"I Found Your Work & Decided I'm Absolutely Normal"

Thu, 01/31/2013 - 09:31
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Dear Betty & Carlin,

I just wanted to contact you (hopefully this e-mail gets to you rather than to an assistant) to thank you for everything you have done. I would like to thank Ms. Ross as well. I am a female in my mid-20's and had felt alone in my thinking and views on sex -- it isn't easy for me to find other women to talk with that are as open and interested as I am. Even my friends all seem so repressed in their attitudes about sex. So, I turned to the Internet and literature and I found your work. You are truly one of my most inspirational women I've come across in the area of sexology and sex science.

I really cannot thank you enough -- I was feeling alone with all sorts of questions. I thought something was wrong with me that I wanted to use a vibrator during sex and my partners made me believe my vagina or I was somehow dysfunctional -- telling me "I've made all my girls come, except you" and things like this, which as a smart sex loving sex savvy gal I knew impossible -- good fakers. I fake too, who doesn't? However, it made me second guess myself -- maybe something was wrong with me? I found your work and decided that I am absolutely normal..but that in fact, there is no "normal", but rather we are all on a spectrum so to speak.

You have made me feel good about myself again and all of my questions have been answered! From your books and videos I know that I am not alone! Keep doing what you are doing --- you have made a drastic difference in my life in only a few months after being exposed to your magic. I aspire to be as fabulous as you one day!!!

PS: I am also wondering if you still do group orgasm sessions as well.... I am a NYC resident and would be interested in that sort of thing if still happening.

Deepest gratitude to you and Ms. Ross again and thank you!!!,

Editor in Chief & Keeper of All Things Betty Dodson

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i fake too, who doesn't

Thu, 01/31/2013 - 12:45

You know, I'm getting a little tired of this. There are those of us out here who have NEVER faked, never been inclined to fake, never thought of faking. What is the point? If you're faking, you are presumably not having fun and being a liar to boot. If you're not having fun, tell or show him what you want, but don't demean yourself and him by faking.

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