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You are My Favorite Valentine

Mon, 02/15/2016 - 08:42
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Since we just passed our ten year mark working together as equal partners, I took a moment to reflect. Looking back, I realized I’d spent more time looking for a business partner than looking for Mr. Right. The man I married was Mr. Wrong so I couldn’t even trust my own judgment. After the divorce, I was dedicated to art, enjoying working alone in my studio. Standing in front of a canvas, I was the Queen who answered to no one.

Don't Feel Pleasure When I Touch My Clitoris

Mon, 02/08/2016 - 09:07
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Betty!

I just recently stumbled across your website and it's helped me a lot but I have a few questions about more specific things. I'm a 17 year old girl who has masturbated since 6th or 7th grade (12-13yrs old). When I first started I used my hand once or twice but then I read about using an electric toothbrush which worked really well, I used that method for a while until I learned about the shower head method which did wonders!

I Fantasize About a Woman Biting My Penis. Is This Normal?

Tue, 02/02/2016 - 12:50
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Dr. Betty.

I am a 29 year old man who is also virgin and I must say I like your website. And my question has to do with a sexual fantasy I have. In my fantasy a woman is performing oral sex on me and while she has my fully erect penis her mouth she bites it. What I am saying is I want a woman to bite my penis. Is there any advice you can give on this and is this a normal fantasy?

I think I would like it If a woman did bite my penis.

Dear A,

One of the best things about sexual fantasies is that they never need to be acted out unless we so desire. A lot of my fantasies remain just imaginary. Others are a way for me to test out things I might like to try while playing it safe. At some point you could ask a GF to apply pressure on your dick with her teeth VERY slowly.

How Do I Get Over Abortion Guilt & Ticking Biological Clock?

Thu, 01/28/2016 - 09:31
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Betty,

I love to visit your website several times a week to laugh, listen and learn. Thank you and Carlin for your wonderful work.

Guilty After Girl-on-Girl Fantasy

Mon, 01/25/2016 - 10:05
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Betty..

I've never done this before....asking people for advice on this but I trust that you'll help...I'm 18 I'm a virgin...I masturbate often but not too much...when I masturbate I fantasize mostly about girls and rarely about guys...but I've never fallen for a girl or thought of girls in a romantic way ....I have had a few crushes on guys and fallen in love once...but I have a friend...she's bisexual and sometimes I want her to have lesbian sex with me and she wants to but after I masturbate to that fantasy I feel guilty...I don't know what's wrong with me ...

please help

Dear L,

Did the Pill Make Penetration Painful?

Thu, 01/21/2016 - 08:31
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr.Betty,

I am an 18 year old student and I have been experiencing pain during penetration for the past 7 months or so. I have not made any major lifestyle or medical changes. If anything, I have been healthier as I have cut down on sugar and exercise frequently.

I use lots of organic oil during sex so I dont think lubrication is an issue. I have been on the pill for 3 years due to horrendously painful period cramps, and I am almost positive that this is lowering my sex drive. I do masturbate regularly, but far less often than before the pill. And without lube I am completely dry and have little sensation.

I Can't Seem to Get Back into a State of Arousal After I Orgasm

Mon, 01/18/2016 - 08:41
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Betty,

I'd like to start with a long overdue thank you. I came to you for help here when I was a young adult that had never experienced an orgasm. I was very panicked and dramatic back then, having learnt it was "not a thing" I don't mastubate or orgasm. I felt broken. Your site was the only clear online help I recieved, and over two years of on and off trial and error- I managed to have an orgasm, and I continue to enjoy my sexuallity often today. Thank you so much. I'm glad you're here for people. Once again, I'd apreciate your advice.

Is My Vagina Too Small?

Wed, 01/13/2016 - 11:24
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Betty,

I'm 22 and don't have a boyfriend. I've had sex with 7 people, each a few times (so I'm not very experienced). With the first, sex was great and felt good the whole time. He couldn't orgasm (that's a whole other issue) so we would have sex for hours on end. My first time with him didn't hurt at all, and neither did the times after. He was pretty average sized. After that, sex was sometimes painful, even with guys who were smaller than he was (I'm guessing that was an issue with lubrication though). However, sometimes I can tell that a man's penis will hit my cervix during sex. This happened very obviously when I was with a man who was larger than average - we couldn't even have sex properly.

If a Man has a Smaller Penis What Sex Positions Will Give His Woman Pleasure?

Tue, 01/12/2016 - 09:44
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty,

I first want to say I really enjoy your website and find it very informative.

Ok, so I have question to ask concerning sexual positions and penis size. If a man has something of a smaller penis what sexual positions can be used to give his woman pleasure? Is woman on top really the way to go? And is there any advice you can give me about penis extenders?

Thank you for answering my questions.

Dear A,

The best info for you is to understand that most women do NOT have orgasms from penis/vagina intercourse. That's how we make babies! So you can stop worrying about having an average penis. The only bad news is that you will never be a porn star. Boo hoo! All Online porn shows women faking orgasms from fucking cause that's the number ONE fantasy for you guys.

As an Educator We Get Better As We Grow Older

Tue, 01/05/2016 - 08:50
Submitted by Betty Dodson

This past holiday was the best one of all. I made a decision not to go anywhere or have any celebration that was in any way related to Xmas or New Years Eve. It’s been my experience that most people are really stressed out over family and close friends with all kinds of expectations that it’s best to wait until it’s all over.

The day before the first of the year, Veronica Vera called and asked what I was doing on the last evening of 2015 and I answered “Absolutely nothing. Want to join me?” She’s on her way over now while I have a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge. A new little place just opened two blocks away that specializes in Ramen. I just ordered several items on their menu to check out their food for our Japanese feast this evening of mostly appetizers.

Experience a Sharp Pain While Masturbating

Mon, 01/04/2016 - 08:48
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Dr Betty,

I don't know who else to ask as I'd feel really awkward going to my doctor about this! So I'd be really grateful if you could provide some guidance.

First thing to mention is that I don't really masturbate a lot. I have never orgasmed either alone or with a partner. I've never really let that bother me too much, but my new boyfriend seems really hassled by it so I figured I should try.

Is It Too Late for Me to Orgasm?

Sat, 01/02/2016 - 10:01
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Betty,

I'm 64 years old and just found this site last night. Where were you 30 years ago?

I had a radical hysterectomy when I was 50. Before then I was never able to orgasm in my 30 years of marriage. I did find myself waking up at night with a clitoral orgasm which was great but I never figured out how I got there. I now am in a relationship with a very loving man and feel there may be hope.

My question is, is it too late. I noticed after my hysterectomy that my night time orgasms slowly left. I don't have them any more. My lover really arouses me and I am wondering what I can do to help myself become more responsive.

Thanks for your help.,

Dear R,

How Do I Explore My Bisexuality in a Monogamous Relationship

Thu, 12/31/2015 - 08:19
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Betty,

I'm 20 years old and have been with my current partner for 3 years. He is strictly monogamous and I think " I'm recently coming into my identity as bisexual as well and have been really wishing I could it explore it more. It's not that I don't love my partner and cherish the way our relationship is, it's just that I wish I could explore other relationships as well.

Do you have any advice?

Dear M,

Seems you answered your own questions. "I may be more of a polyamorous type of person. I've been feeling for awhile now like I'm missing out on the chance to date and be intimate with other people, especially being so young."