He Caught My Eye as a Man. He Delivered Me as a Woman.

Sat, 01/24/2015 - 08:54
Submitted by Anonymous

He caught my eye as a man. He delivered me as a woman.

How’d it happen? I didn’t understand trans meant he was a way to transfer to another world.

And then we met. A twinkle in the eye. A smooth silky mouth. A few fingers on the knob of my cock. And some knowing tweaks of my nips. And there we were wrapped in each other’s arms in a museum. One of the exhibits.

And then we fucked. And I discovered a woman’s plumbing accompanied that beard. And it totally absorbed me, drew me, massaged my dick, and swallowed me up.

And I responded in the Gay Way. My Gay Way. Edging. I discovered the slick love canal of a woman can challenge any man. But someone who edges? I kept building and build, setting up wave upon wave - and 20 - 30 minutes - little did I remember Betty telling me that a woman needs 20 minutes at least to rev up. And there I was surfing away on these multiple waves of pleasure desperately trying not to cum.

Finally, noticing she/he had cum four times by then I whispered I’m near - and he/she said “Cum….” - so I did. But not like any squirt in someone’s ass. His vagina felt like it had attendants posted every inch of the way, each intent on paddling my dick so it’d extrude every drop of cum I was capable of. Cumming was but the beginning of the Big O. I thought I had big Os before but now I know there is another class of Big O’s. And for a host of reasons - though it’s infinitely superior - I’ll never go there again.

For I truly felt I was on safari, and that I’d met up with my game in a great plain. And that I’d discovered that game was the ultimate trophy. The end-all. But I’m not out for any trophy.

I’m out for riding the waves of anal canal plumbing. I can handle that. I can meld that into great waves of ecstasy. And I can’t trade that for an easy fix, a sure thing, a slam dunk. I can see why Odysseus was so easily seduced. Oh those men - they’ve no idea what they’re dealing with. It’s major - and they’ve no clue.

How ironic. He/she confirmed that I as a gay man had given her/him multiple orgasms in our hour together. How could the Main Game be so queered? The straight men grabbing what they can, a quick fix, a wham bam thank you m’am - the leaving behind the gold while they gallop off with trinkets. And the short end of the stick. Their own stick. Dumb, dumb, and dumber.

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We need better pronouns

Wed, 01/28/2015 - 07:00
Jeffrey65802 (not verified)

Instead of refering to tg as her/him (in parantheses) how about 'herm' (her/him,) or 'sher' (she/her/he?) It's interesting to note that in Judaism, while God has no gender and is usually referred to as masculin and 'he' it's only because Hebrew has no neutral gender wordage. Yet in places 'he' is in fact referred to using feminine pronouns. As the author of jewfaq.org remarked, "God had no body, no genitals. And is no more male than a table is."

Surely some language has neutral gender pronouns we could co-opt as English co-opts so many other words including my personal fav 'masturbation' which is French. :)

Actually, as a trans man

Sun, 12/13/2015 - 16:45
JeepGuy74 (not verified)

Actually, as a trans man myself I can tell you that a huge majority of us prefer masculine pronouns. Calling us a he/she is one of the worst possible insults.


Tue, 12/15/2015 - 15:25

In the UK we have Jack Monroe a writer, journalist and activist who identifies as transgender with non-binary gender identity, who has asked to be addressed as the singular "they" rather than "he" or "she".

It is obviously polite and entirely appropriate to refer to people by the pronouns they identify themselves by, as JeepGuy74 points out, but it also seems increasingly clear that gender is a lot more complicated than the simple binary model most of us have been brought up with. Gender is a social construct. So if a man identifies as a man, whether cis or trans, they're a man. If a woman identifies as a woman, they're a woman.

The problem is really within the language of the original blog. When it first posted I wasn't entirely sure of my reaction and decided not to comment on either the pronouns or the purpose of the post.

Is it a celebration of the vagina, a celebration of gay male identity or just of the delight of edging and anal sex?

And let's not get started on the idea of yet another man suggesting that he's "given" someone multiple orgasms through PIV sex.

as a trans guy, this article

Sun, 02/14/2016 - 16:58
Anonymous1245 (not verified)

as a trans guy, this article feels super fetishizing and degrading. It equates having a vagina with womanhood, and basically completely delegitimizes the gender of the transgender person in the narrative. It's always weird to see how our cisgender partners view us, and this happens to be a very glaring example of how that can be super super hurtful.