Why are Legalizing Discrimination?

Fri, 04/08/2016 - 08:05
Submitted by bila kolbe

There are some horrendous laws being enacted here and abroad criminalizing masturbation and imperiling LGBT people. My best friend, someone I’ve known for over fifty years, is transgender. She has experienced workplace discrimination and even suffered a couple of serious physical assaults.

Fear of the unknown, disdain for those daring to be different, and contempt for change are hostile emotions fueling politically empowered terrorism that is plotting to strip people of their sexual freedom, dignity, and pursuit of happiness.

While investigating the debacle going on in North Carolina, I also uncovered some real dastardly deeds in Indonesia, Texas, and Arizona. Ultimately, they reinforce how important D&R’s mission is to eradicate the malignant ignorance concerning human sexuality that threatens to metastasize within our political and legal systems.

In Indonesia, the penalty for masturbation can be up to 32 months of imprisonment.

New rules in Texas will also require men to sign an agreement when obtaining prescription erectile dysfunction medication which indicates they will not use the medicine for any purposes other than sexual intercourse with a woman. Amendments added to the bill also require a permit to obtain and possess male sexual toys which could be used to assist people in violating the new law. Incidentally, those found in violation of the new law could be sentenced up to two years in prison.

Now North Carolina enacted a law legalizing discrimination of LGBT people. The North Carolina bill has two parts. First, it requires public schools and agencies to segregate bathrooms by the biological sex on someone’s birth certificate. Civil rights activists fear that by forcing trans women into men’s rooms, and forcing trans men into women’s room, the new law will put transgender people at risk of violence. According to the ACLU, half of the transgender individuals surveyed in North Carolina recently reported being harassed in public accommodations.

The second part of North Carolina’s bill prohibits any city or county from creating new anti-discrimination laws. The North Carolina lawmakers (Republicans) felt compelled to legislate these inhumane measures whilst in a delusional stupor suggesting they are defending people’s safety- i.e. preventing cross-dressing sex perverts from performing voyeurism, sexual assault, and other criminal acts in North Carolina’s public bathrooms. Even though this measure is egregiously motivated by anti-transgender animus, theoretically, a law crafted to disadvantage transgender people is constitutionally okay as long as a judge can imagine some reason for it. That’s the meaning of the “rational basis” standard, a law just has to be not crazy.

North Carolina Republican Governor Pat McCrory signed it into law, saying in a statement that the law guarantees “the basic expectation of privacy in the most personal of settings, a restroom or locker room.” What the lawmakers did in the North Carolina capitol is increasingly common this year. There were more than 100 bills filed nationwide that target LGBT people in some way, an unprecedented number, and that is seen as a backlash to the decision last year by the U.S. Supreme Court which allowed marriage in all 50 states between same-sex couples.

Fortunately, there are still bastions of sanity in our great country. Places like Boston, Connecticut, New York, and the District of Columbia have all banned official travel to the Tar Heel state.

And regrettably, the term ‘tar heel’ has once again reclaimed its derogatory status as described in the 19th century by a black representative from South Carolina: "the class of men thrown up by the Civil war, that rude class of men, I mean the tar heels of the South-it is with that class that we have all our trouble." Since that time, trouble threatens to spread a lot further.

Whoa! I just had an Orwellian glimpse into the future. Sex identity chips implanted into newborn babies…these chips will be required to access secured public and school bathrooms. Sounds like something out of a Trump campaign pledge to “Make America Great Again!”.

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Ahead of your time

Sun, 04/10/2016 - 10:22

You appear to be ahead of the news here. I couldn't find any references to masturbation being illegal in the US (how on earth would that be policed) though plenty of articles about other odd rules 

(The Complete List of Weird Sex Laws in the U.S.A.)

It seems beyond weird to an outsider that trans people should be persecuted for posing a potential privacy risk in public restrooms when we all know that's the one place trans people themselves are least physically safe. I'm totally happy to share my restroom with trans women - what is the problem?

If we are at all concerned about basic privacy, I would have thought masturbation and partnersex with whatever gender were the last things to bring into a court room. Surely this craziness is a last gasp of a mentality that belongs in the past. It can't be a part of how we move forwards.

How do authorities police sex acts?

Sun, 04/10/2016 - 14:48
bila kolbe

Indeed NLH, you raise an interesting question: how on earth would masturbation be policed? Anti-sodomy laws remain on the books in Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah even though the US Supreme Court banned such measures. What spy tactics are in place within those state's law enforcement agencies to root out such gormants of the derriere? Seems like Texas is douple dipping with its prohibition of hand and butt. By the way, kudos to England and Wales where sex laws are justifiably defined in terms of rape, child molestation, sex trafficking, etc. You fortunately and probably have fewer wackos in places of political power, n'est-ce pas?

Different wackos

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 02:48

Or maybe our wackos are just a different flavour?

We have serious issues in Northern Ireland which has it's own legislature and remains the one part of the UK where gay marriage is not legally recognised and where abortion is seriously restricted. They've also recently made it illegal to purchase sex which makes the life of sex workers more complicated.

A young woman was recently prosecuted and found guilty of procuring "poison" ie. abortion pills and terminating her pregnancy. The judge sentencing her made comment on the out of date laws and gave her the most leniant sentence possible, three months suspended for two years, so she won't go to jail. The law allows for life imprisonment. Similarly a mother is about to go to court for procuring abortion pills for her underage daughter.

The politicians on both sides of the religious divide show no signs of wishing to change the law so women are left with the decision to travel to the mainland and pay for an abortion (£1000-£2000) or order the pills on-line and hope no one tells the police.

In the first case it was her flatmates who called the police (so watch out masturbating frat boys in Texas!) and in the second it was a hospital after the mother took her daughter to A&E (Americans better make sure the vibrators stay in easily accessible places). 

It is ironic that they

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Sat, 04/21/2018 - 23:24

It is ironic that they protect the right to shoot of a gun but not a penis!  Which is natural and which did God make?


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Sat, 04/21/2018 - 23:25