Do Vacuum Constriction Devices & Penis Prosthesis Please Women?

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 09:26
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty,

I don't believe you deal with the devices that help crippled penises. How well do vacuum constriction devices (Osbon, for example) and penis prosthesis please women? Is the prosthesis with the built in pump and reservoir worth the difference. I think you can install stiff tubes and bend it over when not in use.

I guess you'd end up with an obvious bulge which might be uncomfortable. On the other hand if you just have to bend it you would have a little spontaneity not to mention the free advertising during the "down time."

What is your experience with men using these solutions?

Dear J,

Good question. I have no personal experience with this and therefor have not really been educated to the different methods. One girlfriend of mine felt it was important to help her lover get erect after prostate surgery. She went to great lengths to learn how to use the penis pump, apply a cock ring to hold the blood in long enough for him to penetrate her vagina and thrust gently.

Since neither one could orgasm from this activity, they went back to his fingers manually stimulating her vulva which gave both of them more pleasure. He was able to see and feel her come which was better than going to all the trouble with the pump that didn't result in an orgasm for either one of them. I believe her blog about this is still available on our website.

I'm going to cc your observation to my expert on all things about men and sex. Paul has been working with men who present different problems post proatate surgery. One thing that comes to mind is to consider how lesbians manage to have such hot sex with just two pussies and no dick. While I will admit I'm dick addicted, meanwhile, I'm quite happy with my collection of dildos when used with my electric vibrator and a hot fantasy.

Dr. Betty

Dear J,

I am hoping you have seen a men's sexual medicine specialist for ED. There is a very clear sequence of treatments which will depend on your specific issues. If the pills do not help you (which they do not for nearly 50% of men), then the next step is to use injections. These are painless injections into your penis which will result in an erection.
The final step is a penile prosthesis. The Vacuum device is cumbersome at best. I have had a very few patients who like it, but the vast majority of men find it too difficult.

The prosthesis is considered a cure. It is not a bendable rod anymore. It is two water balloons inside your penis. You pump it up whenever you want - for as long as you want. No one can tell you have an implant. Everything functions and feels normal. It is completely self contained. Men LOVE it. it makes a rock hard erections. Betty said. I would encourage you to broaden your sexual expressions and experience dramatically. The only time you really need to have a penis in a vagina is to make babies. After that, it is fun, but it is simply optional. There are a whole lot of sensations you can discover with a partner that have nothing to do with procreative sex. If she wants penetration buy a dildo and you lick her click while thrusting the dildo. Pretend it's your will both love it. If you really want to feel your penis in something besides a a Tenga Flip Hole which will suck in and massage a limp penis. If you have a lot of money, the Venus 2000 does a great job.

After that....please tie each other up and explore...massage, tickle, bite, nibble, claw, scratch, spank, nuzzle, lick, suck every inch of each other's bodies. Discover anal stimulation. the list is endless. I really encourage you to stop focussing on procreative style sex and discover great sex. I want to echo what Betty said. I want you to pretend to be a Lesbian trapped in a Man's Body. Watch some lesbian porn to get some ideas...


Liberating women one orgasm at a time