I'm Deeply Grateful for These Acts of Self Love

Mon, 07/20/2015 - 09:48
Submitted by bila kolbe

The palladium window in my living room opens to a view of mature pine trees hugged at their bases by honeysuckle and junipers. Inside, an array of Maya replica clay deity statues seemingly smile in amusement as I sink into the sofa, my bathrobe opens, and my hand slowly moves to my center. My heart beats faster, my lungs expand inside my chest grasped by the anticipation of the pleasure and well-being soon to flow throughout my body, mind, and soul.

I close my eyes and choreograph sexual fantasies, journeys to uncharted and exciting trysts, forays into unfettered pleasure and bliss. I anoint my erect phallus with coconut oil and slowly massage every contour, every nerve ending with unbounded love and delight. I open my eyes and muse at my wondrous organ connecting me to my divinity, ushering me to a state of Eros.

Erotic energies circulate to every precinct of my body, time is suspended, inner and outer spaces meld into charged environs allowing me ‘to get deeper into me’(thank you Natasha!). I am now poised to edge orgasm after orgasm, filling my inner reservoir with crescendos of sexual energy. At the threshold of spasm, I grasp and squeeze my right testicle, contract my sphincter, and pull the delicious energy from my cock, past the perineum, up the spine, and into my head.

I feel inebriated in this ecstasy as I chant various mantra and visualize the sexual energy stimulating my major chakras linked to the major endocrines. Having channeled my sexual energy, I get back to stroking my beckoning cock and refilling the reservoir with delectable sexual, erotic energy. Again at the threshold of spasm, I grasp and squeeze my left testicle then again guide the vibrancy up to the head, down through the chakras, culminating in the root chakra by the perineum.

My body and mind vibrate at a different frequency sensitizing me to the miracle of life, the transformative embrace of love, the aesthetic of sex. This is my state of Eros, honoring my erotic self, finding purpose in pleasure, pleasure in purpose. After a while, I stop, and watch as my erect cock slowly retracts from its glorious tumescence.

I am deeply grateful for these acts of self-love, for the blessings of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. These feelings will accompany me throughout the day pasting an inerasable smile on my face.

love, health, music, sex

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Thu, 08/06/2015 - 18:37

You beautifully describe the many elements  involved in  focusing on the body's sensations to fully experience  mindful self-loving.   This deliberate, slow approach to self-pleasuring unfolds into an attitude of blissful gratitude.   I can see how communion with nature and the spiritual energy of the universe happens with  grateful  self-loving.     I will reread this article over and over again  and take a deep breath and thank your for sharing your experience with us.  Combining self-love with gratitude extinguishes fear, expands our capacity to love others exponentially, and gives us reason for hope for all of mankind.

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