My Labia Don't Plump Up Like They Used To Before Menopause

Tue, 05/20/2014 - 08:33
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Betty,

I'm 66 and entered menopause 14 years ago. I continue to have a (mostly) satisfying sex life, centered around masturbation (about once a week); and oral sex and intercourse with my lover (who unfortunately lives at some distance, so that's not as frequent).

I use Estrace cream for vaginal dryness and it works pretty well. My question is more about the thinning of labial tissue. Masturbation (with a vibrator) and oral sex are somewhat uncomfortable, due to the thinning out of the tissue of my labia.

They just don't plump up the way they used to before menopause. I do make sure to not hurry either activity, to make sure I have enough time to get aroused. Will the Estrace help my thinned-out labia (esp. the inner lips) if I regularly rub some of the cream into them? Also, you mention that almond oil is good for lubrication; will that help my labia tissue as well?

Thanks so much for all you and Carlin and your contributors do!


Dear L,

Ah the Joys and challenges of menopause. It's wonderful to be past using any kind of birth control but our changing sex organ can be a nuisance. First off, congratulations on remaining sexual. That does require commitment. Since you are still feeling discomfort with your labia, the Estrace cream isn't solving your problem.

I have been using a bio-identical hormone cream since my mid-sixties and I'm in in my mid eighties now. I still enjoy vaginal penetration with a dildo or even a partner with my vibrator on my clitoris. Since I've declared war on the big pharmaceutical companies excessive drug pushing, I use a compounding pharmacy that makes my HRT just for me. I highly recommend this. I'm enclosing my essay for you to consider.

Three cheers for orgasmic Post Menopausal Women!

Dr. Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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following up

Mon, 08/18/2014 - 18:48
Lynn Cohen (not verified)

Dear Dr. Betty,
I'm writing to thank you for your suggestions and the essay. I found a localish practitioner who prescribes bioidentical hormones, and have started on a combination estrogen-progesterone-testosterone cream, as well as a different estrogen applied vaginally. I've only been on them a short time, but have noticed a difference in ease of arousal and overall libido, and am feeling much more confident about this aging body. When she asked who referred me, I said that actually it was you, because I wouldn't have found her practice without your guidance. She has women in her practice who are in their 80s, who are benefitting from bioidentical hormones. Hooray for staying sexual!
Best regards!