I Love Every Freckle, Dimple, Stretch Mark & Line

Wed, 09/18/2013 - 10:01
Submitted by Carlin Ross

This week my new column "Truth or Dare" with Jincey Lumpkin (of Juicy Pink Box fame) came out in Curve Magazine. Curve is a national "lesbian" mag and my role is the bisexual sex educator. We decided not to do Q&A but to cover topics like vulva pride, monogamy, and opening up sexually writing first person.

I blog every day here on D&R but somehow this column has triggered a ton of personal reflection. Each time I sit down to write my mind is flooded with all these memories I'd once forgotten: my first orgasm rocking on my dad's lap in church...fantasizing about my school crush while stimulating my clitoris on a family camping trip...watching hours of online porn as an attorney and realizing what turns me on.

Then there are the pictures. Jincey is a master of aesthetics. We went with a slumber party theme and I twisted and contorted my body into all sorts of uncomfortable positions for your viewing pleasure :) We shot 12 photos to accompany each month's column in one day.

When I saw the proofs, I was kind of taken back. It was all out....right there...kind of in your face. While we were shooting, our photographer kept asking Jincey to face the camera and me to look over my shoulder. It took me a hot minute but I put it together. It was going to be about Jincey's face and my ass.

There have been a slew of comments about whether it really is my ass or if I've been booty chopped. For the record, there has been no booty chopping. Of course, they did some photoshopping to my freckles but that's how things are done in national magazines. I would never consent to any real alteration of my image. D&R is about self love and the first step is accepting and appreciating your body. I will never undermine that principle.

I love every freckle, dimple, stretch mark, and line. And I hope you enjoy reading our column as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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Editor in Chief & Keeper of All Things Betty Dodson