Being Gay is Really Not Much Different Than Being Straight

Thu, 09/12/2013 - 08:48
Submitted by Edgerman58

Some of you may have seen the film Christopher And His Kind, a 2011 BBC TV film adaptation of Christopher Isherwood's famous memoir of his time in early 1930's, pre-world war Nazi Germany, but, if you haven't, and whether your gay, bi, straight, or whatever, I know that I certainly found the film a very interesting watch.

I love 'period piece' films, any way, but this one was nearly perfect in it's execution. Of course, if gay sex scenes make you queasy, then you might want to ignore this film. Not that any of the scenes are "pornographic", they aren't, but there is a fair amount of naked asses, and even a couple of frontal nudity glimpses, but that's about all.

As a gay/bi man, myself, I like watching these sorts of films; in part, because in doing so, I am celebrating that part of myself! My wife and I have sat and watched quite a number of "gay" movies together over the last four or five years, as well! And, in doing so, slowly, over the course of time, what had previously scared her, was defused by coming to see that being gay is really not much more different from being straight.

If any one is interested in a good, well crafted film about 1933 Wiemar Germany, as well as a riveting true story of what gays had to face as the Wiemar Republic slid into the hands of Adolf Hitler, then I would highly recommend this film.

Looking back to 1933 made me glad we live in a society that's starting to really come to terms with the gay community, and in a much more healthy way.