Gay Rights by State

Thu, 10/25/2012 - 08:24
Submitted by Carlin Ross

The Guardian has a complete breakdown of gay rights by state.  It's not too shocking that you fare the best in the Northeast.  I was a bit taken back by the lack of rights in the Northwest.

But looking at the categories - hospital visitation, employment, marriage, adoption, schooling, hate crimes - breaks your heart.  Why wouldn't you want someone to be able to support their loved one in the hospital or say goodbye before their death?  Who has the right to deny anyone basic human rights like employment or education - let alone marriage or adoption? 

I'm ashamed of my country.  And, for the record, any presidential candidate who would deny women the right to choose or advocate passing a Constitutional amendment to outlaw gay marriage will never get my vote.  Hate is hate.

Lana Wachowski - the co-director of the Matrix - gave an amazing speech about growing up transgender and I thought it was appropriate to post it here:

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Defining "Northwest"

Fri, 10/26/2012 - 01:46
Marisa Black

Your too-long-silent Portland (Oregon) blogger chiming in to say the lack of rights in the Northwest is probably due in large part to the way they define "Northwest." Northwest in my mind means Oregon, Washington, Alaska. In this graph, they also include Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.

So yeah, it sucks that Oregon has a constitutional amendment prohibiting marriage between same-sex people. But otherwise, WA and OR give the full coverage.

And also, Washington is voting on its marriage law in the election. It was passed legislatively and signed by the governor, but the haters (ahem, excuse me, "hetero-only marriage enthusiasts") got enough signatures to put the issue to the voters.


Fri, 10/26/2012 - 17:20

I'm from Washington and I normally consider "northwest" to mean the same thing as Marisa. I don't know anyone who puts Montana and Wyoming in the category and Idaho is sort of a weird nether region.
Yep, we're voting on Referendum 74 and I am hoping so, so hard it doesn't turn out to be a Prop 8 situation where things look like they're going the right way, then it doesn't pass.