What Does Edging Really Mean?

Fri, 09/26/2014 - 06:52
Submitted by Anonymous

What does edging really mean?

Riding waves of ecstasy for as long as you can stand it, staying at the peak, plowing that sexual surge into all parts of the body till they tingle, electrify.

And how do you do that? abandon the 3 minute orgasm: the pound-pound-pound-spurt. Realize that "just noticeable differences" generate far more intense feelings; longer, deeper. Master that greatest of life’s mysteries: the orgasm.

Oral sex replaces in and out sucking with cradling the cock in your mouth, just the tip, the whole length, tonguing it, increasing and decreasing the pressure, having the tip slide ever so slowly in, keeping it there, replacing movement with differences in pressure, tonguing, opening up as it goes in, sucking as it withdraws.

Just before waking his cock was hard as usual. Took it into my mouth and just cradled it. For 20 minutes I'd give it slight movements, holding its tip in my lips, sucking its whole 8" thick torpedo into the depths of my mouth. Just holding it. Slight, oh so slight sucking. No movement. Licking. On and on and on.

He pleaded to come inside me. Finally I turned on my side, and he slid in on a carpet of precum. All the way. And did the same with me. Just stayed there. Moving just a little. At times holding its tip just at my gate of pleasure, then in the second gate. Then buried in so deep my breath stopped.

All the time both he and I touched my nipples, now rock hard, and my cock and balls - which set off my precum going in my own rockhardon. I’d just move my hand slightly. And the flow kept going. After we seemed to have gone to sleep with such small movements he started picking up steam. That happened and unhappened about 5-6 times.

And then surprise: one of those times I felt his cock thicken even more and I knew. I knew he was about to explode. And as he did my own cum rose in my cock while I was simply tracing my thumb over its tip and it oozed and oozed and my circles of cumming exploded in my mind - my cock just kept producing cum after cum.... it went on as it does, for 2-3-4 minutes - long after he'd deposited his load inside me.

My cock was still loaded, hard, ready to go again - but he had given me his valentine - and was off to shovel our drive…

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artistic, touching description of two humans sharing a mutual lo

Sun, 10/05/2014 - 21:33
Martha B (not verified)

Bjorn, I love the way you express your story.  Such meaning and tenderness, beyond just the need that I know is so intense within you. I could really visualize you and your partner lovingly caressing each other's most essential organ. It was a beautiful sight, especially your ejaculation.
I hope to see more writing like this because it helps convey that gay sex is much more than mere pleasure  but a sharing, an expression, a beautiful celebration of your soul but through your cocks. That's what it felt to me.
I find most straight men just don't get that.
After reading your piece I tried edging my boyfriend. It took several sessions but he finally learned to relax and let me take my time with him. After intercourse, i would slowly stroke him while we watched a long movie. I kept stroking him, making him very hard on occasion, then slow down, then hard again, then lick away his precum, suck a little, and so on. Eventually his cock would ooze and drip so much like i had bever seen before.
Such enormous ejaculations he rewarded us both with. It was so intimate for both of us and we decided to make it a regular thing.
I wish more straight men would slow down and take the time with their cocks like their gay counterparts.  Thx.