I'm 55 & Preorgasmic

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 08:43
Submitted by Betty Dodson


I'm a pre-orgasmic woman of 55 yrs old. I am intelligent attractive,warm, kind and social person, competent in many areas of my life. People wouldn't guess this lack, except surprised, dissatisfied lovers. I dont know what has prevented me ever having orgasms but i so want to make it happen. It feels a sadness and a loss to not be able to experience orgasms and can at times affect my view of my self as can make for feelings of inadequacy and can inhibit making/maintaining relationships certainly . I really want to sort this problem out and experience enjoyment and fulfillment from my own body and in intimate relationships, to do with climax and orgasm.

I have built up a store of vibrators and daily use for clit stimulation; I dont seem very adept with fingers. I have bought a number of sexual advice books for advice also and now I am following up references online including to yourself. I have my Doctor currently referring me to a psychosexual counsellor; I dont know if this is the right thing as I feel I need some help with technique, not counseling. I have been waiting to see the counselor for a year as there are long waiting lists.

I was really interested in reading of your workshops and private sessions to do with orgasms and would really like an opportunity to access this. Do you ever visit the UK to deliver workshops? I hope so. If not, can you recommend anyone in the UK who may be useful for me to contact in this context.

Many thanks.


Dear E

I agree that you that you don't need a counselor or therapist and I'm sorry I'm not in the UK or one of the women we are training to continue my hands on teaching. If you ever can rustle up the money to come here, I can pratically guarantee you will uncover your orgasm with my process.

I also think you might be able to do this yourself. Many women have discovered their orgasms by following my easy step by step process. I'm sending you links. Also on the website you can stream different videos for helpful visuals.

Unfortunately, far too many vibrators are nearly worthless novelty items. I recommend getting the Eroscillator that comes with the correct voltage or the European version of the Magic Wand. Then practice my method on your own.

The problem is not yours personally and has nothing to do with how you view yourself. It's built into our repressed society thanks to organized religion and the male model of sexual response much like the old Victorian days.

Women do NOT orgasm from a penis inside her vagina (also the procreative model). The first problem is when our childhood masturbation gets inhibited and we never get to hook up the good feelings from touching our clitoris to the pleasure center in our brains. That's where strong consistent stimulation comes in when using a quallity vibrator. I've had women in their seventies (one 80) learn to have a first orgasm using a good vibrator and following my steps. So you are quite young at 55. The best is yet to come.

Dr. Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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