Does Holding Urine Affect Your Vagina?

Thu, 05/29/2014 - 09:12
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Dr. Betty,

I'm a 30 year old woman who as long as I can remember have a habit of holding my urine for excessive periods of time. It's usually done on purpose as I have an irrational fear of public restrooms. I'm literally talking hours, sometimes as many as 5 hours at a time. While I'm holding my urine I tend to push up on my PC muscle instead of letting it press down on its own to hold the urine.

I also tend to do kegels as I'm holding the urine. Is this effecting my vagina? Is this still considered as exercising my vagina? Does this make it stronger or weaker? I have no complaints sexually & neither does my partner. I just can't help, but wonder if this helps or hurt the strength of my vagina.

P.S I also do kegels when not holding my urine.

Thanks for any advice,

Dear K,

Since you've been doing this for "as long as you can remember" and you have no complaints I see no obvious harm. However, it's fairly well known that holding in urine can be stressful on your bladder and lead to Urinary Tract Infections. Since you have never suffered a UTI, then maybe it will never be a problem. But you are still young and I would advise you to get over being so neurotic about restrooms and learn to pee standing up.

Working your pelvic floor muscles excessively can become an obsession which is never a good idea. But since I have never encountered this in other women I can only say I sense it's excessive and as I've said "compulsive" and might lead to having an excessively tight pelvic floor which would require the opposite use of your PC muscles by squatting and stretching them.

Dr. Betty

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