Bodysex Builds Compassion

Thu, 05/25/2017 - 14:54
Submitted by Carlin Ross

When we book the workshops, I try to book 8 women in each group but there's always one workshop that's underbooked, one that's overbooked, and one that's perfect. This past weekend's group was our overbooked workshop.

We had women from all over the United States - one native New Yorker - and future bodysex leaders from Israel and Canada. More importantly, we had our first mother daughter attendees. I didn't clear it with Betty when I booked them but somehow I knew that it was going to work.

Each workshop has it's own energy. No circle is like another. I'll admit that I was exhausted going into the weekend and wondered how it was all going to unfold. Betty has been tired lately for the first time ever. She's never wanted to read all day or pudder around like she does now. I've felt responsible because I can't be available for her like I used to be before I became a mother. Although we talk on the phone almost every day, we can go a month or two without being in the same room. Things have shifted.

I've been experiencing this feeling of finality, like I was at the end of a chapter.

As always, genital show & tell melted away years of shame and guilt and created a feeling of lifelong friendship among the women. I pulled back from the group and took this picture as Betty displayed her vulva. Hanging above her is a Betty Dodson original drawing of Bessie, Betty's mother, in the nude.

Several months ago Betty received this drawing and a painting of her father from her sister-in-law. Betty and I spoke about the connection she still feels with her own family. Before she heads out of her apartment, she sits down in front of her father's painting and talks with him. What she realized is that she's lived the life that her father wanted. We had such powerful conversations about our transitioning partnership, our families, and Bodysex as we ate our egg sandwiches.

We've fought...argued...walked away...sat back down again...and agreed but this past weekend was different. It felt like we had broken through something, transcended to a place of understanding and deeper commitment. And these feelings flowed into the group. We were overbooked but there was a calmness and easy flow in this workshop. If I had to pick one word to describe it, it would be sacred.

Right before we kicked off erotic recess, I snapped this shot of me and the "Dodson", as I call her. When I look at us, I see two women with light in their eyes happy to be alive...happy to be with each other...happy for what's next.

Betty was the first to orgasm. I wasn't that far behind her. As we rode each other's orgasm waves, I thought about a conversation we had several months ago. Betty said that, if you can orgasm together like we do, then you know you're going to have a great partnership. It's been my privilege to orgasm with Betty Dodson. I never thought about it before but orgasm really helps you feel compassion for others.

Most organized religion focuses on suppressing the self, denying the flesh. If you deny yourself pleasure, you're seen as more godly with a stronger spirit and greater depth of morality. However, I've had the opposite experience. When I connect to myself through pleasure, I have a greater sense of empathy for others. Self-knowledge and sexual expression make me feel connected to my environment and all the people in it. I see them for who they truly are - equals. When I leave Betty's after a worskhop, I find myself admiring the beauty in each person I walk past. I'm so high on selflove that everyone is beautiful and I shoot love beams out of my eyes.

Self love is the foundation of compassion.

Towards the end of erotic recess one of the women raised her hand to have Betty come over and guide her. Betty looked at me and announced, "you go over". I crawled over on my hands and knees and pulled up along side of her. I've watched Betty so many times that it was like second nature. Then I heard Betty say, "I feel so good knowing that she's going to continue the work" and my heart swelled.

This is exactly where we are - we sat across from each other, drinking a pink lady, and talked about our transition.  Betty wants to retire.  I want to take a brief sabbatical.  We've been going a million miles a second for a decade and it's time to take inventory and reflect. 

We're still deeply committed to our mission.  D&R is undergoing a redesign and mobile roll out that you're all going to love.  We shot a masterclass that will be released this Fall.  We will move forward with our certification program - training future Bodysex leaders - but we aren't going to do any more workshops.  Our last workshop will be next month June 24/25 - then our leaders will take over. 

It's time to fundraise for the Foundation.  It's time to write. It's time to sit back and outline the next phase of our partnership. 

Thank you
Vacuum Cunt

Editor in Chief & Keeper of All Things Betty Dodson

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Mother daughter?

Sun, 10/08/2017 - 16:23
Albert Giesbrecht (not verified)

Ok, you just can't just drop a casual reference to a mother/daughter duo at your workshop. Just kidding. But since you mentioned it, is there anything you can share  e ith us about their experience.

I am very interested in the mother daughter dynamic. Especially since that one night in Las Vegas...