Because Even Barbara Walters Loves Her Vibe

Tue, 03/04/2014 - 10:39
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Recently, Barbara Walters was discussing aging when she opened up about her favorite vibrator which she calls "selfie":

"I was very happy at 65. I liked it more than 66," the 84-year-old co-host said of getting older.

"Do you have more self-confidence, and more self-love?" Jenny McCarthy asked, prompting Walters to quip suggestively, "Self-love?"

"You know self-love, Barbara. Friday night self-love!" Shepherd teased.

Then Whoopie went right for the gold:

"You start talking about that vibrator of yours again, I can't handle it!" Goldberg interjected, as Walters said, "You know what it's called? A selfie!"

"The name of Barbara's vibrator is 'selfie,'" Goldberg repeated. "Fantastic."

This is not the first time Walters has made a vibrator joke on The View. Back in 2009, she and former co-host Joy Behar discussed the topic while considering dream luxury purchases.

"Let's say there's one luxury thing now that you could buy," Walters began, before Behar interrupted with, "You mean, besides a vibrator?" That set up Walters for an even better punchline: "For [you], that's not a luxury, that's a necessity!"

When Betty was on The View they were captivated by her relationship with her younger partner, Eric. I'm sure she left a hitachi wand behind...wonder if it's "selfie".


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