I Find Myself Craving Sexual Contact From Men

Tue, 08/05/2014 - 08:30
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty,

I am a 50 year-old male at a sexual crossroad. I am married, and our sex life hit a peak about ten years ago when both my wife and I enjoyed other partners; hers, male and female, mine female. We also had a threesome with one of her male lovers. This was my first male on male sexual encounter, and, although limited, and a bit awkward, it was still enjoyable.

As the years passed, our sexual activity waned, limited to brief intercourse here and there. The most resent hot session was after we both went to a nudist resort together. That seemed to fire her up like the old days.

My sex life mainly consists of masturbation, and, most often, it is a result of arousal from male on male sexual fantasies. Additionally, I have found an adult social site where I have found an outlet using a webcam. My audience is almost exclusively male, and I enjoy "performing" in front of this audience. I have had some powerful orgasms using this site, and some interesting sex chat. I usually get propositioned immediately to drop what I am doing and have sex by some random guy. But, on occasion, I find someone more realistic about meeting, and, now I have the opportunity for an initial meeting.

I prefer women, but lately I find myself craving sexual contact from men. My wife used to enjoy talk of me having sex with a guy, but now her response is more like "I don't want to know", which I take to mean she doesn't mind as long as she doesn't have to hear about it.

So my question to you is what are your thoughts? Should I proceed, and enjoy a new sexual dimension, or am I missing something else, and maybe need to step back and reconsider.

Dear J,

Due to America's extreme homophobia, few straight men will admit to feeling any sexual attraction to another man. The female role is less restrictive so we get to enjoy sex play with other women without sacrificing our femininity. That's mostly because men enjoy watching women interact sexually. Many men in midlife finally are able to admit an attraction t other men. I hear this more and more. Perhaps it's due to the Internet that allows for broader contact with like minded people.

My thoughts are to definitely GO FOR IT. Just don't discuss this with your wife unless she asks. What a great time for you to be a newbie in the sexual world of men! You must share what happens and inspire other guys to become more sexually flexible.


Dr. Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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Bi males

Fri, 09/05/2014 - 19:41
john.h556 (not verified)

Dear Betty:
I read the above email to you and I think I could have written it work for word as everything applies to me the same as the letter writter. 
I too have a great wife of over 30 years, we have enjoyed the lifestyle together through most of it.  She is 57 (same age as me), fit and still very hot but has lost a lot of her desire for extra fun and even sex with me. I am still thrilled to see her come out of the shower and have sex with her anytime I get but life keeps getting in the way. 
Therefore I do masturbate quite often and love to slip on one of her thongs and some stockings when doing so, this really jump starts my fantasies to be with another guy. I have met a few other married guys and have played with the orally, one has seen me dressed and loved it. It was so exciting. 
The next thing is web camming, I love to put on a show when I meet someone on line who is intersted, and that is another real turn on for me. I am told I look really hot in stockings, thong and some heels. I only show from the kneck down so they can't see my face. I worry sometimes that I might like this a little to much because it is such a rush. 
So my question is similar to the other writter, am I on the road to trouble?? when I cum I usually have a real crash and feel guilty about my feelings and caming, clean up real fast and then get back to my life.  Should I feel guilty? my wife knows of my fantasies but like the other writer she would rather not know. 
One thing I have found is bi males are much more excepted these days then just a few years ago. 
Thank you 

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