Stiletto Stoners: A Class System in Cannabis

Wed, 10/27/2010 - 09:12
Submitted by Anonymous

This recent article from highlights a new type of pothead that can represent America right: The Stiletto Stoner.The Woman’s Alliance of NORML released ads and press releases that promoted this friendlier and fashionable archetype.

It’s meant to counteract the traditional images of men, cited from Cheech and Chong stereotypes to the Harold and Kumar action duo. Instead, not only are these women… women, but they are the smarter, safer, and boring representation of marijuana smokers who are pro-pot.

It’s easy to understand the insertion of female figures into the pot perspective. There have been a few out and proud stoners like Sarah Silverman, but no one can rely on celebrities to tell the straight truth about such an illegal activity. If anything, superstars can still get the book thrown at them for committing such a passive crime.

But, to somehow pin this high society snobbery to smoking cannabis if anything reiterates a tried-and-true fact: Just because you’re smoking pot doesn’t make you cool.

Yes, it’s cool to agree that smoking cannabis shouldn’t hold such hefty crimination. And it’s even better if you’re one of the people who are actively fighting to break through the red tape that has harmless stoners hiding in their homes.

But, to even imply that you’re somehow better than your bong buddies because of what you represent and what they don’t is not a fair representation.

Besides, I would think that the Stiletto Stoners would get along pretty well with Harold and Kumar. Both of those guys were academic geniuses who used marijuana to loosen up.

Cheech and Chong were, well, Cheech and Chong. And they used marijuana for the same reason. It was the rest of society that was led to believe that pot somehow magically made the smoker into a slacker, not the other way around – that people (high class to low) have a healthy desire to not give a shit. And marijuana is pretty perfect for that purpose. But, it ultimately doesn’t transform a person completely. Harold and Kumar still had schooling to do; Cheech and Chong were pretty much going to just not give a shit anyway.

So what does being a man have to do with it?

Quite frankly, I may go out and strut my stuff. So, in public I’m a well-dressed stoner. But, that’s because I’m in public. To me, I’m at my highest indoors, in my pajamas, my hair still messy make-up smeared and my breath smells like an empty subway station. I’m at my highest when I smoked and I’m rambling on and on about a story or idea. I don’t care anymore if I make sense because, really, everyone just likes to hear a good idea or story… including me ;) . I’m at my highest when I sometimes make silly decisions. Or when I’m intangibly writing my thoughts down here and in other unfinished tales. Sure, you can blame it on the weed. I blame it on my sincere passion for being a writer, a storyteller, and someone who doesn’t want to give a shit all of the time either.

So, Stiletto Stoners, I ask you to show your true stoner side, not the one you’ve planned and prepped for us. Isn’t that missing the point of how pot can play a role in our lives? And why isn’t that represented here? What’s wrong with being loose and why are we letting the men take all the glory when it comes to fun and games?

Seriously. It’s got to stop.

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21st Century Prohibition

vii's picture
Wed, 10/27/2010 - 23:23

Pot has been glorified to no avail by celebrities and the like, but the bottom line is, it's herb. Herb is used universally to unwind, contemplate, procreate lol.. hair a mess and makeup smeared as you say. I find it endearing when those in the public eye own up to their "tabooness." Brad's pot shirt, Obama's "I inhaled, that was the point." It's all about social conditioning; show them an object to oppose and pervert and they will. The Reagan's slogan still rings true in the ears of many parents and there will always be a conservative sect that will hypocritically oppose it. I agree that images of sexy women with a joint aren't going to manipulate a true stoner, or the occasional 420 friendly.. or most who "don't." Herb is a blast and I'll be making my flutterbrowns (happy brownies) into my 80's. That's all I know }:} 

Ethical Stoner

Thu, 11/04/2010 - 19:41
Corosive Frog (not verified)

In my comic strip (my homepage) there is a catnip-addicted cat that's the feline Barney Gumble. I use him (Buzz) as an outlet for many pot-related jokes.
I have said many times in comments on my site that I'm an ethical stoner; that means
- No smoking with minors. Too much pot too early in life can help develop schizophrenia. 
- No buying pot from minors. That's how young people come in contact with organized crime and when they are old enough to know in what mess they have thrown themselves into, it's too late.
- No smoking while on the job. Whatever your work is, you're not paid to get high.
- No driving while high.
- Make sure your bills are paid and your fridge is full before smoking your money. When pot (or any drug) becomes more important than your responsabilities, that means you have a problem.
On your day off (or after work), alone or with only adults involved, knock yourself out
If all stoners followed those guidelines, maybe it wouldn't have to be illegal.

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