My Thoughts on Sexuality & Yoga

Wed, 02/06/2013 - 13:54
Submitted by Betty's Niece

Hey Aunt Betty!

You came into my thoughts today because I was on your website just now and it actually made me think about the yoga workshop that I went to this morning. It was just interesting because it's truly the only time I can think of in my life when people celebrate exploring their bodies and celebrate other people's bodies, regardless of how sexy they look in their spandex pants.

We did some partner yoga where some people would have to help other people get into the poses and a lot of people had mixed groups of men and women, me included. It was interesting to see that non-sexual contact happen between groups of either two men, two women, and men and women because there's something so rewarding about letting one's reservations go and allowing someone to touch you while you're doing yoga and trusting them to hold you, especially a stranger.

From what I can tell, people who do yoga truly learn to love their bodies and love the bodies of others. It was interesting because even though there are beautiful men and women in those groups, you don't get such a judgmental vibe from woman to woman or from man to man. The men and the women don't scorn other people's bodies (or their own for that matter) for the way they are dressed or how many extra pounds they are carrying, they admire and appreciate everyone's body for the beauty of its form while being humbled by their own limitations.

If young women all did yoga, I think their self-consciousness would probably begin to dissolve. When they go to a practice, no one cares how beautiful you are, or how good you are at a pose. In fact, if you try too hard to compete with other women, that will disrupt the entire environment. It's a place where one is encouraged to discover their body and be inspired by others, not put down. Everyone else in that class will be rooting for you to get the pose you've been working on, not to fail or feel bad about yourself. And I feel that sentiment you get in yoga personally carries over in all aspects in life.

But anyway, that's just a strain of thoughts that came into my mind regarding sexuality and yoga and how they compliment each other so well. I hope life is good for you Aunt Betty!! I want to know how things are with you. I attached a few pictures of some of my crazy poses that I did today, I was really excited. I wanted to share them with you :) love you Aunt BAD Betty!!

Your Niece

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