The Manuals of the Immortals, the adept can make the semen 'nourish the brain' by applying the two middle fingers to 'a spot behind the scrotum and in front of the anus, while at the same time the breath should be fully expelled through the mouth, none being retained (in the lungs)'; thus, the semen 'will come back from the Stalk of Jade and mount upwards to enter the brain.'" See Fan Fu Ruan, Sex in China. New York: Plenum, l991" (Schuchard, 2000).

"The Science of the ancient Sages (SIDDHAS) teaches that the sexual reproductive power (the Life Force) can be transmuted into superior forms of energy called OJAS and TEJAS. The practitioner causes his seed to rise up to his crown center (SAHASRARA), where it becomes transformed into SOMA, the Nectar of Immortality. Through the TANTRIC procedures, [via the "lymphatic system"], the semen reaches the brain (CORPUS CALLOSUM) where it is processed into extremely subtle energies (OJAS and TEJAS) used by the higher mind. As the physical brain needs oxygen and proteins to function properly, the higher mind (superconsciousness) needs big quantities of OJAS and TEJAS energy. The TEJAS energy is that energy which produces the halo around the saints' head. The OJAS energy is that energy which confers an extraordinary vigor, power and virility" [Also possible in women.] Roman, Dinu. Tantra - The Left Hand Path of Love: Practical methodology for an accelerated development of personality and consciousness.

"Semen retention is very valuable for both spiritual and material health. Semen retained in the body goes upwards to nourish the brain, rendering the body robust, and the memory and intellect incredibly sharp. Confidence, determination, optimism, willpower, fixed intelligence, noble character, photographic memory and shining good health are all fruits of conserved semen... In the beginning, Brahma created four great sages named Sanaka, Sananda, Sanatana and Sanat-kumara. All of them were unwilling to adopt materialistic activities because they were highly elevated due to their semen’s flowing upwards" (Brahmacari, 1997).

"Semen is a mysterious secretion that is able to create a living body. Semen itself is living substance. It is life itself. Therefore, when it leaves man, it takes a portion of his own life. A living thing cannot be put to laboratory tests, without first killing it. The scientist has no apparatus to test it... I have thousands of letters from young men who have wasted this precious fluid and are in a miserable plight. Several young men even go to the point of committing suicide! Through reckless waste of semen, they lose all their physical, mental and intellectual faculties. Those who are perfect Brahmacharins have lustrous eyes, a healthy body and mind, and a keen, piercing intellect... Through the practice of Yoga, the seminal energy— not the gross physical semen— flows upwards and enriches the mind. This has been declared by the sages. You will have to experience it yourself" (Sivananda, 1997).

"'Sperm is ... the end-product of all digestions.' and 'essential ointment,' the 'leading liqueur' as termed by Tissot, which contains this vital force that animates the body ... Tissot quotes Aristotle, who considered sperm as "the excretion from the ultimate food, or to put it more clearly, as the most perfected components of our foods.' Concerning the pathogenic aspect, Tissot refers his readers to Galen who wrote that 'losing sperm amounts to losing the vital spirits'" ...Spermatorrhea ... is in our own history... [It is described] in Diseases II by the Hippocratic authors under the name of 'consumptions of the back' (Bottero, 1991: 312-3).

During the act of love, the Gnostic couple transmutes their semen into atomic energy by restraining the sexual act. This energy then rises upwards towards their head, through certain spermatic canals. This is how the human being is converted into a God. Samael Aun Weor

For many men, to retain semen is not the norm. Most men try to lose as much as they possibly can, but for the Chinese martial artist, semen retention is a part of the life-force, or energy that's needed for good health, stamina, strength and longevity. Steven Hamp

Interesting article - thanks

Wed, 04/28/2010 - 17:28
holder21 (not verified)

Interesting article - thanks for sharing. I have been practicing "injaculation" with the perenium finger lock technique for about 15 years on a daily basis with no problems whatsoever. "Only" 40 now so wait and see for any consequences down the road :)

Nice post....

Thu, 05/26/2011 - 06:38
worldpharmarx123 (not verified)

thanks for the information on this blog! I find it very interesting and entertaining! hopefully soon have updates that I love your post! I thank you too!

UTI with bleeding

Thu, 12/19/2013 - 08:57
TornGuy (not verified)

I'm having UTI with bleeding and severe pain since 3 days. It started the day after I pressed the point. What could have happened? I'm too embarassed to go to an urologist and have been taking Norflex thrice a day.

You must go to a doctor. 

Fri, 12/20/2013 - 21:01

You must go to a doctor.  Bleeding and pain is not a good sign but maybe easily treatable.

Take care.

TornGuy, You have to see a

Sat, 12/21/2013 - 16:14
Elin A (not verified)

You have to see a doctor. What a lot of people don't know is that a UTI can spread to the kidneys and cause kidney failure if untreated. It can actually kill you!

Injaculation or not

Mon, 08/22/2016 - 22:27
Wesley (not verified)

Funny subject but related. . . 

As a young man, I discovered the way to prevent a "mess" when masturbating was simply to apply pressure to the opening of my urethrea as I was about to orgasm.  This after holding back as long as possible and tightning every muscle in my body until orgasm overtook me. 
I probably did this for 20 years before I was not able to maintain that level of pressure.  Now at 57, I have no ill effects.  Either with or wthout semen release, everything still works fine

Retrograde ejaculation

Tue, 12/26/2017 - 07:49
vishal (not verified)

    I pressed the point during masterbation and get retrograde ejaculation first time before two weeks. But after that I can't get normal ejaculation even if I don't press that point. PLease guide me how to treat this problem ?

edging over injaculation

Fri, 01/05/2018 - 08:16
bila kolbe

I don't like the feeling of the perineum press to refrain from ejaculation nor do I masturbate to ejaculate. I edge orgasms during my self-love practices, and, just as Carlin alluded to in her recent post, I too can go for hours riding sublime waves of neuromuscular euphoria while consciously channeling sexual energy. I emerge invigorated, vitalize, energized, reaffirming my love for myself, my cock, my loved ones, and, most importantly, for life. I am aware that semen is one of the most vital and healthy substances males produce(many women produce a similar fluid that shares over a dozen healthy ingredients with male semen) nourishing the brain as well as the nervous, muscular, skeletal, and endocrine systems. Whether or not you believe in ‘intelligent design’, semen has transformative potentials that supersede its more known mundane functions. Too bad semen gets such a bad rap(see my blog on this) and is commonly viewed as an expendable jism to ‘flush out the pipes’ and get a quick explosive orgasmic

A knowledgeable approach to sexuality is a path to health, strength, and longevity. I have witnessed martial artists, some well into their 70’s, who master their qi or jing and can perform incredible powerful feats beyond normal human capabilities. I am 66(have been practicing semen retention for nearly 4 decades) with a healthy body, mind, and sex drive that allow me to enjoy a vigorous lifestyle. My inner repositories of semen are essentially 24/7 pharmacies carefully filling my needs for pure, natural vitamins, minerals, trace elements, sugars, enzymes, aminoacids, and yes, even cancer-fighting agents. 

As Eric stated above, an ejaculation does not cause a man harm. Excessive ejaculation; however, can lead to various chronic symptoms, some serious, of sexual exhaustion. You know the adage: “too much of a good thing…or everything in moderation…”. Ultimately, we all make our own cost/benefit roadmaps for navigating the vicissitudes of modern living. For me, the benefits gained from edging orgasms greatly outweigh the ephemeral pleasures of an ejaculation fix. As I see it, I am getting a constant positive return on my erogenous investments without broker fees, taxes, penalties, or significant losses.