Masturbation Helps Cultivate an Intense Desire for Life

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 07:54
Submitted by bila kolbe

"If both men and women masturbate more, they can bring more harmony to how they see the World."

Above are a marvelous comment and picture sent to me by a young man from Sweden. I am intrigued by the masturbation-harmony link. So just how might masturbation lead to greater harmony in how we see the World?

I believe that masturbation, like paired sexual acts, aligns me with my Eros, or erotic self: a highly pleasurable state reached via the action of sexual/creative energy on my body and mind producing feelings of bliss and love in its unconditional form. The sexual energy generated from masturbation vitalizes all the major systems in my body ultimately impacting how I feel, view, and interact with the World. Masturbation helps cultivate in me a passionate, intense desire for life and an appreciation of beauty in its diverse forms.

Masturbation is a pathway of self-discovery enabling me to love myself for who I am and who I can be. My self-love nurtures my gift to love as a spouse, father, son, brother, friend, teacher, and artist. I rejoice in the pleasure and joy from being fully alive.

In the picture I see a sage invigorated by his sexuality and projecting vibrant color and beauty in an otherwise drab and austere landscape. His erotic nature animates his experience of being a fulfilled, whole being. I would love to see this picture, some produced with vulvas, others with both sex organs; appear as billboards along the world’s major thoroughfares. This would serve as a reminder that a masturbating populace embraces and projects love, beauty, acceptance, harmony, and happiness.

One of the tenets from the About Us page on D&R states this concept beautifully and could serve as the billboard caption:

“Sexual pleasure and orgasm is the source of life and creativity. As we awaken our bodies through the senses, we awaken our minds to the knowledge that we are all related and connected to every living thing on planet Earth and throughout the vast universe.”

Harmony fulfilled. Imagine.

love, health, music, sex

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sorry, don't understand this

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 20:41
lsjb (not verified)

sorry, don't understand this image. i know its spititual to you but to me its super phallic and disturbing.

I agree and you phrase it so poetically

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 01:30
Martheb123 (not verified)

Bila, you are so right and he states it so poetically. Also, I have never before seen a rendering of such a large, erect penis in so artful and moving a way. It is easy to make art from something everyone thinks as beauty but not easy to make art of something so often abused as pornography. I would hang this on my wall. It is art not porn and, between you and me, I was so taken by the art and beauty of it, I masturbated to show my appreciation. I plan to appreciate it again after writing this.

He may be young but he is beyond his years and that will benefit him as he even is just beginning his journey through life. I am sure he will be a valuable mentor to many young men and an inspiration to his generation. May he be stroked often along his journey so he may cum fully to all the many destinations he deserves.

Like you and he, I firmly believe that much appreciation for life, much pleasure, peace, and wisdom, can spout up high like a fountain from inside us if we can only learn to masturbate well- Literally and spiritually. I am sure both his and yours overflow and shoot up high just like your love of life ;o)
Everyone likes that in a man.

Especially for those who are fortunate enough to learn and embrace it early, their orgasm can be the single most potent, driving force in their lives ensuring a lifetime of pleasure. The fountain spouts very high for these fortunate souls. Their intense desire for life is matched only by their intense desire to masturbate. Their ejaculation or their orgasm is the most important thing. They center around it from the start, where it belongs, forever nurturing it, developing it, and bringing profound balance to their lives.

For many of us though, masturbation came much later and is an act more of our will, our choice, than our nature. We often allow less important things distract us and then put it off or even forget.

But we can learn from the more fortunate ones and try and attain their heights- by willing ourselves to masturbate evermore, catch up when we fall behind, seek guidance from mentors, instruction from experts like Betty. We can seek out and surround ourselves with understanding friends who will encourage us, even masturbate with us.
Yes, for those who started late, mutual masturbation on a regular basis is probably the single best way to ensure we increase our frequency and desire for it..

As always,

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