Your Emphasis on Imagination & Creative Sexuality Addresses the Real Foundation of Our Sexuality

Wed, 08/06/2014 - 08:06
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Betty,

This is not a question but I am re-emphasizing your great contribution to culture. Freud claimed that civilization repressed instincts to form itself and people are therefor frustrated and in conflict as if the sex drive were held back by the creation of society along with aggressive instincts.Your simple teaching that sexual imagination creates the sex drive and not the other way around could overturn Freudian thinking about the creation of society.

Instead of claiming that society represses instincts, I think rather that society causes them. We are conditioned from birth to think in certain ways. The ancients were not necessarily more free and instinctive. Even animals are ruled by natural patterns. Also,I think that the Freudian notion that creative activity is the sublimation of sexual instinct is incorrect. Rather, I believe that all creativity including sexual is of a piece. Since society has created levels of inequality for so many years, then people will feel frustration and want to act out in some way or other.

What you have begun is to celebrate imagination in connection with sex and fantasy along with masturbation which can fulfill a person. And if we expand the language to include art, then we can see that the repression that Freud is talking about doesn't come from hidden instincts of the past (trying to look at our past in animal terms), but rather the repression comes from current habits and policies of a given culture.

Your emphasis on imagination and creative sexuality addresses the real foundation of our sexuality and not the mythic hormonal triggers -that of course supposedly wane over time. Sure, a young man in high school may be hot to trot with a girl friend, but check out how he feels after a hard fought football game that he thought he should have won and blames himself -then where is the hormonal sex drive?

As you point out, it is our mind and our emotions and moods that relate to our sexual life -not automatic responses. Even they are conditioned. Again, thank you!! You are doing work that has the potential to go far beyond the realms that most people think you may be involved with.


Dear Stephen,

Frankly Darling, Freud was an old Victorian Jew who didn't know shit about female sexuality. His student Wilhelm Reich surpassed him in spades when he criticized Sigmund by denouncing his "death instinct" claiming humanity had a "life instinct." YAY Wilhelm. Like him, I believe sex energy and orgasms are the source or engine that drives our creativity.

Just as having a fantasy is at the heart of the creative process. I appreciate your assessment of my life's work and your in-depth view of connecting creativity with sexual expression. Thanks for paying attention on a deeper level. It's a joy for me to be seen with your eyes and understanding.

Happy Orgasms,

Betty Dodson

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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"A Victorian Jew"

Wed, 08/06/2014 - 16:37
eli (not verified)

Betty, i think you're a great writer and usually i love your to-the-point answers, but i'm somewhat distressed by your use of the word 'Jew' here to denote Freud's lack of understanding of female sexuality. as a Jew myself and a fan of yours, it feels a little like a smack in the face. It might just be clumsy wording but the overall effect of that sentence is basically equating/linking him being a jew and him not knowing what he was talking about.
I totally agree that freud is over-estimated by many and certainly overrated academically, given undue attention from the word go, and that his understanding of femininity and feminine sexuality was limited, patronizing, and slightly fantastic (to say the least). Yes, he was a Victorian crackpot, but his Jewishness doesn't really deserve to be brought up as a negative in a discussion about him ("Frankly darling, Freud was a Victorian Jew who didn't know shit...") or his old-fashionedness. A sentence like that seems a bit callous and hurtful... :(

Freud and his time and place

Thu, 08/07/2014 - 20:04

Freud pointed the way to two important psychological concepts, the mechanisms of defense and the influence of the unconscious mind. However, his sexual theories were utterly misguided ideas (e.g. vaginal vs. clitoral orgasm) that still plague us today. He was certainly a Victorian-era Austrian neurologist who had enormous influence and who happened to be Jewish. (So was Wilhelm Reich, by the way). However, Freud could probably just as well have been a lapsed Lutheran or Catholic and produced much the same body of work. Freud's Jewishness is part of his biography, but it's not the reason why most of us now view him with such skepticism. I think most of us understand that.