After IUD I Experienced Numbness in My Vagina

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 11:58
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Betty

Just over two years ago I got a IUD (cobber); it did hurt a lot to get up and afterwards I was about to faint. (I have no kids so I am very tight down there). On the way home after I had set it up, I felt a numbness in the vagina (and I had not even touched myself at this point); as if I had been stripped of anything down there.

When I had sex afterwards, the sexual feeling was really reduced, both in the clitoris, vagina, vaginal walls and labia - my sexual energy and feeling was just reduced enormous. I was so sad, and I told my partner. When I had sex with another guy at another time, I felt immediately that I almost could not feel that he was inside me; as if my vagina was just a stocking or a sleeve without senses.

Of course I was completely out of it and got the IUD out after 3 months, but it did not help. The numbness has remained and after 2 years I suffer still under it. It's not because I cannot get sexual enjoyment/arousel; I can give myself an orgasm, but it is not at all on stage with what I could feel before. It is like I have reduced sexual pleasure, I am not as sexual; as if my whole body, my skin on my body has also been paralyzed by the shock / trauma of the IUD.

When I got the IUD/coil removed, I told my doctor (who took it out, but was not her who took it up) that I had decreased sensation in the vagina, and she had never heard of it and was shocked. Since then I have not gotten any help. However, I have read a similar story on the web on a Danish girl who has experienced the same.

I am afraid that I will never be able to enjoy sex again; I just want to get my sexuality / sexual energy / excitement back. Feeling that my joy has been reduced tremendously. Before, I was just so sexual and enjoyed playing with my sexuality with myself and with guys. But now it's just completely gone and as if the IUD is still inside me, blocking the sexual energy.

I have tried a Yuni-massage / tantra, but I think it was a little over the border. And I've also got some kind of healing body work (a sexologist-woman from England) and it was absolutely fantastic, but she does not live in Denmark, where I am from. Otherwise, I have read about tantra and how by focusing on my breasts can awaken the sexual energy in the vagina. I have just found out, that I cannot do it myself and I really need to get some advice and help to get my feeling back.

I really hope you can help me. I have had so many bad experiences with the healthcare system, so I do not trust them anymore. I've also got hpv vaccine where I've got some side effects from it, and there was just a girl who told me, that hpv vaccine might have given me much aluminum in the body and getting a copper coil up was a bad cocktail - a cocktail that could give numbness !?

I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.



Dear H,

An important part of any healing process involves our mind as well as our body. It seems you are too focused on your vaginal sensations. Since it's the birth canal it's not designed to offer a lot of physical feelings due to a baby pushing through and out. The primary area of sensation is our clitoris which conveniently sits above the vaginal opening. The clitoris is designed for sexual pleasure with 8,000 nerve endings.

I'm not making light of your awful experience with the IUD, a method I'd avoid as well as the pill with all the hormones bombarding our bodies. From personal experience, I've always known the best method of birth control was a diaphragm. But it seemed to disappear until NOW!

THE DIAPHRAGM IS BACK with one size fits all.

Without reservations I highly recommend this as our BEST method of birth control. If used correctly with spermicidal jelly and positioned to cover the cervix, it's 99% safe. (The missing 1% is when we don't put it in). The video available makes the positioning very clear. I'm happy to say the will take a big chunk of profits from all the overpriced products produced by pharmaceutical companies around the world.

Dr. Betty

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