I Enjoy Bi-Fun But Feel Guilty Afterwards

Mon, 09/15/2014 - 08:07
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Betty:

I have really been enjoying your website and all the great information it contains. I am a fit 57 year old married male, been married for 28 years to a great gal. We have enjoyed the lifestyle on and off for most of that time. She is 57 as well (fit and still very sexy) but with the her busy life and adult children at home our sex life has taken a slide to maybe once a month at best and she is not all that intersted in the lifestyle much any more.

I have always been bi curious and have on a few occasions met another married guy for some mutual enjoyment. After I always feel guilty and swear I will never do it again. It doesn't take long until I am OK with it and start thinking I want to do it again. I also enjoy masturbating whenever I get some privacy. To heighten that enjoyment I love to slip on one of my wives thongs, maybe add some stockings and some high heels I bought at a used clothing store. It feels really good and seems to help me with stress and I have some great bi male fantasies that I am not sure I could really do for real but are fun to think about.

Once discovering the web cam I have even gone as far as going on a lifestyle site and putting on a little strip show for a few other guys I met on line.

My concern is with my wife not wanting to have much sex anymore that maybe I am enjoying this other stuff a little to much. I do enjoy the bi fun but always feel guilty after, same as when I cross dress. Is this normal or should I seek some professional help???

Dear J,

I see no harm in enjoying your webcam sex. It's hurting no one and it's making you and a few other guys happy by improving their sex lives with better orgasms.

As long as your wife doesn't feel left out, continue to have some harmless sexual fun. It's much better than masturbating to boring hardcore porn with its repetitious heterosexual stereotypical scripts. Continue to enjoy your happy O's.

Dr. Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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My Bi Fun on Cam

Sat, 09/27/2014 - 08:17
John.h (not verified)

Dr Betty:
Thank you so much for the response. I feel much better all ready.
It is so much fun and so exciting when I slip a thong and stockings on. I love watching myself caming, it is almost like an out of body experiance, and I have great cums knowing that others are watching and enjoying it too. 
I really love you website. So much good stuff here, thank you,


Women get all the cool clothes :)

Mon, 11/10/2014 - 10:45
Jeffrey65802 (not verified)

I've loved wearing a girlfriend's bras and thongs. Guys just don't have that option in our attire but for using women's versions. Women get all the great fabrics like satin and silk, and the cool cuts and fashions, we get boxers or briefs ZZZZ...:)

I don't believe in bi, gay, lesbian, or straight. I think we're all just sexual beings and enjoy being sexual as the occasion arrises. Who it might arrise with (so to speak hehe) varies. But a man who identifies as straight his entire life can getd runk and suddenly experiment with his gay side. So is he now bisexual magically or was he never actually straight, gay, or bi but simply sexual? Those are other people's terms who feel the need to put human behaviour into a box for easy categorization. But unless we use those terms for other animals, how can they be valid for human animals?

If it pleases you to do something sexual (and it's not illegal) more power to you. Guilt comes from other people and their standards. But there is no objective standard for human sexuality. It's when we believe there is, and are unaware it comes from Christianity that we feel guilty about deviating from this supposed norm. It's crock though. Christianity doesn't have the rights tod efining humans exual behaviours. They're only been around about 2000 years but human beings have been around for over 200,000. Theists can go to blazes if they can't handle me liking sex and not having any hangups about it.

Don't let the bastards bring ya down. :)

Bi-Fun explored

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 09:24

Interesting thread as I am newbie here, but some nice perspectives! Not unlike some guys hitting or sitting in middle age, a sexual awakening occurs where sexual energy starts to develop in new form and direction. Specifically, for many - hetro becomes questionable towards homo with a curious stage in between. What once was the, " I am a normal male who only looks at women" phase, now becomes far more grey as guys start looking at other guy's genitals, dressing in women's clothing, and experiencing discussions with other like minded guys on the subject.
As for me, this is what happened and yes there is guilt, but the fascination and sexual drive intensifies. Dressing and fantasy add to the excitment.  

Bisexuality vs. cross-dressing

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 14:10

Perhaps this is a technical point I don't completely understand, but isn't bisexuality (attraction to both genders) a separate phenomenon from cross-dressing? What I mean is that these two things may overlap, but they also may not. There must be many bisexual men (and of course women) who have same-sex attraction but no desire to dress in the other gender's clothing. And there are straight people, like the late Ed Wood, who do cross-dress but are heterosexual.

Bisexuality vs. cross-dressing

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 14:47

You are correct in your statement regarding the fact that cross dressing and bisexuality can be totally different things. Based on what I have been learning in talking to others, there is a strong link between the two and I am sure that this might just be coincidence. I think I am trying to say that there has been a very strong correlation between the two, but agree that they can exclusive in their own right.

Cross-dressing and where it lead

Thu, 08/13/2015 - 15:28
Billie (not verified)

Many years ago I as in a position where bales of rags where received for use.  One day a bale contained a large numer of ladies clothing items that somehow had missed the ripping machine.  Don't know why but I went through this and took out everything that would fit me then tried on the various items in different combinations.   I found this rather erotically exciting and made a secret collection to wear whenever possible.   Much later I found ladies footwear piled by an overfull charity skip and aquired shoes and boots.   I bought a wig and stockings and suspenders and was able to excitedly convince myself I looked feminine, especially after a touch of facepowder and lipstick.    I would go out after dark and wander around a little.    All this time I leading a perfectly normal heterosexual sex life.
I was dressed one afternoon and out in a woodland area and needed to visit the small toilet, quite ok, no one around.  The second cubicle was occupied and I waited until he had left.  As I came out of the cubicle there was a man there with his penis in his hand waiting for me.   He said how sexy I was and how I got him hot and persuaded me to masturbate him then pushing me down to give oral.   He wanted anal but I was not doing that and just completed the oral.   I was very excited and hard and made a habit of visiting there from time to time where I occasionally managed to repeat my actions and often getting reciprocated.
Then one man said come to my house, not far, and you can relax in your clothes and watch movies.    This was exciting and led to a naked excited him and a semi dressed me in lingerie getting sexually active with each other but not anally.    I enjoy my hour there and arranged to visit him again a couple of weeks later.    This time he was not alone, a couple of other men being there.   Soon I was invited to dress while the three men all stripped, immediately playing with each other and then with me.    One started have anal sex with the other - fascinated as I had never seen it before.    I was persuaded by a lot of talk and a lot of stimulation to agree to try it as a man and found it was pleasant, then persuaded to be on the receiving end.  
It just took off from there.   I now have quite a wardrobe, love to dress and when I am dressed I love oral and anal sex - I suppose it makes me feel properly feminised.   When I am not dressed I feel and act both socially and sexually as a very masculine heterosexual man.
To me the act of crossdressing into pretty and comfortable clothing seems to turn a switch and brings out a very bi-sexual character who revels acting both the male and female sexual roles.