Betty on PBS Documentary "Makers" Tonight at 8pm

Tue, 02/26/2013 - 10:08
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Betty and I decided to watch the 3 hour documentary "Makers - Women Who Make America" - together at her place.  It airs this Tuesday, February the 26th, at 8pm on PBS (check your local listings). 

Betty will be Betty so I'm not worried about her interview at all.  But I'm excited that Betty's role in liberating female sexuality will be solidified on film.  I found some archival photos from NOW's Sexuality conference proving that Betty reintroduced the electric vibrator back in 1973.  When I scanned and emailed them to the director, she jumped right on it and licensed the images from the photographer Betty Lane.  Betty Lane passed away three months later.  These photos could have been lost forever *chills*

Here's the trailer and I'll be live tweeting Tuesday night @DodsonandRoss:

Watch MAKERS: Women Who Make America Trailer on PBS. See more from Makers: Women Who Make America.

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